1. balayogi venkataraman
    December 15, 2016 @ 13:04


  2. Jacob Jonker.
    December 14, 2016 @ 20:25

    The above expansive analysis is one for scholars to study in depth and judge, all of which will be judged again against the facts unfolding in the future.From a philosophical point of view there may be a different emphasis on the various inputs influencing this and related events.
    Since we live in a time of globalisation, socalled, more than ever, events are connected and humanity will be subjected to increasing pressure to learn to manage the vast differences existing within and between peoples, nations, religions, etc., and the competing ideologies which are ever present and ever changing even as the basics of ideology remain.
    For peace in human affairs to become a fact, truth must be a fact of life.
    The social sciences are not a good basis to arrive at the truth pertinent to sociopolitical structures which allow or engender violent conflict.Apart from the utmost importance of exposing political structures and functioning, one has to understand the sources of the various inputs which have a bearing on such structures and their functioning.There is a hierarchy of inputs, as there is a hierarchy of karmas.Natural or universal law determines the hierarchy of various inputs.The necessity of the way of the Universe, whatever we take that to be, determines the priorities which slot the various inputs in its rightful level of importance.
    If we assume that to second-guess universal karma is beyond us, the point is to discern human karma and its necessities.If we wish for peace, we must karmically neutralise the input karma has on sociopolitical affairs.The truth is a first priority.The truth of politics, social, psychological, religious/ideological and economics and the natural drives in humans as genetically, epi-genetically, ethically and culturally determined must be understood and proclaimed.
    Science has always been influenced by ego, economics and political considerations generally.Social science is no exception.Political science in essence is the highest art in human affairs dedicated to brainwash and fool people.That must be rooted out in order for the truth to be revealed.
    Now, more than ever, the stakes in global political gaming are high and growing, even as the risk of total collapse of civilised life is equally high.
    For peace to reign, political science must be defeated and science in all other ways must be dedicated to Truth.


  3. sugunalakshmi Madurai
    December 14, 2016 @ 18:37

    Global Peace Science by 174 coauthors (including three Nobel Peace Laureates and the president of India Abdul Kalam) from 34 countries, which was created during 11 years by the Global Harmony Association – international peacemaking organization.
    Global Peace Science= 18 =6+6+6 =666?!


  4. balayogi venkataraman
    December 14, 2016 @ 18:27

    1. First there is no need to justify for anyone’s sake. The fact is he has won despite the media mafia attacks.
    2. Actually it brings into prominence certain questions on some issues and issues caution on questionably certain tall claims by small journalists all over the world.
    3. These are, not necessary in this order but
    A] http://contentwriteups.blogspot.in/2016/11/media-and-its-future.html
    B] http://contentwriteups.blogspot.in/2015/08/global-warming-science-or-scare.html
    C] http://contentwriteups.blogspot.in/2016/11/the-scourge-of-identity-and-extremism.html


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