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The UN Sociocybernetic Reform Proposal :: Network Spherons* – The UN of Harmony and Global Peace Replacing the UN of Disharmony

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Sociocybernetic Model of Spherons’ Global Harmonious Governance (SMSGHG) at the UN level

*The network societal spherons (a network of spherons of different levels from micro to mega) is a special "soft" cluster of network structures that cover the population as a whole and all people from birth to death in the form of extremely large classes/groups engaged in four spheres of social production. Their primary cohesive criterion is productive employment ("autopoiesis" of Maturana). Autopoiesis constitutes all the fundamental attributes of spherons: equality, harmony, peace, freedom, democracy, etc. See for more details below 2.3.5.

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We propose a Spheral Model and Architecture of the UN Harmony


National Model and Architecture of the UN Disharmony 


Spheral Structure of the UN Harmony

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The UN Sociocybernetic Reform Proposal:

After more than 72 years of its existence, the structures and organisational processes of the United Nations (UN) are still dominated by dangerous militaristic disharmony among its members. This is bringing humanity closer to the threat of a new world (nuclear) war. The world’s peoples need a non-militaristic, harmonious, sociocybernetic, scientific structure and organisational process for the UN.  A fifty years strategy for making the needed reforms is proposed. 

The proposal is motivated and described in detail below.

GHA 57-th network spheral project,Started on: July 15, 2017Approved: December 16, 2017 

Created on the basis of the "Global Peace Science" (2016) by 173 co-authors from 34 countries:


Synopsis of the World Textbook for the UN global harmonious sociocybernetic education:

"Spherons of Harmonious Peace, Governance and Cooperation"

Harmony will save the world, because:"The internal harmony of the world is the only true objective reality."

Henri Poincare

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Buckminster Fuller

The significant problems that we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Einstein affirms here the necessity for a spheral, harmonious and holistic thinking as its historically new level, on which the significant problems created by traditional thinking solve.


“Vasudheva kutumbakam”, humankind is one family.

Ancient Indian Vedas

“Our Global System of the United Nations is not equipped to deal with today’s risks.
It is no longer fit for purpose to deal with 21st century risks ...
We urgently need fresh new thinking”

Laszlo Szombatfalvy

Therefore, govern global harmony can only by harmoniously and holistically
excluding militarism, aggression, wars and other risks.


“Boldness has genius and power and magic”.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence―
It is to act with yesterday’s logic.”

Peter Drucker

The Science of War is being replaced by a Global Science of Peace based on love,
Harmony, reverence for life and creation.

Mairead Maguire


The United Nations is a disharmonious organisation of nation states, in which the dominant powers are mired in an arms race and various wars. The project proposes a new holistic sociocybernetic and tetrasociological model of global harmonious governance for a new UN of harmony. The model is based on the four spheres of social production of the young Karl Marx, when his ideas were still free from political dogmas about a struggle between different classes, and the concept of autopoiesis of Humberto Maturana.  The global population is engaged in the activities of the spheres as ‘spherons’. The four spherons are: 1. the sociospheron which produces people; 2. the infospheron which produces information; 3. the orgspheron which produces organisations; 4. the technospheron which produces things. Spherons, by definition, by their activities reproduce the human social world. Spherons can be viewed as the stochastic sociocybernetic genome of humankind - the genetic code of its harmony. Their dynamics are revealed in the information and organizational technologies that harmonise the entire range of direct and feedback linkages of society such that society is reproduced. Their harmonious working is prevented by mankind’s lack of awareness of these processes. Instead of learning about how the spherons are functioning so as to avoid disharmony, with the emphasis on nation states and individualism we are subject to conflict and other societal and individual pathologies. If we were to be aware of how spherons reproduce the world we would agree with this peace science and its proposals for how to move towards a more harmonious world.

The project offers a unique sociocybernetic and tetrasociological model of global harmonious governance of spherons to replace the UN of disharmony by a new UN of harmony and peace.

Key words: UN, USA, NATO, war, militarism, disharmony, peace, harmony, spherons, sociocybernetics, tetrasociology, global harmonious governance 

The US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII. Lucas

The US has deployed 240,000 troops in 172 countries around the world. Reimann

You can't have a democracy that organizes itself around warGiroux

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to surviveEinstein

Join together for a common vision – the total abolition of Militarism and warMaguire

Preamble: World Harmony or a Nuclear World War III?

Today, people are finally waking up to the dangers of a world war, which might emanate from the highest levels of the US government as pre-emptive strike against a ‘rogue’ state. [1]

Seventy two years of the continual militarism of the United States since WWII, have proved two simple and ingenious truths of the XX century. One belongs to Albert Einstein: "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be achieved through understanding." The other belongs to Martin Luther King: "The US government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world". It is also true that other nation states and totalitarian ideologies have given rise to wars, terrorism and violent conflict.

In the postwar period, the United Nations, established in 1945, called for peace and the prevention of wars, but has been largely incapable of fulfilling its peacekeeping mission. Why has this happened? The GHA 57th project is devoted to this urgent question, the main conclusion of which is the necessity and the possibility of creating a qualitatively (structurally) new UN of Harmony (UNH), which gradually will replace the existing UN of militaristic disharmony. But what are its main shortcomings?

  1. Critical Part: The UN Main Shortcomings and its Charter Weakness

We list the fundamental shortcomings of the UN, which make it disharmonious/militaristic during 72 years under the protectorate of the US-NATO militarism that prevails in the world and in the UN. It is confirmed by numerous facts, a small part of which is presented in Appendix 2 (below).

1. Ontological deficiency 

The level of military danger for the survival of mankind and the preservation of a global peace for 72 years of the UN has not gone down but has grown to the extreme limit of a momentary (30 seconds) catastrophe.

2. Teleological defect

The absence in the UN documents and in its goals of the millennium of the first key goal is the global peace. Explanation. Is it possible to qualify and recognize the UN as a peacekeeping organization that does not even mention or plan the global peace among its own purposes for a thousand years (!!!)? No one can! Because if its ultimate goal is not global peace, then it becomes a global war! Therefore, such a UN is not a peacemaker but a disharmonious /militaristic institution whose real purpose is to preserve the war for a thousand years!

3. Humanitarian/humanistic shortcoming

The actual absence in the UN documents [118] of the first human right - the right to life (it is mentioned by the single word in article 3), which would put the war, armed violence and militarism outlawed as a crime against humanity. In the absence of a legitimate human right to life, war, armed violence and militarism in the UN are legitimized and not recognized as a crime, gaining the right to an endless life.

4. Epistemological defect. Superficial pacifism

the complete absence in the UN documents of a scientific definition and understanding of the global peace, its deep structure, source, guarantor and actors, as well as awareness of the primary need to create and develop the science of global peace as an alternative to military science blooming over 200 years. Pacifism prevails in the absence of the peace science, which will replace it when it (science) finds public recognition and support. Traditional pacifism, impotent against all wars of the 20th century is the main epistemological defect as a deficit of the scientific (systemic, holistic, harmonious) consciousness of global peace. This is a defining shortcoming that generates all the other shortcomings of the UN. Epistemological deficit is focused in the traditional non-systemic, torn, superficial, fragmentary and militaristic way of thinking, which engenders all negative globalizations and is powerless before them. In the middle of the last century, Albert Einstein defined its danger for humanity: "We must demand a fundamentally new way of thinking if humanity wants to survive." [71] The UN was unable to find in 72 years a" fundamentally new way of thinking", so it was powerless before the domination of the militarization negative trends. Our project offers for the UN a "fundamentally new way of thinking" - harmonious, peacemaking, networked, systemic, spheral, multidimensional and holistic in a single scientific sociocybernetic paradigm (below) that makes up the core of both natural and artificial intelligence. Without such thinking, repair and reforming of the TUN are impossible.

5. Axiological insufficiency. Complete disregard of the key integral value of social harmony, which expresses the genetic social structure of the spherons, constituting an objective source, guarantor and actor of global peace. The reason for this is an epistemological defect, or, more simply and clearly, - the scientific ignorance of traditional pacifism.

6. Praxiological defect. The UN is completely dependent from US-NATO militarism, which established, in fact, a protectorate over the United Nations, imposing to all its members a general arms race and total militarism without alternatives. Militarists have learned to profitably use the weakness of the pacifist UN in its mercantile purposes and as an ideological cover for their wars and aggressions, which enrich them with maximum profits.

7. Organizational shortcoming. Membership of the UN is militaristic; all members of the UN, without exception, have armies, military science and military budgets without borders, presenting a constant military threat to each other and therefore are forced to spend a total of about $ 5 billion each day to protect themselves from others [70]. The UN membership does not put any barrier to total militarism, which excludes all hope for peace. Another organizational shortcoming of the UN is the "inverted totalitarian" democracy organized around the war, devoid of scientific knowledge of peace, excluding the peaceful equality of all the UN members and incapable to organize itself for peace instead of war.

8. Information flaw. All the so-called "UN peacekeeping" resolutions, in the conditions of the above-mentioned limiting gaps, turn out to be unfounded, verbose, repetitive and crowded with "information noise", depriving them of true peacemaking sense and hiding their secret militaristic essence, disavowing any peace. All of them are practically inaccessible to the understanding of the majority of the population and alien to it.

All the UN shortcomings are signs of a crisis and the degeneration of traditional pacifist peacemaking and its thinking, intellectually incapable to break with militarism and countering it with a constructive scientific alternative, an example of which is presented below. These shortcomings of the UN determine the weakness of its pacifist Charter.

The UN Charter begins with the following remarkable pacifist statements:


  • to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and

  • to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

  • to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and

  • to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,


  • to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and

  • to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and

  • to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and

  • to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,


Chapter I


Article 1

The Purposes of the United Nations are:

  1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression …;

  2. To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples,…;

  3. To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion; and

  4. To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.”[119]

Which of these intentions and goals of the UN Charter have been fulfilled in 72 years?

1. Do the innumerable facts of continuous wars give grounds for "succeeding generations" to recognize that "the peoples of the UN", in the first 72 years of its existence, demonstrated a full "determination to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war"? It's impossible to recognize! We can only recognize the opposite!

2. Where is the UN as "the center for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment" to peace, when for 72 years on its agenda there was not one fundamental issue of global peace and no significant approximation to it? Instead, humanity sees only a steady approach to the final world war.

3. Where is "armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest "? When the US-NATO carried out armed aggressions and interventions in 37 wars almost every two years for 72 years!

4. What kind of "faith in fundamental human rights" can there be, if among them actually there is not (it is mentioned by the single word in article 3 of the Human Rights Declaration) the fundamental human right to life? Its ignoring makes the endless wars a legitimate, legally justified international norm.

5. What could be "the dignity and worth of the human person" if its life is not recognized as a original right and fundamental dignity and worth that opens up unlimited scope for military killings?

Without the recognition of the fundamental human right to life and without the consequent prohibition of any war (other than the war on terrorism) as the highest crime against humanity, all other articles of the UN Charter remain empty gestures for global peace. This was confirmed by the 72 years of the UN.

The way out of the reality of extreme militarism, historical ignorance of pacifism and the intellectual tragedy of the United Nations, like the League of Nations before it, is the development of Global Peace Science [78]. Only on its basis can the scientific Charter of a UN of Harmony be created. Only in a UN of Harmony is it possible to recognize the human right to life and the criminality of war. Only a UN of Harmony is capable of proclaiming the uniting peoples in harmony of the deep communities – spherons, engaged in global social production with the provision of a universal peace from their genetic code.

Of course, there are many positive particulars in the UN Charter that must be preserved in the new paradigm and architecture of a UN of Harmony and in its Charter. But this is only part of the general question: What is positive in the UN? What are its achievements in 72 years? Of course, they are some, but no one has summarised them. We did not find any scientific work on this subject with evidence and facts. This is also a shortcoming, but not only ours. We intend to fill it in 2018 in the collective work "Achievements of the United Nations for 72 years, their quantity and quality" in order to separate the "wheat from chaff" and highlight those that should be included in the science of global peace and preserved in it and in the UNH project.

Instead of a weak pacifist UN Charter, we need a scientific and strong UNH Charter, the general statements of which are formulated in this project.

  1. Constructive part: Towards a UN of Harmony (UNH) and its Charter. Sociocybernetic Model of UNH

2.1. Foreword. Tetrasociology and Sociocybernetics: concepts of societal spheres and network spherons for the UN harmony

The mutually complementary fruitful collaboration of Tetrasociology and Sociocybernetics as the holistic and pluralistic system theories that fully recognize each other began with the preface to the "Tetrasociology" [121] of the two leaders of the International Sociological Association's (ISA) Research Committee on Sociocybernetics (RC51) Dr. Bernd Hornung, Germany [122] and Dr. Bernard Scott, England [123]. The last of them kindly agreed to be the editor of the English edition of this book, which was presented at 32 sessions of XVI ISA Congress in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2002, where tetrasociology first became known to Western scholars. At the same time, the three of us wrote a long article about the correlation of the categories of our two sciences, especially the four spheres of social production and the four harmonious classes of the population employed in them [124], which were later laconically called "spherons" – "employed, engaged, occupied in spheres".

In tetrasociology as a theory of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilization, the concepts of spheres and spherons have been developing since 1976 [125]. Integrating with socio-cybernetics, tetrasociology acquires systemic cybernetic wealth from it and at the same time raises it to the level of the third order, enriching it with system categories of spheres and spherons and preserving all the achievements of its previous orders [126]. At this level, it becomes the sociocybernetics of the harmony of the societal spheres and the spherons occupied in them. Therefore, the proposed "Sociocybernetic Model of Spherons’ Global Harmonious Governance" (SMSGHG) for UN harmony is simultaneously tetrasociological, which is fundamentally revealed in "Global Peace Science" [78]. This model has long been prepared theoretically as a result of the scientific cooperation of Tetrasociology and Sociocybernetics, which are free from theoretical narrowness and scientific limitation of the traditional ideologies of the 20th century.

2.2. Introduction

Global Harmonious Scientific Governance on the UN level:Sociocybernetics of the Spheres and Spherons’ Harmony

Historically developed forms and models of national and global governance demonstrate the inability to effectively address growing national and global problems, risks and challenges. It expressed well here: “OUR GLOBAL SYSTEM IS NOT EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH TODAY’S RISKS. Our current international system – including but not limited to the United Nations – was set up in another era, following the Second World War. It is no longer fit for purpose to deal with 21st century risks ... We urgently need fresh new thinking in order to address the scale and gravity of today’s global challenges, which have outgrown the present system’s ability to handle them” [70].

The root cause of the global governance insolvency after 1945 is disharmony, i.e. fragmentation, mismatch, imbalance and disproportion of international cooperation of the states-nations. Their disharmony engenders constant conflicts, tensions and mistrust between them in all directions, manifested in a multitude of global crises and risks: military, economic, financial, trade, migration, sports, religious, etc. The status quo of objective disharmony of international cooperation of national states is directly broadcast and continues in the UN for more than 70 years, which remains powerless before them for the same root cause of internal disharmony. Overcoming the disharmony of international cooperation and global governance is possible only by their harmony, the necessity of which was recognized by the outstanding thinkers of all civilizations: Egypt, Greece, India, China, Africa, Latin America from ancient times.

Scientific global governance can only be harmonious in wholeness of all diversity of its parts; and the holistic in harmony (or harmonious in integrity) governance. It can only be scientific, not spontaneous and intuitive, requiring a new systematic harmonious scientific thinking. The absence of a scientific model of harmonious governance determines the absence of a harmonious model of organization and the subject of governance at all levels, including the UN.

Based on the formulated fundamental prerequisites, we propose to govern international cooperation in order to address and prevent the global risks of disharmony and ensure the harmonious sustainable evolution of humankind by the United Nations in Harmony (UNH) on the basis of the fundamental scientific transformation of the traditional UN.  

From our point of view, the most promising way of developing fundamental social knowledge is focused in interdisciplinary Sociocybernetics. [see below]. It integrates the achievements of traditional knowledge, raising it to the level of global systemic integrity and overcoming its fragmentation. Our model of global governance develops within the framework of Sociocybernetics of spheres and Spheronsharmony as Sociocybernetics of the third order, including its previous orders.

It determines ​​the "Sociocybernetic Model of the Spherons’ Global Harmonious Governance" (SMSGHG), which we suggest for the UNH. In this universal for all levels model, the Spherons are harmonious classes/communities of humanity constituting the key object and subject/actor of global harmony and its governance, revealed below. They are its center and heart.

The UNH SMSGHG is based on the following fundamental scientific premises of Sociocybernetics:

1. The discovery of Norbert Wiener society as a cybernetic system of all diversity of its parts with feedback/influence of each of them to all others [127]. This idea develops in the writings of Ludwig Bertalanffy [128] and other system thinkers, for example, the background of Heinz von Foerster, [129], Felix Geyer [130; 131] and Bernard Scott [132-138], which led to the creation of Sociocybernetics.  

2. The discovery of Humberto Maturana: he determined the basic quality of "autopoiesis" (self-production) of all living beings including individuals engaged from birth to death in autopoiesis along with other people. The system of individual autopoiesis creates a system of public autopoiesis as a social production [139].

3. The young Karl Marx’s hypothesis, before his materialism, of four spheres of social production [140]. This conjecture was scientifically confirmed and detailed in many works, starting with the fundamental works of Robert Park [141], Fernand Braudel [142], Talcott Parsons [143], Stafford Beer [144], Gordon Pasck [145], Niklas Luhmann [146; 147], Alvin Toffler [148; 149], Pierre Bourdieu [150; 151] and many others. They viewed the whole society as a system of those or other four socio-cultural production systems/spheres and corresponding actors, which provide society with four necessary and sufficient resources: people, information, organizations and things (PIOT resources).

4. The pluralistic philosophy of harmony Henri Poincare, the basic propositions of which he formulated as follows: "The internal harmony of the world is the only true objective reality. The best expression of this harmony is law [nature's regularity]... mathematics... The world is divine because it is a harmony."[152] This philosophy remained virtually unnoticed in the 20th century. But it has deep historical roots in knowledge of harmony of the cosmos, society and human in the works of Confucius, Buddha, Pythagoras, Plato, Neo-Platonists, Kepler, Kant and many other outstanding thinkers of humankind. Especially important are the ideas of Kant's social harmony as a deep human nature, ensuring eternal peace and sustainable functioning of society at all levels from the family and the nation to humanity as a whole. [153] The history of philosophy and sociology of harmony in the perspective of its blossoming futurology is considered in many of our works [154 and others].

5. The Duality Law of "Harmony - Disharmony" and their mutual ousting in any society. [155; 156]

Based on these prerequisites, we formulate the main, structural difference and alternative to traditional branch governance - the spheral Sociocybernetic structure of global governance and its subjects/actors in the UNH SMSGHG. To four spheres of social production and four Spherons employed in these spheres correspond four spheral organizational subsystems of governance and four spheral subjects/actors of governance in it at all its levels.

Legislative, executive and judicial bodies in the SMSGHG are structured and constituted into spheral governing clusters (SGC), which form typical modules of management institutions and ensure their structural similarity and their functional coherence at different levels that overcome the disharmony and structural mismatch of traditional branch governance. Spheral structural symmetry of the SMSGHG governing institutions at all levels is a necessary condition for effective global harmonious governance. This is its first rule.  

Its second law is coherence to establish and maintain the permissible limits of minimum and maximum for all operating parts/subsystems of the controlled and controlling systems. This is a universal law of harmony of effective global governance. Other rules are detailed below.  

Democratic decision-making procedures at the UNH SMSGHG are based on dialogue and spheral consensus of SGC at each level. Spheral consensus is the unanimity of the spheral actors of governance by the majority of votes in each of them. There can be no confrontation between the spheral actors of governance and the opposition on the issue of harmony as a single goal and strategy, but they are permissible and possible within these actors, between their different parts on ways and means of their implementation. This excludes antagonism between them and the suppression of any spheral actor, but leaves room for internal system opposition in resolving differences between their parts through the widest possible dialogue. The mechanism of built-in systemic opposition prevents any possibility of dictatorship and usurpation of power by any party and any official in the system of spheral democracy of UNH.

A dynamic mechanism for mutual control of SGC in SMSGHG is ensured by free association of any of them for verification and control of any of them. It minimizes the total corruption that is irresistible in the traditional management and excludes it in principle.

The procedure for the appointment of key persons in the SMSGHG is also exercised through the democratic mechanism of spheral consensus.

2.3. The UNH SMSGHG Description

1. International need for a fundamentally new model of global governance

The founder of the Global Challenges Foundation in a result of his vast intellectual and practical experience for more than 60 years, came to the following irreproachable conclusions regarding the international need for a fundamentally new model of global governance:

  1. Sovereign nation-states are unable to manage the global challenges in a satisfactory way.

  2. No national politician is accountable for the good of all humankind.

  3. The American electoral system should be reviewed.

  4. Even though every nation says it wants to live in peace, we spend nearly five billion dollars every day to defend ourselves against each other. My belated conclusion is that no governance system can guarantee that there will be no future wars – unless we implement global and total disarmament.

  5. I can only see one rational solution: We have to find a new, more effective way to cooperate globally. We urgently need to find a new system of governance, which would effectively and fairly manage the major global challenges.

  6. I’m convinced that new ideas will continue to hatch as long as humans exist. New and better models can start a much-needed global debate.

  7. Now there is a great risk and problem complex which the world urgently needs to address.” [157; 158].

In these 7 points, a correct assessment of the absolute inability and insufficiency of traditional global governance is expressed, and on the other hand - a firm awareness of the need for an alternative model and a clear strategy for its development. Both requirements are laid in the basis of the global governance model proposed below, which fully meets them.

2. Risks’ ranges and governance’s priorities

According to the survey “The UN is considered the most able to respond to global risks (60%) but there is overwhelming support for it to be reformed (85%).

  • Usage of weapons of mass destruction is ranked as the global risk needing the most urgent response (62%), followed by politically motivated violence (57%) and climate change (56%).

  • Eight adults in ten (85%) think that the UN needs to be reformed to better address global risks. Only 7% do not think that it needs to be reformed.” [159]

3. Brief overview of the traditional global governance models

The review of "Global governance models in history" showed the main weaknesses of traditional management models and some necessary requirements. The main one is that the global governance of mankind must lean "on the basis of what all have in common," which is revealed only by science in the best way. [160] However, scientific understanding of the general structure and actors of humankind is still missing.

Another weakness of traditional management is the ignoring of the "fundamental law of Republic" of Montesquieu: "The firmness and prosperity of democracy always depend from the correct division on the classes of the population with the right to vote". [161] Purely legal models of global governance are helpless without scientific social grounds, as demonstrated by the failure of many attempts to implement them in the 20th century.

The UNH SMSGHG can only be democratic, but in an updated form of spheral democracy, which, unlike traditional, "will allow us to make collective decisions at the global level, taking into account the interests of all." [160] We found the most adequate for it the system of legislative procedures proposed by lawyers Grenville Clark and Louis Sohn in 1958 [162 pp. 12-17; 163; 164]. This system, aimed at ensuring global peace and general disarmament is using with some modifications in our model of global governance. It can include some other legal projects of global governance and world democracy.

4. The UNH SMSGHG Structure

This Model is proposed for the beginning, for 4-5 years of testing as an experimental mode of functioning of the traditional UN. Therefore, we will distinguish between two orders and two UN systems: "traditional UN" (TUN) and "experimental UN" (EUN) identical to the UNH. Both modes operate simultaneously, in parallel, but the experimental regime in the annual dynamic range of 2-6 months, is included in the TUN and is subordinate to it although it must have a relative autonomy enshrined in its Charter. Their fundamental difference is that the TUN has reconciled over 70 years with endless disharmonies, especially militarism and wars, and the UNH excludes them by harmony in all ways and in all dimensions.

For this the highest principle of the experimental UNH proclaims the "reality of global harmony" (Poincare) in its "deep societal structure" of four constant production spheres and the four constant Spherons of humankind. This "four-spheral" structure was discovered and explored in the first approximation by the spheral Sociocybernetics and Tetrasociology for more than 40 years [165; 166; and others], which requires further international systemic development in view of its extreme complexity and exceptional importance.

The four-spheral structure is recognized as the highest structural law of all UNH management bodies, ensuring equal consideration of the interests of each of the four Spherons of humankind. The equality of the Spherons extends to the equality of the UN member states and the genders equality, regardless of their number. It is expressed for all levels by the Four Spheral Equations Universal Standard (FSEUS), which is recognizing in the UNH “Global Harmony Charter” (GHC). The three named governance equality (of spheres/Spherons, nation-states and genders) are integrated by the fourth, defining: "Spheral Harmonious Democracy" (SHD), based on an equal distribution of power between the Spherons and their genders.

In the UNH Charter, the Supreme Legislative Body recognizes the “Spheral General Assembly” (SGA) of the UN 196 member-nations, the number of which, taking into account their dynamics, equates to 200 with the representation of each sphere from each state by one "spheral emissary" employed in the corresponding sphere, with a mandate for 3-4 years with equal gender representation of the spheres. The spheral emissaries are appointed by the highest legislative body of each UN member state. (Then they can be elected by the population of each country).

As a result, the UNH SGA of the 800 members is created with an equal representation of the interests of each state, each of its production spheres, each of its Spherons and each of its gender, regardless of their number and dynamics. It is possible to expand the SGA twice (1600 emissaries), i.e. on 2 emissaries (woman + man) from each sphere of each member-state will be recognized. This option is more harmonious, fair and preferable, although it is more expensive. The spheral structure of the UNH legislative body with equal representation in it of four spherons from each of its member state is expressed by the corresponding Model-1 above.

The UNH SGA is structured into four legislative "Spheral Committees" with the relevant subcommittees on the largest sectors/branches of each global sphere and with equality in all FSEUS dimensions: state, sphere/Spheron, gender and their power. The UNH SGA approves all their rules for the democratic procedures of decision-making.

In the UNH Charter, the "Spheral World Government" (SWG) is recognized as the supreme executive body, which is approved by the UNH SGA from "Spheral Ministers" engaged in the relevant spheres of each member state with equal gender representation, with a total of 1,600 ministers who are appointed for 3-4 years by the highest legislative body of a UN member state. The SWG creates for the operational resolutions of the most important issues the "Peace from Harmony Council" (PHC) - analogue of the modern UN Security Council - from the spheral ministers of 20 countries with their alternate annual turnover. The structural similarity of the UNH highest bodies will ensure the equality and harmony of both its power branches.

Its SWG is structured into four executive "Spheral Ministries" with the relevant Agencies for the largest sectors/branches of each global sphere and with equality in all FSEUS dimensions. SWG is also structured according to regional continents and subcontinents. The UNH SGA approves the rules and democratic procedures for decision-making and harmonious interaction of Spheral Ministries and their Agencies on the SWG proposal.

At the next stage, after 2-4 years’ work of the UNH, SGA establishes its “Peace from Harmony Supreme Court” (PHSC) and approves its staff from the judicial Spheral Emissaries appointed by the UN member states.

The UNH Departments should be established in the most conflict regions and hubs of contact of many civilizations: the Middle East, the Balkans [167] and others.

This is in general terms the UNH SMSGHG organizational structure.

The main attributes of UNH in contrast to the traditional UN:

1. A spheral structure of legislative, executive and judicial bodies, based not on the militarism of nation states and totalitarian ideologies, but on the fundamental peacefulness of the spherons - the harmonious classes of their population employed in the spheres of social production as a single deep structure and common societal denominator of all nations.

2. Membership of nation states in the UNH implemented on the basis of peaceful and equal spherons.

3. The first peace condition for joining to the UNH is the rejection of militarism and a strict guaranteed obligation of voluntary annual reduction of the military budget of each country by 2%, which will end the arms race and lead in 50 years to general and complete disarmament.

4. The second peace condition for joining to the UNH is a rigorous guaranteed commitment to participate in a Peaceful International Harmonious Scientific Cooperation (PIHSC) with a reduction in military cooperation with other countries.  

5. The third peace condition is the transfer of defense and protection of the national sovereignty, integrity and security of each country of the UNH member within the established borders to the competence of UNH and its International Peacekeeping Armed Forces (IPAF) for a transition period of 50 years and further. The Joint Harmonious Command (JHC) of the IPAF is created from the military specialists who are exclusively members of the new UNH, which finances it and the IPAF via 2% deductions from military budgets.

6. All the foundations, attributes and conditions of the UNH, including the creation and functioning the UNH IPAF are regulated by its Global Harmony Charter (GHC), the Earth Harmonious Federation Constitution (EHFC) and the Universal Declaration of the PIHSC. These three legal documents are the basis for a new International Harmonious Law and Order (IHLO), excluding war, aggression and militarismю They will be prepared jointly by the International Scientific Harmonious Commission (ISHC) and approved by the UNH legislative body during the 5-6 year transition period from the UN to UNH.

The scientific and humanistic justification for the UNH model and its main structures and details are set out in the GHA project, which was prepared in it during more than 12 years. It provides for all peace-loving countries and governments a scientific "understanding" of global peace and the corresponding model of UNH as an alternative to the current UN.

5. Sociocybernetic model of humankind as a governance object in


A scientific model of governance is possible only on the basis of a scientific model of its object. Both models are associated by the sociocybernetic feedbacks: the model of governance object includes and defines the model of its subject as its organizational, controlling, and observing subsystem, which in turn includes the scientific image/paradigm of governance object as an information basis for an adequate correction of changes in governance object. It is the supreme goal of all governance. The adequacy and other qualities of the object scientific model are the source of vitality, efficiency, stability and all other positive qualities of governance, its subject and its model.

The UNH SMSGHG object is the humanity in the unity of all its communities and states in its historical system of integral life-supporting production system. Spheral Sociocybernetics analyzes the humanity universal integrity in four research subsystems: Statics, Dynamics, Structuratics and Genetics. We confine ourselves to the brief summary of only the first three. All of them are based and integrated by the fundamental Sociocybernetic Axiom of Global Harmony (SAGH):

The harmonious (sustainable) existence of a society in any place and at any time is defined by the measure in proportion of four equal necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). (Things are any material benefits and services). Social resources are expressed in the chain: People (P) – Information (I) – Organization (O) – Things (T). In the acronym: P-I-O-T, or: PIOT. Their main attributes are:

1. Artificiality: they do not exist in a ready form in nature, therefore the society (population) in order to live should constantly produce PIOT resources;

2. The equal necessity of these resources clusters, because the absence, zero of any of them excludes the life of society and human;

3. Inseparability and mutual inclusion of "everyone in each", i.e. the impossibility of producing one without others and superposing the qualities of one to all others;

4. Sociocybernetic harmonious integrity of PIOT resources to a certain measure/proportion. It expresses society in static: S = P + I + O + T, where S is a whole society.

Harmoniousness of PIOT resources determines the harmony of the spheres of their production and the classes occupied in them - the Spherons.

PIOT resources logically require corresponding processes: production, distribution, exchange / trade and consumption: PDEC processes.

PIOT resources logically require corresponding structures in which processes and resources are connected and which, according to the final product, are classified into four societal (macro) spheres of social production:

  1. Social sphere, Sociosphere (S), the subject-product of which are people (P);
  2. Information sphere, Infosphere (I), the subject-product of which is information (I);
  3. Organizational sphere, Orgsphere (O), the subject-product of which are organization/s (O);
  4. Technical (economic/ecological) sphere, Technoecosphere (T), the subject-product of which are things (T). Four spheres of production are: SIOT.

PIOT resources logically require corresponding spheral communities or societal classes of the population, SPHERONS. [165]

SPHERONS, spheral classes of people are extremely large “soft, stochastic” groups of the population, covering it as a whole, employed in four spheres of social production of PIOT resources and differing in term of primary (in time) employment in one of the spheres. They are the actors of social harmony, i.e. are harmonious by nature classes, because outside the harmony between them they are unable to produce PIOT resources. Therefore, they are the ultimate cause of global peace, its guarantor and actor/creator.

Spherons are network social groups/classes of people in the spheres of production. These groups have a stochastic, probabilistic nature of employment/inclusion of people in the spheres, therefore spherons are "soft" classes, and they are not attached rigidly to any other permanent social attribute: property, power, income, etc. They are closely interrelated, dynamically flowing into each other and interacting at all levels, starting with the individual. This creates their network integrity parameter in conjunction with all their other properties. Spherons are a common network denominator of all the partial and transitory communities of humanity in its history from family and nations to civilizations. On this fundamental and everlasting community of spherons, the UN model of Harmony and Global Governance is being built.

Summarizing, we can formulate the following definition. The network spherons (a network of spherons of different levels from micro to mega) is a special "soft" cluster of societal network structures that cover the population as a whole and all people from birth to death in the form of extremely large classes/groups engaged in four spheres of social production. Their primary cohesive criterion is productive employment ("autopoiesis" of Maturana). Autopoiesis constitutes all the fundamental attributes of spherons and their elements: wholeness, integrity, stochasticity, systemic, equality in employment, balance, proportion, measure, harmony, peace, freedom from each other, independence from rigid parameters of property, power, income, race, nationality, sex, age and other partial properties. Polycentricism and the productive thermodynamic negentropy of spherons’ autopoiesis [168] make them, hence, humanity, the most adaptive to survival and sustainable development in the natural and cosmic environment.  An attempt at a broader biological substantiation of autopoiesis and negentropy of harmonious spherons as an "anatomy of peace" was undertaken in the work of Michael Ellis. [169]

Why does the knowledge of spherons begin only in the 21st century? Because their endless cultural diversity in human history and at different social levels from family to humanity was not allowed to see their community, as for the trees we cannot see the forest. The ultimate objective complexity of the spherons is the main epistemological reason for the lack of their scientific knowledge to this day, which was fixed by the temporary political interests of the temporary dominant partial classes of the fragmented world. The globalization of human society, on the one hand, makes spherons more mature and accessible to scientific perception, and on the other hand, it requires scientific penetration into the deep spheral structure of the population. In more detail about this structure in the nature of spherons see Chapters 1 and 2 of the book "Global Peace Science" [78].

The basis by which Spherons are differing between them is employment/autopoiesis in four spheres of social production. But employment (autopoiesis) has an ambivalent, dual biosocial nature, which is expressed by two axioms of employment: in society, autopoiesis/employment is part of the social sphere, and in the biosphere, autopoiesis/employment of a person includes four spheres of social production as their own parts.

Taking into account the social nature of the human, he/she stochastically joins to the next four Spherons (classes) employed autopoiesis in four spheres of social production SIOT:

  1. SOCIOCLAS, people employed in Sociosphere, P1;
  2. INFOCLASS, people employed in Infosphere, P2;
  3. ORGCLASS, people employed in Orgsphere, P3;
  4. TECHNOCLASS, people employed in Technoecosphere, P4.

Abbreviation of these classes is the same (SIOT) as the spheres, so they will differ by adding the word "class": SIOT-classes, SPHERONS.

The population number at any level is the sum of four SPHERONS:

P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4.

The products of three other spheres are divided in a similar manner, resulting corresponding matrix of the basic spheral statistical indices. This matrix is the foundation of global spheral mathematical statistics and its IT (below).

P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4

O = О1 + О2 + О3 + О4

T = T1 + T2 + T3 + T4

All spheral resources, processes, structures and classes-Spherons in the UNH SMSGHG, as well as a mathematically calculated measure of their proportions in harmony and disharmony are expressed in this matrix of spheral statistics, which has infinite dimension in its decomposition.

6. Tables of Spheres and the Model of Humanity’s Spherons:

the UNH SMSGHG object expression

Indissolubility of the SIOT spheres and the Spherons involved in them is that the products "exits" of all spheres constitute their resources "inputs". It is expressed in the spheres statistical tables of their sector/branch structure in statics. These tables, presented in many of our works [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168 and others], because they are very cumbersome, cannot be shown here. We confine ourselves to their simplest form. It is important that these tables are universal, include all, without exception, production functions and relevant professional groups of humanity’s spherons at all its levels.

TABLE-1. Statics of SOCIOSPHERE and employed in it SOCIOSPHERON, P1





P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4


Employed in Sociosphere


P1, I1, O1, T1 for Sociosphere


People (P)

Teachers, etc.


People (P)

Doctors, etc.

Sport, Tourism

People (P)

Athletes, Coaches, etc.

Social Care

People (P)

Social workers

Other services (Church, Philanthropy, Trade Unions,… )

People (P)

Priests, Philanthropists, Trade unionists, Rescuers, etc.


Family, family employment

Family (P)

Parents, children, family members

Individual employment for oneself = autopoiesis

Individual (P)

Non-laboring individuals

Notes to the table.

1. People/population (P) is the product of Sociosphere. People/population is produced for four spheres, therefore P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4, where:

P1 – is employed in Sociosphere; P1 constitutes SPHERON-1 or SOCIOCLASS,

P2 – is employed in Infosphere; P2 constitutes SPHERON-2 or INFOCLASS;

P3 – is employed in Orgsphere; P3 constitutes SPHERON-3 or ORGCLASS:

P4 – is employed in Technosphere; P4 constitutes SPHERON-4 or TECHNOCLASS.

2. The employed in Sociosphere (P1), i.e. SPHERON-1 consists of two parts: the professionals working in social sector of this sphere (P1w) and all non-working (P1n) employed in the individual sector with self-production (pre-school children, students, housewives, non-working pensioners, disabled unemployed, etc.) and in the households. Therefore, the number of SPHERON-1 is the sum of employed in all sectors of this sphere: P1 = P1w + P1n.

3. To every SPHERONS a socially useful labor corresponds: P1w are employed by humanitarian labor, P2 – information labor, P3 – organizational labor, P4 – material labor.

TABLE-2. Statics of INFOSPHERE and employed in it INFOSPHERON, P2





I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4


Employed in Infosphere

Resources P2, I2, O2, T2 for Infosphere


Information (I)

Cultural workers, etc.


Information (I)

Scientists, etc.


Information (I)

Artists, etc.

Religion (as information)

Information (I)

Priests, etc.

Media, publishing and advertising

Information (I)

Journalists, Publishers, Advertisers, etc.


Information (I)

Designers, etc.


Information (I)

Communicators, etc.

Information service

Information (I)

Programmers, etc.


Information (I)

Family, informational employment

Information (I)

Parents, children, family members

Individual informational employment for oneself = autopoiesis

Information (I)

Individuals in their inf. employment for themselves

Notes to the table.

1. Information (I) is the product of Infosphere. Information is produced for four spheres, therefore: I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4, where

I1 – Humanitarian information of SPHERON-1. I1 is required for it to produce people;

I2 – information of SPHERON-2. I2 is required for it to produce information;

I3 – organizational information of SPHERON-3. I3 is required for it to produce organizations;

I4 – technical information of SPHERON-4. I4 is needed for it to produce things, material wealth.

These clusters of information constitute the spheres of information or informational spheres of each SPHERON.

2. The number of SPHERON-2 is the sum of the employed in all sectors of this sphere.

TABLE-3. Statics of ORGSPHERE and employed in it ORGSPHERON, P3





O = O1 + O2 + O3 + O4


Employed in Orgsphere

Resources P3, I3, O3, T3 for Orgsphere


Organization (O)

Political figures, etc.


Organization (O)

Lawyers, etc.

Army and security

Organization (O)

Military, policemen, etc.

Tax Inspectorate

Organization (O)

Tax officials


Organization (O)

Managers, etc.

Banking and Finance

Organization (O)

Bankers, Financiers, etc.

Non-governmental organizations

Organization (O)

Relevant workers


Organization (O)

Family, organizational employment

Organization (O)

Parents, children, family members

Individual, organizational employment for oneself = autopoiesis

Organization (O)

Individuals in their org. employment for themselves

Notes to the table.

1. Organization (institutes, rules, order, norms) (O) is the product of Orgsphere. Organization is produced for four spheres, therefore: O = O1 + O2 + O3 + O4, where:

O1 – humanitarian organizations (schools, hospitals, etc.) of SPHERON-1. O1 is necessary for it to produce people;

O2 – informational organizations of SPHERON-2. O2 is required for it to produce information;

O3 – administrative organizations of SPHERON-3. O3 is required for it to produce organizations;

O4 – technical (economic and ecological) organizations of SPHERON-4. O4 is needed for it to produce things and nature protection.

These clusters of organizations constitute the spheres of organizations or organizational spheres of each SPHERON. Each cluster organizations combine 4 types of organizations: political, legal, financial, management. To every sphere of society and each SPHERON corresponds its own organizational area of politics, law, finance, and management. Each SPHERON has his own money as an organizational tool of its sphere: social, informational, administrative and economic money [170].

2. The number of SPHERON-3 is the sum of the employed in all sectors of this sphere.

TABLE-4. Statics of TECHNOECOSPHERE and employed in it TECNOSPHERON, P4





T = T1 + T2 + T3 + T4


Employed in Technoecosphere

Resources P4, I4, O4, T4 for Technoecosphere


Things (T)


Agriculture and forestry

Things (T)

Farmers, foresters


Things (T)



Things (T)


Trade, marketing

Things (T)

Traders, etc.

Housing and household services

Things (T)

Workers, repairmen, etc.

Fish industry

Things (T)


Conservation of nature

Things (T)

Environmentalists etc.


Things (T)


Family, material employment

Things (T)

Parents, children, family members

Individual, material employment for oneself = autopoiesis

Things (T)

Individuals in their material employment for themselves

Notes to the table.

1. Things (T) are the product of Technosphere. Things are produced for four spheres, therefore: T = T1 + T2 + T3 + T4, where:

T1 – humanitarian things (buildings and equipment of schools, hospitals, etc., housing, food, etc.) for SPHERON-1. T1 is required for it to produce people;

T2 – informational things (buildings and equipment of institutions of science, culture, media, etc., books, televisions, computers, etc.) for SPHERON-2. T2 is required for it to produce information;

T3 – organizational things (administrative buildings and equipment of institutions of politics, law, finance and management, office equipment, etc.) for SPHERON-3. T3 is required for it to produce organizations;

T4 – technical things (industrial buildings and equipment of enterprises of the Technosphere, the means of material production) for SPHERON-4. T4 is required for it to produce things and for nature protection. These clusters make things realm of things, the economy or economic spheres (physical environment) each SPHERONS.

2. The number of SPHERON-4 is the sum of employed in all sectors of this sphere.

Basing on the proposed classification and definition of Spherons, covering the entire population of the planet, humanity appears as the unity of its four constant, harmonious Spherons (classes), which constitute its deep eternal societal structure of harmony and peace. This structure is the most complex object of human cognition; therefore it approached to its investigation in Sociocybernetics and Tetrasociology only at the beginning of the 21st century, although some of its properties and elements were discovered before (2.1. and 2.2.).

Proceeding from what has been said, the total number of humankind (population, people of the planet) is composed of the sum of the number of global Spherons:

PEOPLE (P) = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4.

We know today: “World population reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011 according to the United Nations Population Fund. According to current projections, the global population will reach eight billion by 2024, and will likely reach around nine billion by 2042.” [171].

The generalized representation of the humanity’s spherons is expressed by the following model.

Model-2: SPHERONS of Humanity


The total number of humankind (population, people of the planet) is composed of the sum of the number of global Spherons: PEOPLE (P) = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4. We know today: “World population reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011 according to the United Nations Population Fund. According to current projections, the global population will reach eight billion by 2024, and will likely reach around nine billion by 2042.” [171].

Today there are no statistics of Spherons. Therefore, the number of each Spheron of humanity today can be hypothetically determined according to the pattern of their statistical proportion found for one country according to its population census in 2010. These calculations are presented in detail in Chapter 2 of "Global Peace Science" [78].

The number of SPHERONS of this country (Russia) in millions of people and in percentage of the total population (rounded) is equal to:

SOCIOSPHERON = 85 million or 59.4%

INFOSPHERON = 4 million or 2.8%

ORGSPHERON = 10.8 million or 7.5%

TECHNOSPHERON = 41 million or 28, 6%

Statistical error = 2.3 million or 1.6%

The size of humanity’s SPHERONS in 2011 ($ 7 billion) in this proportion is:

SOCIOSPHERON = 59.4% = 4.2 billion

INFOSPHERON = 2.8% = 0.2 billion

ORGSPHERON = 7.5% = 0.5 billion

TECHNOSPHERON = 28, 6% = 2 billion

Statistical error = 1.6% = 0.1 billion.

It is obvious that similar extrapolation of proportions of one country to the whole humanity is rough but the other does not exist today. The proportions of sizes of Spherons in each country and each region are very different. Their definition requires appropriate statistical studies as proposed in this methodology, which was tested on one country statistics. These computations are very labor-intensive work for all countries and they are available only to the UNH.

The logic and ontology of SPHERONS are simple and indisputable although they are deep, do not lie on the surface and are not visible empirically, with the naked eye (see Appendix). If we recognize, on the one hand, the Maturana’s "autopoiesis" (productive employment) of every person from birth to death, which can be carried out only in the spheres of social production, and on the other hand, if we recognize the reality of four equal necessary and sufficient spheres of social production of PIOT resources, we are forced to recognize the reality of four equal necessary and sufficient Spherons. They unite ‘softly’ all people/individuals employed by autopoiesis in the relevant spheres of production, which cannot exist without Spherons as they are their main productive force.

7. Sociocybernetic Genome (SOCIONOME) of Humankind

as Genetic Code of its Harmony

Above we defined 16 constant universal components of social production at any stages of its evolution: four PIOT resources, four PDEC processes, four SIOT spheres/structures and four Spherons - SIOT classes. The constancy of these components, their reproducibility in any and infinitely diversity of socio-cultural and civilizational forms, their integrity, mutual dependence and continuity constitutes them as the Sociocybernetic Genome of Humanity (SOCIONOME), which persists in any of its changes at all its levels and in all its societies. The carrier of this genetic code of harmony of any society and humanity as a whole are Spherons.

They are able to perform their key productive function only in peace among themselves. Between them only harmony and peace from it is possible. Throughout human history, this genetic code ensures the reproduction of the deep societal structure of the Spherons harmony, which determines the peaceful nature of human and society (Kant) [153]. This nature is often violated by the disharmonies of partial, transitory classes, nations and groups, ignorance of which in the deep social harmony leads them to wars and violence, which ultimately restore the broken harmony but at the cost of colossal sacrifices. SOCIONOME is presented in the following scheme below, created in its basis back in 1978 [125] but it is constantly being improved.

Scheme 1. Sociocybernetic Genome (SOCIONOME) of Humankind.

Genetic code of social harmony and global peace

SOCIONOME and its 16 components detailed description can be found in dozens of our articles and books in almost 40 years, some of which are listed here: [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168 and others] and on the GHA website: http://www.peacefromharmony.org

SOCIONOME is the network core of the governance object in the UNH SMSGHG, on which defines the entire systemic set of global risks and challenges of humankind for their harmonious solution in the UNH. In it the different mathematical interpretations of SOCIONOME are constructed. We confine ourselves to only two: thermodynamic and statistical interpretations.

8.1. Thermodynamic interpretation

SOCIONOME as a unity of four constant spheres of production and four constant in the structure of spherons occupied in them can be interpreted in dynamics as a four-chamber thermodynamic stochastic societal heart of humankind, which opposes to entropy of its energy and ensures the constant growth and strengthening of its negentropy. Only the continuous work of this heart ensures the life of humankind and its social "autopoiesis" as a whole throughout its history. The dual, biosocial nature of a human being requires interpreting functioning of the four-chambered productive heart of social harmony with its inputs and outputs of PIOT resources within the "autopoietic" heart of biological harmony with its birthrate entry and mortality output. Moreover, "Autopoietic systems are thermodynamically open but organizationally closed" [129]. The result of this interpretation is a five-block sociocybernetic model of biosocial harmony as a source of survival and sustainable development of humankind/noosphere in the Earth's biosphere. Let's clarify some details and their some important characteristics.

If the spheres are the producing chambers of this heart, then the Spherons are their muscles, strength, motor and energy. Their "blood" is a continuous circulation through the channels of distribution and exchange of pulsating counter flows of life-sustaining PIOT resources, which they continuously reproduce every part of their life for the nutrition of all the Spherons, including themselves, but not only themselves. Each of them cannot exist without feeding others. The destruction or absence of at least one of the Spherons exsanguinates society and deprives it of life. Without each of the Spherons, society is dead. Therefore, they are equally necessary for society, regardless of their number. The reliability, stability and historical survival of this heart is ensured by its almost infinite division in levels from mega-, macro-, meso- to micro-levels in all human settlements to the family inclusively.

Continuous pulsation of PIOT resources flows through inputs/outputs mechanisms of feedback and export/import channels of distribution and exchange can be expressed mathematically for all levels discretely of any dimension from a second to decades, centuries and millennia, depending on the practical and scientific goals of the managing subsystem - in our case – for the UNH SMSGHG. Based on any discrete dimension, the mathematical "Humankind Thermodynamic Spheral Model" (HTSM) is constructed with global inputs/outputs of people's birthrate/mortality (or migration/immigration by regions) and production/consumption (or export/import) of other resources. Its first example is the "thermodynamic model of global peace" [168]. Similar approaches of thermodynamic modeling are demonstrated in other sources especially in the works of the Nobel laureate John Avery [172; 173; 174; 175].  

Our HTSM rests on two interrelated nonlinear laws of stochastic distribution of PIOT resources between its chambers/spheres: 1. The law of proportions, measures and harmony (LPMH) of Spheron's integral employment and 2. The law of harmonious spheral limitation (LHSL) of PIOT resources. They exclude disharmony and entropy of any unbounded parts and attributes: the planet population, the richest people property and incomes, unlimited power, endless freedom, etc.

By analogy with this model, we can build a “Thermodynamic Model of Distribution and Exchange of Solar Energy” (TMDESE) between four natural spheres: Litho-, Hydro-, Atmo- and Bio- (including Noo/Anthropo/Socio) spheres for global harmonious governance of the Earth ecology and climate.

Another thermodynamic model. The spherical Sociocybernetic approach allows us to find a semblance of natural and societal spheres and express it in appropriate models not only for society but also for nature, for harmonious governance of global energy on the Earth, for its harmonization in order to solve and prevent its environmental and climatic risks. For this purpose, we can build a “Thermodynamic Model of Distribution and Exchange of Solar Energy” (TMDESE) between the socio/noosphere and the four natural spheres. It is a model of the five-chamber spheral energy heart of the Earth, composed by the inseparable unity of its spheres: Litho-Hydro-Atmo-Bio-Noo/Socio spheres. This model is similar to SOCIONOME and TMDESE models (above), therefore it reflects the coherent part of the UNH SMSGHG object for global harmonious governance of the Earth's ecology and climate to harmonize them in the 21st century. [176]

8.2. Statistical interpretation

The dynamics of qualitative elements of SOCIONOME require their quantitative expression in adequate mathematical statistics. If the basis of the SOCIONOME is PIOT resources, then their quantitative, statistical measurements are necessary and sufficient for the quantitative measurement of all components of SOCIONOME.

Based on these measurements, statistics, developed about 40 years, is called “Tetranet Spheral Statistics of Harmony” (TSSH). It is built on alphanumeric indices of resource elements of PIOT, called spheral indices. It is presented in detail in many previous works; therefore here we confine ourselves to a brief description of only its core - matrices of spheral indices or harmony spheral matrices.

The units of measurement of spheral indices, generalizing natural units of measurement, can be cost, time and energy units. We confine ourselves to the most developed today - the cost/money units.

We have established above that any society, including global humanity, in statics is expressed by the sum of all its resources PIOT: SOCIETY = P + I + O + T (1).

To produce each of the PIOT resources, an appropriate set of their parts is needed. Therefore, each PIOT is divided into four parts, necessary and sufficient as resources for the production of new PIOT. This regularity is expressed by a 4x4 matrix of indices, which is called the basic matrix of spheral indices or spheral statistics.

In the pure state, the 4-by-4 spheral matrix of PIOT resources looks like:

P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

I1 + I2 + I3 + I4

О1 + О2 + О3 + О4

T1 + T2 + T3 + T4 (2)

All matrixes that derive from a basic matrix are referred as spheral matrixes, which form spheral statistics. It is essentially different but connected with the traditional (branch or industrial) statistics. All branch indices are integrated in spheral indices, where they are systematized in harmonious spheral logic and Sociocybernetic system.

The spheral matrix columns represent inputs of the corresponding production spheres using PIOT as the resources, and the spheral matrix lines (rows) represent outputs of the corresponding manufacturing spheres that produce PIOT as the products.

The dual nature of the spheral resources (and the spheral indices) as input/resource and output/product of the SIOT spheres is expressed in double letter/numerical (alphanumeric) representation of these resources and corresponding indices.

On the foundation of the 4-by-4 basic matrix, the infinite hierarchical system of spheral matrixes may be created in the dimensions of 4-by-16, 4-by-64, 4-by-256, and so on. Their continuum is possible not only in the positive but also in the negative, in fractional and in other infinities. However, at the first stage, we are bound by spheral matrixes only in a positive infinity, that is, 4х4"n", where "n" is the row of natural numbers from +1 to infinity.

The entire infinite series of spheral matrices is constructed by a single algorithm: each line/row of any matrix turns into a column of the underlying matrix, and each index in the underlying matrix line appears as the sum of four indices that express a cluster of resources, necessary and sufficient for its production.

This generating algorithm expresses the fractal nature of social resources and their indices, which are connected with Benoit Mandelbrot’s fractal mathematics. "A fractal is a structure consisting of parts which are in some sense like the whole" [177]. Here, the main mathematical problem of harmonious statistical and fractal proportions / measures between the fundamental components of SOCIONOME, which are represented by matrices of sphere indicators, should be solved [178; 179]. They were used in some management projects of a large 5 million city in USSR in 1982-1988 [125], but for known reasons they were not recognized by the leadership.

The system of spheral/fractal matrices creates an “Unified Logical Network Statistical Space of Humanity” (ULNSSH) that is able to integrate, compose and decompose by the PIOT indices all the diversity of national statistics, overcoming their inherent fragmentation, rupture and disharmony. Without such a single statistical system of indices, effective global harmonious risk governance is impossible in the UNH. Therefore, the mathematical statistics of similar matrices of spheral indices is a necessary scientific tool of the UNH SMSGHG. Its recursive, fractal use can be successfully integrated with other similar technologies, for example with recursive, fractal cybernetic processes in Stafford Beer's VSM Model [180].

The mathematics of the Sociocybernetic spheral governance may be one of the fundamental scientific basis for the global harmonious digital economy, politics, education, artificial intelligence and management of the 21st century.

9.SOCIONOME: Digital and Structural/Organizational Technologies

Based on the subject and mathematical models of SOCIONOME, a wide range of different Spheral Harmonization Technologies (SHT) is being created that integrate, streamline and fundamentally expand traditional technologies. SHT includes two large clusters: digital and structural-organizational technologies of harmonization. On the SOCIONOME mathematics a cluster of digital technologies is formed, which was called the “Spheral Information-Statistical Technology” (SIST). For almost 40 years of development, this technology has found wide application in dozens of projects. In particular, it was used to manage a large city with a population of 5 million people in 1982-1988 [125]. SIST provides universal digitalization and global statistical informatization of the economy, politics, education, Internet and other sectors of society.

SHTs develop at new level the global processes of informatization and globalization, supplementing them with two fundamentally new and inextricable system processes of global harmonization and pacifization. Harmonization is represented by components and functions of the UNH SMSGHG. Pacifization is a permanent universal process of appeasement as prevention and resolution of any international relations conflicts in a result of their harmonization, in which pacifization is one of its most important consequences. Pacifization should not be confused with local attempts of forced reconciliation – “pacification” [181].

Structural-organizational technologies on the basis of the spheral structures are presented in the main details below as aspects of the UNH universal and long-term Agenda below.

2.4. UNH Agenda

This agenda presupposes the management of current and prevention of new challenges and risks in the long term at least 50 years in the UNH SMSGHG through structural-organizational technologies and strategies, which are systematized and defined in the most concise way below. They are presented in hundreds of works of our organization GHA, some of which have already been submitted [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168] and others will be listed below.

1. Priority development of the Sociocybernetic science of spheral social harmony

Today we are witnessing a powerful priority development of military science, which began more than two centuries ago with the book of Adam von Bülow in 1799 [182]. This science creates now new amazing means of destroying people and global disharmony especially in the 20th century, putting humankind at risk of constant self-destruction. The science of social harmony and its global peace science (GPS) [78], unlike it, is in a pitiful embryonic state, marginal, has lagged behind military science for two centuries and it practically does not exist until now. None of the governments and their UN, mired in wars, does want to recognize and develop it for militaristic reasons (see above). Therefore, its practical effect is zero today. Harmonious prevention and harmonious resolution of global risks is possible only at the priority development and financing of the Sociocybernetic science of spheral social harmony will as GPS. Its main content is presented in this project.

These risks and challenges were generated in the 20th century by capitalism and communism, first of all, by their harmful partial disharmonious ideologies of "false consciousness" into dying industrial civilization, which totally fills its fake propagandist media. Therefore, they are unable to offer a new, alternative vision, which lies in the scientific, harmonious consciousness that defines the "third way" of development. For its working and constant development it is required to create under the UNH auspices an "International Academy of Harmony and Peace" (IAHP) with affiliates in the largest countries [183; 184; 185] with appropriate scientific and cultural support. [186; 187; 188; 189 and others] The most important work of this Academy is the scientific research of the spherons of each country and of humankind as a whole in their dynamics, beginning since 1950, according to the established and tested methods [190].

The main historical trend of this science of the 21st century comes from the periphery to the centers, because traditional centers (the USA, NATO, China and Russia) have become militaristic, they are completely absorbed in global militarism and the arms race, but in different ways. The US-NATO is initiating it, and others are forced to participate in it, so as not to become victims, similar to the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The science of global harmony and peace cannot go from militaristic centers that we see more than 70 years after the WWII end. It can go in our time only from the periphery: India, non-aligned and neutral countries, Africa, Latin America, etc. Many such peacemaking initiatives are born in local peripheral centers as well as new political ideas. [191; 192 and others].

The second priority task of this Academy is to prepare for the global harmonious education of the world textbook: "Spherons of harmonious peace, governance and cooperation", the synopsis of which is this project. This textbook combines the previous GHA textbooks [78; 154; 165], and includes the following chapters (approximately):

1. The 20-th century: outburst of violence, militarism, wars, revolutions and terror2. World history of philosophy, sociology, politics and culture of harmony,3. Network spherons of global harmony, peace and sustainable development,4. Statistics of the spherons dynamics in countries and humanity as a whole,5. Information-statistical technologies of harmony and cooperation of spherons,6. Structural-organizational technologies of harmony and cooperation of spherons,7. Individual and family harmonious development,8. Yoga: an instrument of individual and family harmonious development.

9. The 21 century: non-violent victory of the spherons over the war and global risks

10. Future: Harmonious civilization of spherons in global peace and sustainability with nature. Additional chapters of this textbook are possible.

Similar harmonious education during at least one year is mandatory for all emissaries and staff of the UNH SMSGHG. Only after this testing it can be recommended for global use.

2. Priority of children and youth, equality of the women human rights and population reduction:

transformation of quantity into quality

Global harmony requires, first of all, the “Children's Priority and Women’s Equality” (CPWE) together with the gradual decline in the population, to begin with - to minimize its growth, which only exacerbates all global risks. Harmonious decline of the population is a necessary condition for improving the quality of human capital and its life and most importantly - overcoming its excessive, disharmonious burden on the natural environment, on ecology and climate. The humiliating position of women and children in the American world order, legalized in the UN, is presented in many works of this kind [192a].

Many international and regional instruments have drawn attention to gender-related dimensions of human rights issues, the most significant being the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), adopted in 1979 [193], which the United States has not yet ratified.  In 1993, the UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna confirmed that women’s rights were human rights but they are not enforced. This statement speaks that women’s status as human beings entitled to rights is absolutely rightful and should have under no circumstances been in doubt. In identifying neglect of one half of humanity’s rights as human rights violation, clearly reveals as gender and human rights violations. In spite of these international agreements, the denial of women’s basic human rights is persistent and widespread. The UN was able to make these decisions but it was completely incapable to fulfill them because of its preoccupation with militarism.

The empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic status is fundamental for the achievement of sustainable development and global peace. There is the urgent need to advance a wider range of women’s rights and to ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment, which remain impracticable in the existing UN, despite the inclusion of this requirement as one of the eight goals of the UN Millennium Declaration [194]. The rights of children, approved in the relevant UN Convention [195] remain unfulfilled also. The only country in the world, which has not yet ratified it is the United States - the UN chief militarist. This once again confirms the truth that the UN under the USA militaristic protectorate and leadership is powerless to solve the problems with the rights for women and children. The possibility and practical ability to realize these obligations promises only the UN harmony and global peace through Spherons’ approach, proposed in our project.

Global harmony requires prioritizing of children and youth and also the inclusion of women and gender expertise in designing and fulfilling peace accords, in which their role was far too low that the Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security what it stressed [196]. Real peace required that the political, economic and social structures be comprehensive and include young people who must be acknowledged as a core heir in the maintenance of peace and security and they should be included in the decision-making process, preventive diplomacy and peace processes. The numerous appeals of Member States "to increase the inclusive representation of youth in decision-making at all levels" in Security Council resolution 2250 (2015) [197] remained an empty ineffectual "voice crying in the desert". The UN is deprived of such mechanisms, focusing on the peace-loving cover for the US militarism.  

The role and power of women and the youth in peace building and conflict prevention must be recognized as crucial to forging sustainable peace [198]. But it is able to do only the UN Harmony and global peace through harmonious structure of Spherons, ensuring real equality and advancement for women and youth. Consequently, they are the first advocates of this scientific vision and practice to approve the children’s priority and gender’s equality through children’s suffrage in Spheral democracy (or Spherons’ democracy).

The priority of children, women's equality and harmonious reduction of the population (with the gradual prohibition of abortion) is provided by the structural-organizational mechanism of the "Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents" (CSEP), which was proposed in the first approximation 14 years ago [199; 200; 201]. It is inseparably linked with general harmonious education (see below).

3. Global peace from global harmony

Global peace is the most acute systemic problem of humankind in the 20th and 21st centuries, the solution of which excludes the threat of its military thermonuclear destruction as the highest risk today. Achieving global peace is possible only on the basis of the science of global harmony, the priority of children and the equality of women, who in the first place need peace. Its decision requires recognition of its natural eternal peacebuilding actors - the Spherons of harmony, which are the only and completely interested in peace, unlike all partial, disharmonious and transient actors of the past. Therefore, global peace can proceed and be provided in full only by conscious Spherons owning the science of social harmony and overcoming their past ignorance and spontaneity in it. Its solution able provides such a structural-organizational mechanism as the "Governments Peace Departments" (GPD) in each country, united by the UNH SMSGHG. Only they, along with the science of harmony, disarmament and Spherons will make UNH completely antimilitarist that the TUN cannot achieve for more than 70 years. Hundreds of the GHA works are devoted to this problem, some of which are mentioned above [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168+202; 203; 204; and others].

4. General complete disarmament during 50 years and nuclear disarmament - over 10 years

Global peace is impossible without “General and Complete Disarmament from Harmony” (GCDH), which in our project is proposed on the basis of global harmonization under the UN auspices and under the control of the National Peace Departments in two structural-organizational forms:  

1. Establishment of the “International Peacemaking Armed Forces” (IPAF) financed by UNH and under the Joint International Command of UNH, necessary and sufficient to prevent and suppress any armed aggression on the planet, to suppress terror, drug trafficking, armed crimes and any armed groups at the request of the local government if its police do not cope with them. The IPAF deployment is distributed to the main regions (10-20) with all necessary means, and

2. Transformation of the remaining parts of the national armed forces into an “International-National Peace Corps from Harmony" (INPCH) of the UNH SMSGHG with the functions of priority social services: building roads, hospitals, schools, housing and other social infrastructure facilities with part-time employment in them and with the priority transformation of military academies into the Academy of Peace and Harmony.

The main lever of disarmament is a gradual annual reduction in the funding of the armed forces and the military industrial complex (primarily military science) of every country by 2% for 50 years, which will be enough to transform them into peaceful institutions and find peaceful application to hundreds of millions of military personnel and workers of the military-industrial complex in them. Priority, nuclear disarmament is carried out by the UNH for 10 years by reducing annually the funding of nuclear forces, armaments and manufacturing plants by 10% under UNH control. Hundreds of the GHA works are devoted to this problem, some of which are mentioned above  [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168 +202; 203; 204; and others].

5. Global harmonious education and yoga as his tool

The global harmonious education based on the science of social harmony provides not only a harmonious transformation of the younger generations’ consciousness, aiming them not at violent solutions but at harmonious cooperation through appropriate knowledge creating the first condition for solution of all risks. The structural-organizational solution of this task begins with the creation of the IAHP in the UNH not only for scientific research but also for harmonious education.

The IAHP most important task is to establish within 10-20 years the "General Free Higher Harmonious Peace Education" (GFHHPE) with the total education time of the Earth each citizen not less than 14 years: 11 years - high school and 3 years - higher education at the bachelor's level. It is implemented at the expense of disarmament funds and will be a material guarantee of the children and youth priority. It will become the spiritual condition of antimilitaristic immunity, which excludes all wars. Such education during 30-50 years will provide a new quality of the world's population, its conscious and voluntary reduction. Hundreds of the GHA works are devoted to this problem, some of which are mentioned above [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168+202; 203; 204; and others].

Peace education as part of the educational curriculum in schools is attributed to Maria Montessori [205], John Dewey [206] and Paulo Freire [207], although earlier thought on education for peace is traced to Erasmus and Socrates, among other scholars.

Conflict is the function of misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of the other which induces fear and mistrust.  Learning permits the learner a greater context that promotes harmonious coexistence.  

The world is hungering for harmony and peace that can only be achieved by mutual respect and understanding of other culture, race, and religion. There is an urgent need for a culture of peace through using peace education in all that we do by integrating peace in good manners and right conduct, values formation, social studies, religion, social sciences, ethics, philosophy, and other curricular courses.

UNESCO has established the education for a Culture of Peace to create and inspire peace ‘in the minds of men and women’, based on the universal values and fostering:

1. Culture of peace through education

2. Sustainable economic and social development

3. Respect for all human rights

4. Equality between women and men

5. Democratic participation

6. Understanding, tolerance and solidarity

7. Free flow of information and knowledge

8. International peace and security [208]

Unfortunately, these eight values and areas of the peace culture are fragmented and not integrated by a holistic, systemic and constitutive for them value of harmony that defines a global harmonious peaceful education as the highest level of education. [209].

Declaration and Program of Action on a Culture of Peace, outlines eight critical action areas and calls out for actors of peace to act at national, regional and international levels to eliminate the roots of conflict.

The way to peace, conflict prevention and harmony is possible only through peace education. However in wider context conflict prevention and peace building will be sustainable when progress is made in creating a secure environment, in the promotion of sustainable democratic systems, economic and social well-being. Progress in peace education and all these sectors is necessary for sustainable peace and harmony.

The UN should invest greatly in global harmonious peace education based on the science of social harmony because holistic education is the key to uniting nations and bringing human beings closely together. Therefore it is very important to recognize the crucial role of holistic education in contributing to building a culture of global peace from harmony.

An important tool of harmonious education is Indian Yoga, which has been practiced for thousands of years [210]. Yoga is also evaluated as "the science of inner peace and practical tool of the global peace science (GPS)" [211].

6. Harmonization of world religions

Harmonization of world relations is impossible without harmonization of relations between world religions through global harmonious education, harmonizing religious principles, the first of which is the "Golden Rule of Religions", opposing the law of retribution "Jus or Lex Talionis" and etc. The social ground of interfaith relations harmonization will be the social harmony of the conscious Spherons and their believers, educated in its science. Conscious harmony of Spherons as an alternative to disharmonious violent fundamentalism is the social foundation of religious harmony and antiterrorist immunity. Dozens of the GHA works are devoted to this problem, some of which are mentioned above [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168; 202; 203; 204; + 212; 213; 214; 215].

7. Spheral global 100% democracy or "Harmonious Democracy of Spherons"

The deep systemic evolutionary risk of the traditional political democracy, dominating since the 20th century, with its rampant pathologies of militarism, corruption, nationalism and inequality began to threaten the survival of humanity. It is a risk of ruling in democracy elite of 1% billionaires [84 and others]. Research literature about liberal, "full" democracy is filled with its anti-democratic estimates and definitions: "plutocracy, oligarchy, totalitarian democracy, democracy for the few, democratic despotism, fascist democracy, democracy of billionaires, brainwashing, zombie, manipulation democracy," [33; 40 and others]. As one scientist said, "You cannot have a democracy that organizes itself around war" [86].   

An alternative to this militaristic pathological 1% democracy is the really full, 100% "Harmonious Democracy of Spherons" (HDS) or “Spheral Harmonious Democracy” (SHD), including the entire population, which is based on equal division of power between the Spherons elected representatives in gender equal proportion at all levels. The HDS is the political center and key of the proposed UNH SMSGHG. The fundamental advantage of the HDS over traditional democracy is the mechanism of internally built spheral opposition, in which the spherons are united in a harmonious goal and a peaceful way of its realization, but can differ in the ways and means of achieving it [216; 217; 218]. Therefore, only Spherons are those truly actors of antimilitarist democracy and governance, which are capable to provide a deep spheral harmonious democratization of the entire social life of humankind to prevent and resolve all risks. It will constitute a new form of international and national cooperation at all levels. Hundreds of the GHA works are devoted to this problem, some of which are mentioned above [78; 121; 125; 154; 165; 166; 168; 202; 203; 204].

8. Global harmonious currency

The traditional global reserve currency, based on the dominant disharmonious national currency, has long been a source of catastrophic financial risk, which is maturing in an almost continuous financial crisis. Global harmonious governance cannot be successful on the basis of a fundamentally risky reserve currency that is unfair for all nations. Therefore, the UNH SMSGHG suggests an experimental verification of the new forms of reserve currency. One of them is a “Harmonious Reserve Currency” (HRC) [219; 220] together with the corresponding structural-organizational forms, was considered in other GHA projects. Only such a currency with uniform fair and harmonious rules for all without exception can overcome total fraud and corruption of national currencies, especially the US dollar, which stimulates the flowering of financial frauds and global economic crises. [63 and others]

9. Overcoming extreme poverty

The sociopolitical systems of capitalism and communism, which prevailed in the 20th century, demonstrated a complete inability to fundamentally solve the problem of poverty, in fact only reinforcing it in its "globalization" [64]. The UNH SMSGHG presupposes and creates all the necessary structural-organizational prerequisites, the first - a full 100% democracy for system solution of this challenge in "Roadmap to Overcome Extreme Poverty" (ROEP) in accordance with the spheral laws for 20-30 years [221 and others]. It is based on the principle of social partnership between different strata of the population, especially the poor and the rich, whose wealth growth will depend on improving the welfare of the poor. [Ibid.]

10. Global economy of moderate harmonious growth, its minimization and zero

The creators of a balanced, just, crisis-free and efficient market economy of moderate harmonious growth, ensuring the guarantee of its sustainability, can only be harmonious Spherons. Spheral market economy is built on the constant mutual dependence of the Spherons’ economic position and all their partial groups and classes on the harmonious economic principle of "Mini-Max and Maxi-Min" (MMMM). [Ibid.] This is an endless evolutionary process of minimizing the maximum economic status and maximizing the minimum economic status in an integrated global economic system. Its norms are determined by the mechanisms of spheral democracy. The MMMM principle of the spheral harmonious economy is a spheral generalization and expansion of the "Tobin’s law" [222]. It develops on the basis of the mathematical theory of strategic games of John von Neumann [223] and it presupposes a sustainable economy, ultimately, without growth [224; 225]. Spheral democracy establishes dynamic, "floating" borders for harmonious, fair competition, excluding disharmonious limitless capitalist competition, collusion of monopolies and other vices of the imperialist economy [226]. Such competition, together with the economy demilitarization and the life of humankind, will ensure a stable but minimally necessary, economic growth that will smoothly decline to an environmentally required standard.

11. Harmony of humankind with nature: sustainable ecology and climate

Previous social evolution, especially since the 20th century, is associated with the predatory destruction of nature in the disharmonious industrial economic civilization that led to environmental degradation and the ever-escalating environmental and climatic risks. These systemic risks require a systemic holistic approach, proposed in our UNH SMSGHG, integrating other system approaches [172-176].  In the UNH creates a global ecological-climatic model of the Earth on the basis of thermodynamics and socio-cybernetics of the natural and social spheres of the Earth for permanent global monitoring, control, harmonious governance and prevention of any environmental and climate risks [ibid.]

12. World Harmonious Consciousness and "Earth Harmony Constitution"

The world harmonious consciousness centered on the Sociocybernetic science of global harmony synergistically synthesizing all partial achievements of the past humanitarian history of humankind is focused and finds one of the important expressions in the global legal structural-organizational regulator of harmony - in the "Earth Harmonious Federation Constitution" (EHFC). It is built on the basis of the constitutional recognition of the Spherons as universal actors of global harmony, social production, global peace, harmonious democracy and other structural-organizational institutions designed to solve and prevent all global risks. It integrates all the achievements of numerous versions of similar Constitutions.

This Constitution proclaims the main human right - the right to life guaranteed by global peace and the recognition of any armed violence and war (except the war on terror) as crimes against humanity. The right to life is virtually absent in the current "Declaration of Human Rights", it is mentioned by the single word in Article 3. This fundamental militaristic flaw in the American Declaration can be made up by the peacemaking Constitution of the Earth created by humanity’s spherons in their UN Harmony and Global Peace, excluding militarism from it. This Constitution is approved by the first goal of Global Peace, which is absent among the UN Millennium goals. It can also be supplemented by a special Declaration: The human right to life, global peace and social harmony (Appendix 4).

The Constitution determines the conscious evolutionary transition of humanity from a militaristic, disharmonious and therefore dying industrial civilization to a harmonious civilization during 50 years, starting with the launch of the UNH SMSGHG. It ensures “shift of the arms race into a peace race” as Martin Luther King Jr. wrote [56].

13. Two fundamental general risks of all risks:

disharmonious partial reason and similar civilization

Above, we named the main contemporary global risks and challenges and proposed strategies for their systemic harmonious solution in the UNH SMSGHG. The picture of multiple risks and their solutions will be incomplete if we do not find their deep logical generalization. It is expressed by the definition of two interconnected fundamental general risks of all risks: a disharmoniously limited and disciplinary fragmented industrial partial mind (reason, consciousness, thinking), which generates a disharmoniously limited reality of the militaristic fragmented nations-states in a partial industrial civilization and vice versa. Both constitute the integral key historical risks of modern humanity [78 and others].

Therefore, no understanding of partial risks and their partial solutions outside the context of the holistic evolution of consciousness and civilization cannot be strategically effective. Therefore, they will exist as long as there is a disharmonious civilization. The solution and prevention of these risks as a whole can only be the new reality of a harmonious civilization, conditioned by its scientific harmonious consciousness/mind, which is laid in the UNH SMSGHG. [ibid.]

3. Assessment criteria

1. The main criterion: expected result

The expected result of our UNH SMSGHG project, as defined above, is a solution and overcoming all global risks of the 21st century, as well as preventing the emergence of new ones within 50 years, starting with the launch of this model.

2. Decision-Making Capacity.

The decision-making capacity within the framework of the UNH SMSGHG, in view of the distribution of its preparatory and preliminary discussions among the spheral sectors of this governance model, is maximally freed from crippling delays. It excludes any veto power as it presupposes a spheral consensus with the majority within the spheral segments of this governance model.

3. Effectiveness.

The UNH SMSGHG handling all global challenges and risks, with its development and distribution to the lower levels, allows us to concentrate resources to eliminate, neutralize and prevent global risks at all levels. This will ensure high efficiency of practical implementation of solutions in this model.

4. Resources and Financing.

The UNH SMSGHG universality in its scale and depth will provide it with sufficient spheral PIOT resources including human and material ones. An equitable manner of their provision and financing is guaranteed by an equal sharing of power between the elected organs of the Spherons in this governance model.

5. Trust and Insight.

The UNH SMSGHG, built on universal recognition of the value complex of harmony, its science and organizational structure, establishes an unshakable foundation of mutual trust of all the Spherons organs and the completeness of the necessary transparency and trust. It is ensured by universal mutual control, verification of all activities of these bodies and mutual monitoring of decisions and their implementation.

6. Flexibility.

The UNH SMSGHG possesses a wide flexibility and adaptability due to the almost unlimited variation of sectoral components and structures at different levels and for different regions within a single spheral structure.

7. Protection against the Abuse of Power.

Protection against the abuse of power is pre-installed at the UNH SMSGHG by its democratic spheral structure and continuous mutual control both outside and inside it. This monitoring control system will work the necessary preventive measures both for cases of the abuse of power including lobbying and for the cases of favoring the special interests of specific individuals, groups, organizations, nation-states or groups of states for the benefit of humankind.  

8. Accountability.

The UNH SMSGHG ensures successful resolution of global risks and prevention of new ones within 50 years and beyond. This is a sufficient time for their solution. But it can be delayed because of the inability of separate individuals and bodies to take timely decisions in a qualitative way, for that they are held accountable for their actions. It is stipulated in the UNH SMSGHG Charter.


The key meaning of this project and its implementation lies in the fact that it provides a scientific, constructive and nonviolent transition for humankind from the past history of wars, violence, militarism and growing risks of survival to a new history of global peace, prosperity of all nations and harmonious sustainable development in the nature for the future generations.

This project was able to include only a small fraction of the GHA work for more than 12 years of its active scientific and peacemaking activity. Therefore, it was able to express only some properties and capabilities of the proposed governance model and its unique Sociocybernetic spheral approach. It provides not only the prevention and resolution of global challenges and risks in new forms of harmonious international cooperation of the 21st century, but also constitutes an inexhaustible source of socio-economic, political, educational and information innovations and technologies, including artificial intelligence.


Appendix 1: Picture "SPHERONS"

This is a visual illustration of spherons and Socionome a deep harmonious structure of humanity that provides its peaceful nature, which, under conditions of scientific ignorance of this nature is broken sporadically on its surface by partial and transitory disharmonious actors: some nations, classes, groups, etc. in their armed conflicts and wars. The depth of human nature and global society are harmony and peace, and on the surface we see disharmony, violence and war. They will be overcome by humankind, when the spherons will know and master the laws of a deep human nature, that is, laws of one's own being, life and sustainable development.

The picture gives a visual expression of the global harmonious governance object with the main militaristic risk of humankind as the first for its solution in the UNH SMSGHG.

E:\Documents and Settings\Leo\Мои документы\Мои рисунки\2017\SPHERONS_NEW_Litl.jpg

Appendix 2: Motivation. Facts.

Globalization trend of war, genocide, neo-fascism, democracy of "inverted totalitarianism", environmental and climatic destruction, corruption, inequality, poverty, falsehood, "fake media", lawlessness, mafia and pathologies of fraud, crime and drugs.

US-NATO militaristic protectorate over the UN:

Vacuum of peacemaking leadership.Elimination of global peace from the new millennium goals.Note.This part is Facts. It determines the motivation of the sharpest necessity to reform the UN in the face of inevitably approximating danger of a new world (nuclear) war.

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII. - Lucas 

The US has deployed 240,000 troops in 172 countries around the world. - Reimann

You can't have a democracy that organizes itself around war. - Giroux

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. - Einstein

Join together for a common vision – the total abolition of Militarism and war. - Maguire


Militaristic leadership of the US-NATO:War Globalization or Peace Globalization?

Today, people are finally waking up to the dangers of a world war, which might emanate from the highest levels of the US government. We are no longer dealing with a hypothetical scenario. The threat of World War III is real. Public opinion has become increasingly aware of the impending dangers of an all-out US-NATO led war against Iran, North Korea and the Russian Federation. WW III has been contemplated by the U.S. and its allies for well over ten years”. [1]

72 years of the continual ferocious and atrocious militarism of the United States in their "long war against humanity" after WWII, after the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945, proved two simple and ingenious truths of the XX century. One belongs to Einstein: "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be achieved through understanding." The other belongs to King: "The US government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world".

All these years, the US has been waging a continuous war, “killing more than 11 million in 37 countries after WWII”. [2] “The US has deployed 240,000 troops in 172 countries around the world – a sprawling global network which serves as a permanent gesture of threat.” [3] This means that under the UN's wing, the USA has occupied almost all of its members for 72 years, threatening to violate all naughty nations that is globalization of the USA violence and dictate and their militaristic protectorate over the UN, over almost all of its members.

They immersed "The Earth in the Pentagon’s wars woe" and turning America into a "nation of war": "We are waging war. We are the Nation of War. We destroy. We kill. Everyone fears us." [4] This trend is rightly assessed as "Historical Tradition of American Empire War and Genocidal Crimes Against Humanity" [5; 6], excluding peace in the UN, under the wing of which the USA has built a real threat of "WW III on the horizon" of humanity [7].  

Unfortunately, Russia, China, Iran and other peace-loving countries that did not attack anyone, unlike the US-NATO, in fact, without an alternative constructive model of the United Nations, are not able to take Einstein's truth as their strategy. Following the United States, they also rely on achieving peace not on "understanding", but on violence, on a reciprocal arms race, on their balance and military deterrence, which ultimately are also meaningless for global peace as the hegemonic aggressive arms race of the US and its allies. This is the main tragedy of modern peacemaking, weakened by the lack of scientific understanding of global peace and the scientific model of its UNH, which is the only one capable of liberating humankind from the arms race and new wars, including nuclear ones.

1.2. UN Disharmony:

The US-NATO leadership of militaristic empire

It is obvious that an international organization uniting all nations of the planet is called upon to ensure the life of humankind, but not to keep it for decades under the rapidly growing threat of total self-destruction that the UN demonstrates. What is the main reason for this fundamental defect of the UN? The fact that it was created by the most powerful economic and military power - the US - to legalize its militaristic imperial policy in the post-war unipolar world order. The United States suffered minimal losses in the Second World War (WWII) but was maximally militarized and enriched from it, becoming the world hegemon, the legalization of which was the UN, created for this purpose by the USA. Apple from the apple tree fell not far.  

Therefore, such a UN can rightfully be qualified as a UN disharmony (UND) or a traditional UN (TUN) like to the infamous League of Nations. The ultimate goal of humankind - global peace, was practically excluded from its agenda and tabooed in it; therefore, like the League of Nations it in fact did nothing fundamentally for peace in 72 years. At best the UN limited by peace in special fragmented cases. The UN Charter and its Declaration of Human Rights lacks the main right - the human right to life, according to which every war, mass armament and militarism are declared a crime against humanity and excluded from society. The absence of this right and an unswerving taboo on war, armament and militarism opened for them an unlimited free space of prosperity and endless growth that the UN was unable to overcome in 72 years.

We will name only a few of the weightiest proofs confirming our conclusion.

1. Four months after the signing of the UN Charter in April 1945 in Los Angeles, the United States destroyed over 200,000 civilian populations of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombing, without any military necessity, by showing the world and the newborn created by them the UN, who is now the boss and dictator in the world, whose “Ownership of the World[8]. It was an act of conscious and intentional genocide. The US refuses to apologize for this crime against humanity until now, reserving the right of the first nuclear strike [9; 10; 11]. This is perceived by the UN during 72 years as a norm, which exposes it as an organization not of peace, but of war. With this bombing, the USA launched a new unprecedented round of the arms race of the UN members, accompanied by an uninterrupted cycle of their wars around the world.

2. The USA has not yet abandoned from the misanthropic right of a preemptive nuclear strike, threatening to destroy the North Korea (25 million people) in 2017, from the UN rostrum, with a new nuclear bombardment [12], which is being prepared in front of UN members with their silent encourages US war, militarism and aggression, with the exception of some votes. For 72 years, the USA has made dozens of "disliked" UN member countries with targets of aggressive invasions and militaristic preparations: "Target Russia, target China, target Iran" [13], and so on without end with the natural total indifference of the American UN war. For example, for Russia, the US-NATO is preparing a new version of Hitler's plan ‘Barbarossa’ on its Western border [14] and “Reckless Congress ‘Declares War’ on Russia”[15].

3. All 72 years of the UN existence, the USA in its framework practice, in fact, a continuous genocide, with the full, practically, connivance of the UN. The genocide of the United States and Britain is well known against the Iraqi people [16; 16a]. The US genocide has deep historical roots since the destruction of many millions of American Indians [17]. Therefore, it is not surprising that all 37 US-NATO wars after the WWII in 37 countries in which they killed over 20 million innocent victims [2] are an openly continuous "democratic" genocide in the eyes of a powerless UN and astonished humanity after the secret genocide of the US Indians.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the US is planning genocide constantly so far. “According to a secret document dated September 15, 1945, “the Pentagon had envisaged blowing up the Soviet Union with a coordinated nuclear attack directed against major urban areas… to annihilate and kill the inhabitants of selected urban areas. The documents confirm that the US was involved in the “planning of genocide” against the Soviet Union.” The USA continues to plan genocide until now 72 years, under the UN hood, expanding targets on Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc. [18]

America is a spiritually dead civilization whose government plans genocide rather than global peace, including genocide against several other nuclear powers. This USA plan at the governmental level could cause the global genocide of humanity, including itself. This is the insanity and tragedy of the American people not so different from the Germans under Hitler. Therefore Dr. Johan Galtung predicted the USA fall on 2020. [19] This is the result of its complete disharmony with humanity, to which it was led by its policy of hatred, misanthropy and dictate during 72 years: “US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII”.[2] Therefore, the US and not terrorists, "keep the world record of the murder of innocent citizens" [20] under the UN wing.

A million Somali children have starved to death in the past 24 months and this crime goes unnoticed in the international media [UN and UNICEF]. ..The world had the food to prevent all these deaths, something the UN is supposed to be on top of. But then one of the top dogs at the UN is the Executive Director of UNICEF, supposedly the number one (N)o (G)ood (O)utfit with the responsibility to prevent this crime, headed by former National Security Advisor to Pres. Clinton and later failed nominee to head the CIA, Anthony Lake, whose appointment was a favor returned by Pres. Obama. Loyalty to empire can have its rewards in the form of being overlord of a multi-billion dollar a year aid empire internationally, UNICEF, and the ability to carry out “long term solutions” as in genocide by starvation of the Somali people.” He preferred "genocide by starvation for Somali children", as well as in the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 he preferred to "not doing anything” to stop the mass killings. [21] Under the helpless and indifferent observation of the UN, genocide of various forms is expanding in many countries: Somalia, Yemen, Burma and others, which can be qualified as "globalization of genocide" under the UN aegis [22;23;24]

“If one asks the question “who benefits from the South Sudanese civil war?” the answer is clear. The USA is presently the only beneficiary of the ongoing horrors in South Sudan, for this latest round of conflict has once again shut down the Chinese run oil fields in the country…. the USA and its western vassals [are guilty] into these holocausts,… who really benefits and when it comes to the civil war in South Sudan the only party presently benefiting from these crimes is the USA.”[25]

4. For 72 years before the UN eyes, the USA has created a global network of more than 800 military bases around the world. [26; 27] For 72 years, in the UN eyes, American intervention without borders flourished and found globalization in the "long US war against humanity" [28]. This war demanded a "globalization of NATO" in the interests of the "American Empire": "Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean. The Atlantic Alliance’s ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire." [29].

All NATO’s wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Africa were ‘dirty’: “Peace talks were subverted. Libya was barred from representing itself at the UN, where shadowy NGOs and “human rights” groups held full sway in propagating exaggerations, outright falsehoods, and racial fear mongering that served to sanction atrocities and ethnic cleansing in the name of democracy.” It is “the concept of humanitarian intervention” of imperialism; “hypocrisy of the U.S. elite, of the Gulf ruling classes and of the liberal bombardiers who emerged in the crucible of ‘humanitarian’ wars of the 1990s [with] NATO carried out extensive war crimes during the ‘liberation’ of Sirte” Libia [30; 31]. Now the US-NATO’s "shadow continental war" covers almost the whole of Africa: "The U.S. is waging a massive shadow war in Africa"[32] All US-NATO interventions are carried out under the banner of the "war on terror", which only extends it around the world [33].

The US-NATO uses the UN and its structures as a tool to justify the falsified, fake situations of their 'dirty wars', with the goal of blaming the countries they do not like, as was the case with the Syrian "chemical attack" recently. Such a disgraceful use of the UN has been practiced by the US-NATO many times in the UN. [34]

Therefore, UND, like the League of Nations, deserves the dissolution and replacement of the new UN Harmony.

5. For 72 years, the US, together with its NATO allies and under the wing of the pocket UN, has created in their "new world order" a regime of "totalitarian democracy and a full spectrum of domination" [35] with the Pentagon's plan of "total war and military dictatorship". [36; 37]

While China, Russia and other peace-loving countries "pivot to world markets,” militaristic America "pivots to world wars" [38] and prepares a "third world war with China" [39] and with Russia [15], etc. All of these wars of the United States are prepared in front of a silent and humbled UN, which is helpless to oppose anything by the USA, and whose peace-loving will is paralyzed by the militarism of the boss at the UN as a rabbit before a boa. This allows the US to be a "world mafia leader", as the Brazilian artist portrayed in a cartoon [39]. What becomes the UN for her 72 years? Maybe, "as if" its unintentional nest for 72 years? ... There is something to think about here.

6. Under the wing and guardianship of the UN, the USA is transformed into an "inverted totalitarianism and a fascist state" [40], provide "globalization of fascism" [41], "plan a nuclear war by Pentagon Fascism" [42], "established and supports ISIS" [43], providing it with weapons in defiance of the UN Charter, and because they constitute "the greatest threat to global peace" [44; 45; 46]. The USA has made terrorism an "ultimate weapon" of its imperial policy of "eternal war and genocide". [47]The USA lives in the UN with the full hope of "a win of nuclear war". [48] Therefore, "It's a Fairy Tale to Call the US the World's Peacekeeper" [49]. In reality, in the history, "the US fears peace." [50] During the time "from Hiroshima to the war of drones", the US-NATO approved "state terrorism" [51] and became the "spark of nuclear war" [52].

7. The UN is powerless before the military-industrial-media-financial-scientific-congressional complex of the USA [53; 16], the manager of this UN. It is helpless before the US-NATO war crimes against humanity; they long ago deserved the "American Nuremberg" [54], which the UN is powerless to launch. Foreign policy trumps justice. “Justice Belied marks a turning point in understanding how tainted international criminal justice undermines political solutions and imposes superpower dictate.” [55] Summarizing such countless facts, Martin Luther King said: "The US government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." [56] Can this happen at the UN peace? No! This is possible only in the American UN disharmony! The USA ignores or violates the UN decisions and international law that interfere to its militaristic politics. They have withdrawn or are withdrawing from the ABM Treaty, from the Paris climate agreement, from the nuclear deal with Iran, from UNESCO as the most important UN body and etc. The Pentagon is the "privileged" destroyer of the planet's ecology and climate. [57]

8. Therefore, calling the UN a "global peacemaker" is the same tale as "calling the US a global peacemaker", which created the "American Century of Violence" [58], which “has plunged the world into crisis” [59]. The US constitutional law authorizing the possession of weapons, militarized half of the country's population, which almost monthly turns into mass executions, such as the "slaughter in Las Vegas" on October 1, which the UN cannot oppose anything. The war has become the American "narcotic addiction" [60], which will become the most important reason for the "American Empire fall" in 2020, most likely with a "military bang" than "with weeping," according to Galtung forecast [61] and others. The USA's groundless pretension to exclusivity and its rude assertion by absolute militarism is unequivocally deadly. The fall of the USA global militaristic empire is inevitable. It will put before the UN the question about its radical, anti-militaristic peacebuilding reorganization, which is proposed in our project.

9. Militarism generates a global economic crisis: “The economic crisis is accompanied by a worldwide process of militarization, a “war without borders” led by the U.S. and its NATO allies.” [62; 63] Militarism exacerbates poverty, "globalizing it in a new world order." [64] Militarism provokes dangerous genetic experiments, in particular with nutrition, "sowing seeds of destruction through genetic manipulation": "Control the food and you control the people.” This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO.” [65] All this borders with the total "soft genocide" [66]. Militarism and militaristic democracy generate total corruption and fraud as evidenced by millions of facts, before which the UN is powerless. [67] Militarism and the militaristic democratic establishment led by Hilary Clinton are conducting a global "war on truth" to justify their defeat in the presidential election. [68] “Clinton supported America’s endless wars, which have brought chaos, death and misery to million of people throughout the world.” [69]

10. Thousands of facts confirming the militaristic essence of the USA in the UN lead to an inevitable simple question: Why “the Exceptional Country once describing itself as Christian, along with its allies in Europe, now appear to be the oppressors?” [62].

Of course, we must admit that during the UN 72-year history, in it has sounded many remarkable peacemaking ideas, but they were all consigned to oblivion, they did not provide any fundamental approximation of humanity to global peace and drowned in its bottomless militaristic swamp. Therefore, the UN, like the League of Nations, has actually remained the institution of war, not of peace, despite the dense veil of peaceful declarations, resolutions, proclamations and speeches.

But in the traditional UN, "Sovereign nation states cannot cope satisfactorily with global challenges ... Our global UN system does not cope with today's risks. We urgently need a new way of thinking "[70]. This was brilliantly realized and expressed by Einstein: “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”.[71] New, spheral thinking is presented in the constructive part of the project below as an alternative to the dying traditional ideologies. [72; 72a]

The traditional ideologies of the past and the new centuries - Marxism and liberalism discredited themselves with the justification of various forms of violence and proved completely incapable to offer a constructive and effective model of peaceful global governance in the UN. Communism as a theory and practice debunked itself in 100 years. Because of the dominant of the total class struggle, it could not become a constructive alternative to capitalism and its boundless militarism. In the analogous position is liberalism as a "failed ideology and zombie doctrine" powerless before the crisis that "cannot be stopped without a coherent alternative."[73].

The UN's real global ideology in 72 years, the US-NATO made total militarism, removing from its agenda of any fundamental peacemaking problems and ignoring those constructive effective ideas, which were repeatedly offered to it. [74; 75] Militarism became the center of the dominant geopolitical picture of the world in the UN, which determined its peacemaking helplessness to solve any global problems, for example, such as Israel-Palestine armed confrontation for more than 60 years, peace between which is deliberately ‘obstructed’ by the USA and the UN. [76]

The elementary truth is that "peace movements’ common vision is the abolition of militarism" [77], but if the total US-NATO militarism feeds the UN, this organization cannot be recognized and qualified as a peacekeeping one.

Our project, presented briefly below, offers for the UN a fundamentally new, alternative geopolitical picture centered on HARMONY as the source of the life for nature, society and human, which was intuitively realized in all world civilizations, but ignored by dominant in the UN American militarism. Only such a geopolitical picture can transform the UN disharmony into the UN Harmony.

Our analytical part covered only a very small fraction of the vast array of tens of thousands of facts and evidences of the US-NATO militarism excluding the really peacemaking and effective work of their UN. More significant factual material on this topic is presented in two chapters (9 and 13) of the "Global Peace Science" [78]. But the fundamental generalization and systematization of these facts and the corresponding testimonies in thousands of books, articles and video still await their honest, strong and courageous peacemaking thinker. GHA and its friends made only the first step in this direction. This is a scientific aspect.

The axiological aspect is that science, conscience and morality cannot and do not have the right to ignore the endless facts of US-NATO militarism, violence and aggression that dominate in the UN and turned it from an instrument of peace into an instrument of international legalization and justification of their criminal genocidal militarism. Ignoring these facts and refusing their scientific analysis and moral assessment can be regarded only as the encouragement and support of this militarism, its wars, deaths and violence. This is peculiar only to the militarists, but not to the true peacemakers. This is position of the GHA and its peacemakers for more than 12 years.

1.3. The USA Imperial Militarism:

Exceptional Perversion of Human Values,

Especially Freedom and Democracy

The only moral justification in the UN and the world of all aggressions and genocide of the US-NATO, they made "Western values", especially freedom and democracy. But total US-NATO militarism has only perverted them, extremely pathologized and transformed them, in fact, into their opposite.

The trend of the militaristic "exceptional perversion" of fundamental values ​​has long been established and has long been studied, beginning with the "inverted totalitarianism and USA transformation to fascist-like state" [40] and "full spectrum dominance: totalitarian democracy" [35]. Thousands of similar studies reveal the details of this "exceptional perversion", exposing, for example, "corporate fascism of the USA," whose militarism became "the murder of American democracy" [79], led to "the death of democracy and freedom in America" ​​[80], "destroying democracy"[81], "broke democracy" [82] and turned it into an "oligarchy and plutocracy" [83], into a "democracy of billionaires" making up no more than 1% of the population [84], etc. A more detailed analysis of the militaristic perversion of American democracy with its ineradicable vices of violence, corruption, inequality and nationalism is presented in our work [85]. It is well summarized by the genius thought of the Canadian scientist: "you can’t have a democracy that organizes itself around the war" [86]. Similar militaristic democracy is naturally imposed by force, fire and sword in the world and in the UN, which silently tolerates the "America’s deadliest export of democracy" [87], which turned it into a "rogue state" [88].

"The deadliest export of democracy by a rogue state" is well illustrated by Africa: “The west uses “democracy”… to control Africa. This has resulted in over half a century of murder… Western “democracy” is all about controlling Africa for western benefit,… It is African blood that pays for the rich lifestyles of the western populace, and African blood that pays for social peace in western societies…. Western “democracy”, a system adopted  by slave owners and  redesigned to enable the preservation of a system of barbarism, maintained by force and violence, which has been forced on Africa” [89]

The exceptional perversion of values ​​in the USA, the transformation of freedom into permissiveness of any violence, weapons and militarism,  -- “bad American values of freedom to lie, cheat, steal & kill” [89a] with unlimited aggression and the transformation of democracy into totalitarianism, fascism, hegemony and a world dictatorship which grew early-ripe on the short, 240-year-old historical soil of America, which is 93% filled with wars: “The US has only been at peace for 21 years total since its birth. For 222 out of 239 years – or 93% of the time – America has been at war. No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president.  Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered “war presidents.” No wonder polls show that the world believes America is the number 1 threat to peace.”[89b]

For the sake of truth, we must note that the first and only US president who formulated the peacekeeping program of foreign policy in a powerful paradigm of global peace [89c] - Donald Trump, who thanks to it won the election, even with a minimum margin of 52% of the electorate, was immediately subjected obstruction and impeachment by the American "democracy of inverted totalitarianism" [40] not only in the face of "democratic" (militaristic) party of Hillary Clinton but also the USA "democratic" militaristic Congress and the militaristic "fake mainstream media." Their militarism completely paralyzed the Trump's global peace paradigm. [89c]

The US historical militaristic soil, which absorbed Trump's only peace attempt of the USA, is devoid of fundamental harmonious traditions and reasonable restrictions, measures, proportions and accords of thousand-year civilizations: Indian, Chinese, Greek, Persian, Russian, Latin American, Egyptian, African and others. The American United Nations has suppressed these traditions by the total militarism of one country, whose population does not exceed 4% of the population of humankind, condemning it to imminent thermonuclear self-destruction. This deprives the UN of the mandate of an international governance body designed to preserve the peaceful life of humankind rather than leading it to destruction and keeping it under this fear for decades.

America repeats the tragedy of the Great French Revolution values: "Ultimately, this revolution led to a blood bath, preceded with much fanfare and propaganda consisting essentially of the words “Liberté, égalité, fraternité,” ie, freedom, equality, brotherhood. It failed tragically." [62] These values ​​were also failed in American militaristic execution under the fanfare and manipulation of fake media in the rampant imperial aggressions of the US-NATO global militarism.

The UN of harmony and life cannot have a leader the country, even the richest and strongest, which degrades spiritually and agonizes in its perverted values, without promising the world anything but an imminent military collapse. If the US-NATO, with its values ​​of freedom and democracy, unleashes a nuclear, pernicious for all war, this will not be surprising. They go to it and prepare for it during 72 years in the framework and under the cover of their UN war. Who should be blamed humanity in this case, if from him someone remains??? To the like UN the remarkable words of the brilliant French writer are: "To tolerate and ignore the actions that threaten humanity with war does not mean serving to peace" [90]. Therefore, we must act in search of a new, harmonious UN model with the foundation of the harmony values.

An alternative model of global governance in the UNH requires an alternative value system, which retains all the advantages of traditional one but elevates them to the level of a new, scientific understanding and solution of global risks. What is the main drawback of the traditional value system? It is based on the absolutization and priority of one partial, albeit very important value of freedom. We are in no way rejecting its large achievements in the 15-20 centuries. Nevertheless, we cannot fail to see its degradation and degeneration into permissiveness as the main value risk in the 19th and especially in the 20th centuries bordering with the "free" extermination of humankind. The freedom degradation today begins with the freedom of "communism", Nazism, genocide, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, militarism, terrorism, etc. It is evident to almost everyone, almost in everything and is stated by almost all outstanding thinkers and writers of these centuries.

Holistic and universal “harmony, as a value, stands distinct from all the rest at this juncture of history… So, harmony becomes the first priority because the very existence of human kind is threatened by forces of disharmony. … Even if harmony is not the most fundamental or most important value, it is presently to be given a high priority because, without it, the humankind is in danger of being lost. It should further be seen that though Harmony seems to be one single value, yet, in truth, it is the group name or corporate name given to a set of values, for, ‘Harmony’ has love, unity, concord, amicability, sociability, friendliness, spirit of co-existence and reconciliation, proper communication, openness of mind self-control, non-violence, sweetness, tolerance, consensus, etc. as its essential components. Without these values, there cannot be an enduring and holistic harmony. [91]

The priority and integral value character of harmony was emphasized long ago by many thinkers, especially the Indian and Chinese civilizations based on it. No other value, apart from harmony, is able to perform a holistic system mission in relation to other values, because only harmony expresses the eternal and universal source of the life of nature, society and human.

Therefore, harmony is the priority value of every person from birth to death, as well as each society and humanity as a whole, even if they temporarily and ignorantly replace it with partial values ​​of wealth, profit, power, etc. But it becomes available theoretically and for conscious practical embodiment only to the spherons, who consciously create the appropriate science and thinking of harmony.

The partial values ​​cannot preserve their viable potential without harmony, but harmony cannot be complete and viable without them, without their organic unity in it. Spherons consciously unite traditional partial values ​​in harmony, providing a new public consciousness, a new spiritual appearance and a new moral level of humanity.  

On the holistic and system value basis of harmony, which unites all other values ​​and protects them from any perversion, the UN Harmony is built.

1.4. Conclusions of the UN 72-year history for its repair via reorganizationin a harmonious scientific paradigm

The facts of Chossudovsky and Luсas [1; 2] and similar [3-89 and others] provide a sufficient scientific basis for the conclusion that since Hiroshima, more than 72 years continuously, the USA is really leading an undeclared “‘long war’ against humanity” [28] under the wing and cover of their UN, flouting international law. The United States has never done anything fundamental for global peace in 72 years, never initiated it in the UN in any form. The USA excludes global peace from the life of humankind and the UN agenda. Their global and eternal postwar strategy was only their own national security and the "national interests" of world domination, which became the flag and justification for their exceptional militarism, wars and aggressions without end. Only such militarism became the true "exclusiveness" of post-war America, which frightens the whole world for 72 years since Hiroshima. Militarist security of the USA is imposed on all countries, it draws them into the American arms race, forcing all the nations that do not want to become innocent victims of American aggression like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. The USA militaristic security has superseded and suppressed both the consciousness and practice of global peace.

All of the endless array of the facts of US aggressions and interventions, together with NATO allies since 1949 - all of them - neither together nor alone, have been convicted in the UN for 72 years. They are the facts of militaristic indulgence of the UN for the USA. Both clusters of militaristic facts - for the US/NATO and for the UN - are interdependent, but different. Together they constitute the necessary scientific basis, both for theoretical generalizing conclusions and for immediate pragmatic solutions.

The inevitable logical conclusions from clusters of militaristic facts.

1. All 72 years, the UN has been and still remains the UN disharmony/militarism and not peace for all peoples, to which humanity has not approached a single step, but only rapidly approached to a global nuclear war and complete self-destruction.

2. All 72 years, the UN has been and still is a militaristic organization of the USA and its military security, and not an institution of global peace, as it was formally proclaimed by the UN Charter.

Necessary pragmatic solutions based on militaristic facts and their scientific generalization.

1. Either immediately dissolve this UN, like the League of Nations, for its powerlessness before the wars and indulgence for them. Declare the annual period of the International Scientific Competition for the Best Project of the Global Peace Governance: the UN Harmony Project.

2. Or, for the same reason, launch an immediate process of cardinal reform of the UN disharmony to replace it with the UN Harmony, capable of beginning to defend global peace of all peoples, and not security of the world dictator. The UNH project for its discussion, initiation and adoption by peace-loving countries was prepared by international peacemaking organizations in this text on the basis of the "Global Peace Science" [78].

The political will to initiate pragmatic decisions on UN reform.

The most difficult question in any matter, the more global, is the personnel one. Who among the modern peace-loving political leaders would be able to initiate UN reform and unite around themselves and his country the supporters of this reform for its practical implementation and overcoming the inevitable confrontation of US-NATO and their allies? Are there really many truly peace-loving countries and truly peacemaking leaders who can unite to achieve a global peace on a scientific non-violent and anti-militarist basis? The GHA researches on this score and our repeated sounding of different groups of political leaders in the UN, G20 and others in different years [92] do not inspire optimism in us. We came to the sad conclusion that the political leaders for reforming the UN are more likely to wait for the American nuclear WWIII with its usurped right of the first nuclear strike than to warn it with the necessary reform of the UN that it would become the guarantor of its impossibility and remove it from the public consciousness forever.

Of course, everyone knows the world leader who would be able to start implementing UN reform today. He admits "that there is no alternative to the UN" and stands for immediate nuclear disarmament. But he still does not realize what an alternative to the existing disharmonious/militaristic UN can, is and should be. If this alternative is sought by a Swedish billionaire in an international scientific competition [70], then why cannot our promising leader organize such and lead it? Unfortunately, he does not yet have that Einstein "understanding" that "alone ensures the achievement of peace." This is a scientific understanding of harmony. Peacekeepers from harmony can only hope for the progress of this leader consciousness, the awakening of his constructive peacebuilding political will on the basis of a scientific understanding of peace from harmony and not from militarism. But this hope is not unpromising, because in his consciousness the idea of ​​social harmony and a "harmonious future" is growing and developing, as it can be seen from all his speeches, especially from the latter at the Valdai Club. He perfectly expressed here the main trend of the present to the future in the title of his paper: "The World of the Future: Moving Through Conflict to Cooperation" *. [93] (* It is very strange that the Russian term "harmony" is translated into English by the weak in this case and the inadequate term "cooperation.") Paraphrasing Joseph Schumpeter, one can say that "from the creative destruction" of the disharmonious UN "a new order and a new world are born" - the harmonious order of global peace. But harmony requires science, which is not exist until now and which must be created. God grant that all political leaders understand this!

Now in Russia people also are beginning to understand more and more the need for a radical reform of the UN, which turned into "the USA puppet." "Why does Russia need an organization (the United Nations) that works for the United States, which is increasingly degrading ... Perhaps Russia should not wait for a new war so that the new victors (and whether will be they?) will determine the just organization of the world but to propose that this be done peacefully?"[94] But constructive structural ideas for the UN reform are not proposed. Together with their absence, there is also no political will or diplomatic initiative by Russia in this strategic direction.

UN: prospects for the future.

Today, looking at the UN, a legitimate question arises: why the peace-loving countries in the UN should trail behind the ruling militarists? Why from the peace-loving countries in the UN do they not sound global peacebuilding initiatives? For 72 years, they see that the UN was not able to resist any US-NATO aggression. They actually resigned themselves with them as an inevitable fate. Although they are sometimes outraged, they cannot do anything with them. All got used to the fact that the King (UN) is naked! - Powerless to ensure peace and eradicate militarism for 72 years and does not even try to promise it! How long can this continue? Until the new Hiroshima and nuclear WWIII? Meanwhile, the US does not sit idly in the UN, like peace-loving countries. The United States is actively using the UN to discredit the peace-loving countries and their peacekeeping actions by all unworthy means. Only under pressure from the USA, could the UN exclude the global peace from the "Eight Millennium Goals" [95]. The disharmonious/militaristic UN does not promise a global peace even in the third millennium, obviously believing in favor of the USA that this will be the millennium of American militarism. But some leaders like the Prime Minister of India are beginning to understand the need to change the unipolar world order and its UN [96].  

The disharmonious UN has no future and no prospects for it in any case. Ultimately, only conscious harmony of the UNH is capable to improve not only the UN, but every UN member, every state and society, every government and party, every family and every citizen of the planet. Only conscious harmony is able to resist and non-violently overcome all social pathologies, including militarism, nationalism, Nazism, terrorism and any fundamentalism as disharmony. The trend of expanding the conscious harmony [97] covers more and more citizens and sooner or later it will find and put forward worthy young political leaders capable of initiating and boldly leading UN reform. These young leaders of the near future will understand that scientific and harmonious peacefulness of the UNH is the most powerful economic, political and social stroke (but nonviolent, "soft"!) by which to overcome the militarism of the USA and other countries to the extent that corresponds to the scale of their militarism. But this blow is stretched in our project for 50 years, so that it was minimally painful. At the same time, this will be a powerful breakthrough into a harmonious digital economy that will ensure prosperity for all nations; into harmonious democracy ensuring equality and justice for all peoples and productive classes; into harmonious education and way of life and into spiritual culture of harmonious civilization in the XXI century.

Only such a perspective creates and ensures the eradication of militarism, violence and wars from the life of the future of humankind, "shift of the arms race into a peace race" (King [56]). It is presented in detail in the Global Peace Science (2016) by 173 authors from 34 countries in Chapters 8 and 10 [78].

1.5. The American militarism peak is the UN "nuclear club":Zero nuclear ban that guarantees a nuclear world war.

 The USA is the “father-founder” of the UN nuclear club, the instigator and promoter of the nuclear arms race because America was the first to invent and first tested nuclear weapons twice in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, destroying more than 200,000 civilians easily and quickly. The US only usurped the right of a "first, preventive nuclear strike" that, within 72 years of the UN, became a permanent source of the nuclear arms race, turning into a "perpetual motion" for the race of all other weapons of the UN members, which was powerless to transform it into an "eternal engine" of global peace. For 72 years, the deadly right of the "first nuclear strike" in order to protect against it created a "nuclear club" of 9 members in the UN. [98] Five of the strongest of them (USA, Britain, France, China and Russia), the UN elevated to the highest rank of "permanent members of the Security Council" and gave the absolute right of "veto" to all proposals, including peacemaking initiatives. This is a perverted militaristic logic: in the UN the greatest privileges and honor are given to the most powerful militarists, who pose the greatest threat to global peace, primarily to the USA and its allies.

This logic, imposed by the USA, cannot be assessed otherwise than as an "American mockery" over the UN peacemaking mission, to which it is called by its Charter, but which the UN actually neglects. The nuclear club is constantly growing at the expense of countries that are secretly engaged in the development of technology for the manufacture of these weapons, contrary to the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It has not yet been signed by four countries [99]. There are at least 11 countries with military nuclear programs. The extreme danger of nuclear thinking was expressed by Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize laureate: “The thought that we have the right to use nuclear weapons and commit genocide is the most disturbing thing of all.  [Therefore we should] join together for a common vision – the total abolition of Militarism and war.” [100]

American militaristic leadership in the UN has perverted its peacekeeping logic, according to which the only nuclear countries that are the greatest threat to the survival of mankind and to global peace must be deprived of domination in an international peacekeeping organization and the right of veto. But this did not happen in the UN, which, under the influence of powerful nuclear powers, set out in pursuit of the mythical "checks and balances" of nuclear weapons, ensuring its firm endless preservation in the "balance" instead of its destruction. Preservation of nuclear weapons - a constant "powder keg" under the globe without any "counterweights" - excludes the possibility of saving humanity and the planet from a guaranteed military catastrophe - the "Nuclear Winter", which "US leaders reject" [ 101], which constitutes a "crisis for human civilization and the biosphere". [102] This is ignored by the US, still hoping "to win the nuclear war." [48]. The US only exacerbates and destabilizes the situation in the world, undermining the "nuclear deal with Iran" approved by the UN [103]. They also destabilize relations with nuclear North Korea, manifesting themselves as the "true axis of evil": instead of negotiations - blackmail, provocation and threats from the UN rostrum on "total destruction" with the full connivance of the "silent pro-American majority". Where is here the peaceful UN? Who can fill the vacuum of peacekeeping leadership in the UN?

Confrontation and contradictions within the nuclear club are constantly growing, the disastrous result of the dynamics of which is predictable for all sane people, including the majority of UN members, except nuclear powers and their satellites. In July 2017, 122 of them approved the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons, except nuclear powers and their satellites. "The world's nine nuclear-armed powers - the US, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel - all of whom boycotted the UN in July 2017."[105] "All of the countries that bear nuclear arms and many others that either come under their protection or host weapons on their soil boycotted the negotiations." [106]

Where are democracy, justice and equality here, when out of the UN 193 members, the majority - 122 approved the ban on nuclear weapons, but it remains an empty sound for nuclear members and their satellites led by the USA? This fact proves that the UN does not have any hint of democracy, equality and justice, which are suppressed by the US-NATO militaristic dictatorship and their allies. This fact proves that the UN is under the protectorate of a militaristic minority led by the United States, in which hopes for a nuclear ban are empty and groundless, because in the UN 72 years there is no democracy and peacemaking. The nuclear ban is excluded in it because of its militaristic nature. It is possible only in the UN Harmony and global peace provided that there is a world leader who will have the mind, peacefulness and courage to initiate it.

From the nuclear powers leaders, only the president of Russia, who deserved the highest recognition in the world, including the proposals of the Nobel Peace Prize [107; 108], has long offered nuclear disarmament, which he confirmed for the last time at the Valdai Club in late October 2017 [109]. But the US-NATO is resisting nuclear disarmament. Only Putin, having unified all non-nuclear countries and unilaterally, for at least one year, having begun reducing nuclear military spending, is able to launch global nuclear disarmament and UN reform on the peaceful principle of harmony that eradicates its militarism. There is no other start to real nuclear disarmament and UN reform. But can Putin and Russia initiate a historic global reform? And if not they, then who is? Will there be a similar country and a similar leader in the world? These are questions of the nearest history.

Obviously, most likely, they will be leaders from the BRICS and SCO group, which recognise its priority: "To Strengthen International Peace and Security" and "Peace, peaceful life has been and remains the ideal of humanity." [110; 111; 112; 113] This aspiration and appeal are expressed in the GHA Message to BRICS leaders and other peace-loving countries [114]. Here, the peacemaking will of the peaceloving part of global civil society is focused [115; 116; 117] in contrast to its apathetic or militaristic zombie by the fake media part.

Appendix 3: Philosophy and Dialectics of the UN Spherons:Consolidation and Uniting Nations in Deep Structural Harmony

For God in his dispensation of all events, perfects them into a harmony of the whole.[Harmony of the whole perfects and improves all its parts and opposites]Logos/Cosmos: harmony and war of opposites.[Harmony of opposites is in depth and their war, disharmony are on the surface]The hidden harmony is better than the visible. [The hidden harmony of depth is better - wider, more important and stronger than visible harmony of the surface]Much learning does not teach one to have understanding.[Much knowledge of the empirical, disharmonious surface does not teach the deep mind of harmony]Heraclitus of Ephesus, 5th century BC.

The internal harmony of the world is the only true objective reality.Henri Poincare, early 20th century.

The harmony of natural law reveals an Intelligence of superiority.

Albert Einstein, 20th century middle.We approached to the philosophy, dialectics and science of the societal spherons deep structural harmony, which determines conscious harmony of the social surface excluding its wars, militarism and other social pathologies and risks of disharmony.

Leo Semashko, 20th end and 21st beginning.

The GHA project (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769) proposes a cardinal reform and a restructuring of the UN. Reforming the UN is required by the life of modern humanity and is supported by 85% of the population in international polls. Reforming the UN it needs not only in the public opinion support and a scientific project but also in its philosophy, both general and social. It is detailed in the GHA books, especially in “The ABC of Harmony” (2012) and in the “Global Peace Science” (2016). It is summarized in the “Table. Dialectics of the Spherons Harmony.”

Table. Dialectics of the Spherons Harmony

Two levels of social Cosmos: surface and depth

Philosophical and social paired categories expressing the levels of social Cosmos, its extreme characteristics or attributes

The struggle/war of opposites / differences. Partons are the innumerable historically transitory parts of the Spherons: humanity social surface, its disharmony

Parts, phenomenon, surface, many, difference, variable, temporary, random, mobility, immensity, imbalance, disproportion, asymmetry, chaos, external, limitless, finite, etc.War, violence, struggle, hatred, slavery (unfreedom), human rights, lawlessness, inequality, injustice, enmity, violent rivalry, rupture, priority of material wealth, monarchy, "democracy of inverted totalitarianism" (or "totalitarian democracy" of 1% of billionaires) etc.,.. …..

Deep harmony of the Spherons opposites:Social foundation andGenetic code (genome) of humanity

Whole, essence, depth, single, identity, constant, eternal, law, stability, measure, balance, proportion, symmetry, order, internal, limited, infinite, etc.Peace, nonviolence, friendship, love, freedom, human rights, legitimacy, equality, justice, brotherhood, nonviolent competition, unity, priority of children and spirituality, democracy, spheral 100% democracy, etc ....

In this table, we try to summarize almost the entire history of philosophy in its fundamental categories, to which millions of philosophical works are devoted over many thousands of years. Therefore, naturally, our generalization, like any other, cannot pretend to be final and complete. But this does not mean that we cannot make some relative generalizations for specific purposes of justifying individual practical projects.  

Based on this methodology, we can conclude that the UN, like the League of Nations, was created at the surface level of disharmonious militarized nations immersed in the infinity of their historical social, economic, political, cultural, religious and other differences. This is good, because the richness of the differences and diversity ensures the survival and vitality of the peoples in various geographic, spatial, temporal and international conditions. Differences are eternal; they were, are and will increase. But the differences change the sign from positive to negative, when they become more acute and turn into irreconcilable contradictions resolved by this or that power and military methods, which undermine all the foundations of human existence. The more such destructive differences-contradictions become, the stronger the centrifugal forces of mankind, tearing up its unity and cooperation of different countries, the more their cohesion, harmony and its centripetal unifying force is needed.

Today is such a critical period of human history when the risk of a world war of nine nuclear countries/parts/nations of humanity threatens now with destruction for it and for its common planet in 30 seconds proximity to this irreparable disaster. Therefore, the international organization of almost 200 countries, designed to prevent this catastrophe and any of its risk - the UN, should find the unity of nations not in militarism, chaos and disharmony of their centrifugal superficial contradictions, but in harmony, peace, love and brotherhood of their common and constant deep structure of spherons. (Let us recall that spherons are four societal groups of the population, covering it as a whole and engaged in four spheres of social production).

Only this structure constitutes their genetically unified essence, law and wholeness. One experiment with the superficial League of militaristic nations failed with the beginning of the WWII. An even more hard failure is the repetition of similar 72-year experiment with the UN, in which the risk of a new world, nuclear war flared up to the extreme limit of a half-minute affinity. Maybe humanity and its UN should not bring this knowingly failed experiment to the end and wait for the start of a new world war? The failure of this experiment for 72 years is proved by that small set of facts, which is collected in Appendix 1 of this project. It sufficiently motivates the need for the proposed reform of the UN. The sad age-old experience of the UN and the League of Nations to prevent war and ensure a global peace should make it necessary to seek a new, viable and effective way of uniting nations on the basis of social harmony but not militaristic security, ready at any second to explode nuclear catastrophic war.

The peacemaking effectiveness of harmony is confirmed by history long ago, beginning with Numa Pompilius (7 century BC), the second king of Rome, who was able to pacify the militant Roman people and provide it with a peaceful life during 43 years of social harmony. Other similar numerous facts are considered in the GHA mentioned books. This remains an unattainable goal of humankind and its international organizations, primarily the UN, of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The general philosophy and dialectics of harmony was laid by the "founding father" of ancient dialectics - Heraclitus of Ephesus more than 2,5 thousand years ago, whose key ideas of harmony together with their modern transcription are given above as epigraphs. The depth of his philosophy of harmony - the hidden dialectics of the "harmony of opposites" in social reality has not been known so far, except for a few intuitive guesses of geniuses; for example, Poincare and Einstein (see epigraphs). Unfortunately, for 2.5 thousand years after Heraclitus, human knowledge could not penetrate into the structure of the social "harmony of opposites", which contains the genetic code of humanity or the social genome of the human race and its global eternal peace.

Today humanity knows harmony no better and no more than Heraclitus 2,500 years ago, and in something less and worse than he because of the domination of violent ideologies and superficial one-dimensional disharmonious philosophies of the last two centuries. This is the result of disharmony in the development of the "two cultures", which Charles Snow already noted in the middle of the last century. In this disharmony, the rapid development of technocratic and military knowledge, supported by violent ideologies and excessive military budgets of national militaristic states, suppressed and practically stopped the development of social knowledge and the humanities that found themselves in a deep more than two-century stagnation and depression. The disharmony of two cultures can only lead to one result - to the military self-destruction of humankind, to which the priority of its military-technical culture was brought closer to maximum, for 30 seconds. The only way out is in the revolutionary Copernican shift to a deep structural knowledge of social harmony, the beginning of which Heraclitus laid. It is necessary, but not enough. It was continued only in the pluralistic spheral harmonious philosophy and sociology of the late 20th and early 21st century on the basis of the discovery of spherons, which became the main scientific hypothesis of social cognition today. But we will back to Heraclitus.

The main shortcoming and weakness of the philosophy of harmony with Heraclitus to the present day, as well as the practice of its application as a tool of reconciliation, lies in the absence of scientific structuring of social harmony, which has become the epistemological cause of the stagnation of social cognition. Passing through all the numerous attempts, we can say that the conscious scientific (sociocybernetic and tetrasociological) structuring of social harmony began in 1976 in a small youth club "Demiurge" in which about 30 members were divided into four equal spheral "micro-groups" reflecting the deep societal harmonious structure of Spherons (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=305). The UN should unite nations not in their superficial and eternal dividing militarism of any nature and degree, but in their one and common denominator of a deep harmonious structure of spherons. This constant production structure ensures the life of every nation always, everywhere and without exception, therefore it must become the foundation for UN peace and harmony. Only such a UN is able to overcome the national militarism of all sorts and degrees and save humanity and the planet from a nuclear catastrophe.

On this basis, the "Axiom and the Structural Law of the UN of Harmony" is formulated, which constitutes its philosophical and scientific foundation: "The consolidation of nations in the UN Harmony is carried out on the basis of their deep harmonious structure of spherons, one and constant for all nations, excluding wars, militarism and violence between them. On the basis of a unified structure of national spherons, the UN spheral structure is formed with equal representation of the spherons of each nation in it (including gender equality), ensuring the harmony of the UN and the exclusion of any militarism from it." On this axiom, the UN harmony structural project, proposed here, was built. The war of nations and opposites is always on the visible surface, and their harmony is deeply hidden in the spherons natural structure that unites them. Wars will not cease until nations know their common structural spherons of harmony in order to follow and obey to their laws of peacefulness.

The UN Harmony should unite the nations in this structure in order to assist them in its cognition and share its awareness into joint building global peace, for the liberation of humankind from the debris and slavery of historical militarism, trampling and ignoring the first exclusive human right to life, which is not recognized by the modern UN. The global peace will be included in the UN Harmony Millennium Goals, of which it was excluded by the modern UN. This is the exclusive purpose and priority mission of the United Nations of Harmony: to help nations to free themselves from wars and militarism through scientific cognition, use and conscious implementation of the structural harmony of spherons. Now, no one is helping nations in this, so they often prefer war instead of peace, constantly preparing for it in a continuous and endless arms race instead of building a global peace. Effective for a global peace, the UN can be created only at the deep harmonious level of the national spherons, which (and those, and others) should be equally represented in the UN Harmony. Only the conscious scientific structural harmony of the spherons at the national and global levels is capable "to shift of the arms race into a peace race," as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of.

This is the significance of our UN Harmony project in its constructive part. His motivating part is presented in "Appendix 2. Facts. Motivation" in the composition of this project.

Appendix 4: Declaration - Human Right to Life, Global Peace and Social Harmony 

(The original version)


1. Declaration of Human Right to Life, Global Peace and Social Harmony - hereinafter abbreviated as DHRL is the continuation, deepening and development of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (1948), hereinafter abbreviated to UDHR, one right - right to life, which is mentioned only once (Article 3 of the UDHR), without justification of its role, without its definition, decoding and detailing and without its maintenance. All this is filled in this Declaration. The concept of "freedom" in different combinations and linguistic forms is used in the UDHR 33 times, and the concept of "right to life" is used only once in Article 3, although without life freedom does not exist.

2. Recognition of a human's life - the fundamental existential attribute of a person, which determines his/her first natural-biological right to life, as well as the existence of the human race - is the basis of all human rights as they do not exist outside of a person's life. Therefore, the right to life is the foundation of the Constitutions of almost all countries of the world.

3. Neglect of human life led to hundreds of millions of acts of his murder only in the last century, the most massive of which are committed during world wars and other armed actions of the different states and also various terrorist and bandit groups.

4. The human right to life must be fully protected by the rule of law, so that people are not forced to resort, as a last means, to an uprising against lawlessness or powerlessness of power to ensure the human right to life, primarily from threats of military genocide and terror.

5. The human right to life in its fully safety is ensured by global peace, unity and brotherhood, which are consciously built by the world’s peoples together from the most profound, genetic structure of social harmony of the spherons in humanity, in each nation and each settlement. They cover all population as a whole, without any exception at all levels.  

6. The human right to live in its fully security can only be guaranteed by the global peace of all nations from the deep conscious harmony of the spherons, which frees people from any weapons, militarism and wars and prevents any conflict by spherons consensus, consent or compromise through the mechanisms of spheral democracy with the built-in institution of harmonious opposition of the spherons, with equal representation in it of men and women who, as parents legislatively provide the children's suffrage, which makes the spheral democracy by 100% representative democracy. The children's suffrage exercised by parents is a necessary political and legal condition for ensuring the right to life from birth and childhood.

7. The lack of human right to life frees any mass military assassination of people from any responsibility and actually reduces the value of human life and human resource to zero. It opens an unhindered path for the prosperity of wars, the arms race and militarism, which are still thriving in human history. Only the recognition of right to life, supported by the recognition of any war, apart from the war on terror, the crime against humanity and genocide, can put an end to the militaristic inhuman history. But this requires the UN Harmony, because the previous pacifist international organizations were powerless to do anything in this direction for almost two centuries.

8. Taking into account the key importance of human right to life among all its rights/freedoms and for the existence of each nation and all of humanity, the UNH General Assembly proclaims this Declaration of human right to life, global peace and social harmony as a task that are for all peoples and all states so that every person and every institution of society, constantly keeping in mind this Declaration, aspires through education and enlightenment to promote respect for the human right to life as a foundation of all his rights and freedoms, and strict execution in all national and international actions of states - members of the UNH and others.

Article 1

All human beings are born for life, therefore the human right to life is the first natural-biological and continuous human right from birth to death, constituting the fundamental base of all of its rights, its dignity, freedom and equality with similar human beings endowed with reason and conscience for life behavior in the spirit of peace, harmony and brotherhood.

Article 2

The human right to life, given by God and nature, does not know the difference in any natural or artificial features, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, class or other provision. Furthermore, no distinction should be made on the basis of the political, legal or international status of the country or territory, to which a person belongs, regardless of whether this territory is independent, trust, non-self-governing, or otherwise limited in its sovereignty.

Article 3

Everyone human being has the right to life, which is directly related to his/her and is expressed in his/her personal safety and personal immunity, determined by the whole systemic set of national and international existential conditions.

Article 4

Architecture and context of natural-biological human right to life are not only broader than other human rights but also deeper, encompassing the entire natural, ecological human habitat, the unfavorable conditions of which can be deadly to the individual. Therefore, the social and legal care of humanity and every society about the life of each person should be more universal, scientifically fundamental and humanisticly exhaustive.

Article 5

The scientific fundamentalism of the human right to life in the biosphere is determined by the Umberto Maturana’s discovery of the general nature of all living beings, including human, in "autopoiesis" (self-production) from birth to death. Human life is his/her autopoiesis in four spheres of social production, which ensure the life of human and society with four necessary and sufficient resources: people, information, organization and things (all material goods and services).

Article 6

Human right to life is provided only by the harmony of all natural and social conditions of life, because any of their disharmonies directly and indirectly and in time dynamics lead to death and to the murder of a person. Harmony is the life of human, his/her noosphere / humanity and disharmony is their death. Intuitively, this discovery was made by mankind a long time ago, but Henri Poincaré first expressed it scientifically: "The inner harmony of the world is the only true objective reality," because only this reality survives, and human and his/her noosphere along with it, if he/she is in harmony with it, inside it and not outside it for their own free or involuntary disharmony.

Article 7

The third fundamental scientific discovery that reveals the human right to life is the participation of each person in social solidarity autopoiesis with other people in a deep harmonious structure of four spherons engaged in the production of four necessary and sufficient resources for the life of each person and each society. The stochastic, probabilistic transition of each individual from one network spheron to another during his/her life from birth to death and every day is investigated by the sociocybernetic science of the infinite system of direct and inverse connections of spherons that always strive for balance, equilibrium and harmony as a condition for their survival along with all individuals included in them. Outside the spherons harmony their production activity of the necessary resources is impossible, i.e. autopoiesis of every individual and every society, regardless of place and time.

Article 8

Human right to life is identical with the human right to global peace and social harmony that constitute the universal, integral and fundamental conditions of human life on the planet. Human life in a global society is ensured by the social harmony of humanity spherons, from which their global peace flows and arrives. Therefore, the human right to life is inseparable and identical with his/her right to a global peace and social harmony.

Article 9

On the background of three fundamental discoveries of key human life conditions that determine the structure of his/her natural right to life, its most dangerous disharmonies are revealed as its massive and persistent threats. They include environmental and climate disharmonies and threats to human life, the overcoming of which is possible only through the consciously harmonious attitude of the noosphere/humanity to the biosphere and all nature as a whole. That, in turn, is possible only through the formation of a conscious harmony of spherons and all their parts - nations, classes, cultures, religions, etc. within the noosphere.

Article 10

The inner harmony of the noosphere/humanity faces a number of persistent and even growing disharmonies in the form of such challenges and risks as continuous and increasingly bloody and dangerous wars, arms race, militarism, terrorism, growing inequality and poverty, uncontrolled population growth, deepening crisis of traditional democracy, the growing stagnation and lag in the social sciences, a moral crisis, etc.

Article 11

The UN Harmony (presented in a special project), based on the fundamental scientific discoveries that determine human right to life, recognizes all wars apart from a war on terror, as well as related militarism and arms race, as a crime against humanity and genocide, since every war is a deliberate and intended mass murder of people, regardless of the causes and conditions that motivate it. All wars must be criminalized and recognized as a crime in the same way as the crime is recognizing the murder of an individual in each state.

Article 12

The UN Harmony only legitimate war recognizes the war on terrorism, which should not be imposed on individual countries but on joint UNH forces, designed to counter and suppress any armed violence, especially terrorism. Terrorism is individuals or any groups that recognize only armed violence and murder in order to achieve their own goals. Any illegal armed groups for any criminal purpose - robbery, banditry, seizure of power, violence against any groups of people or an individual, etc. equated and united in terms of "terrorism", "terror" and "terrorist group/individual". Only an international organized war on terror is legitimate for the sake of human rights for life.

Article 13

The independent, conscious and deliberate refusal of the individual from the right to his own life - euthanasia - is regulated by national legislation in accordance with the norms of his culture and traditions. Outside of them, as suicide, it is recognized as an unworthy act that tramples the dignity of a human.

Article 14

The right to life excludes the death penalty in all its forms and allows us to recognize only life imprisonment the highest penalty.

Article 15

Human right to life is recognized by the UNH as the primary, fundamental and most powerful right not only for societies and states, but for every individual, imposing on his/her the duty to keep and preserve own life not only as a higher social value, but also as a higher individual value and vice-versa. The individual is obliged to observe all the fundamental both natural and social requirements of life, to take care of his/her health and harmonious all-round filling and development of his/her life, using for this purpose all the necessary spiritual, material, political, educational and natural conditions and qualities of the own character.

Article 16

1. In exercising own right to life, each person shall be subject only to such restrictions as are established by law solely for the purpose of ensuring due recognition and respect for right to life of others and for the satisfaction of the just requirements of morality, public order and general welfare in a democratic society.

2. The exercise of right to life should in no way be contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations of Harmony.

Article 17

Nothing in this Declaration can be interpreted as giving any state, group of persons or individuals the right to engage in any activity or to perform acts and abuse aimed at the destruction of human right to life, set out in this Declaration.

(This draft was drawn up by Dr. Leo Semashko on 12-12-17 for further discussion, correction and approval by the GHA)

Appendix 5: The UN Harmony Goals of the 21st Century instead of the UN Disharmony "Millennium Goals"  

In 2000, the UN approved the UN Millennium Declaration [194], where it solemnly proclaimed seven "key objectives" of the third millennium, which the UN "assigns special significance". They are presented in the following table in two languages.

Table 1. The "Millennium Goals" of the traditional UN



II. Peace, security and disarmament

II. Мир, безопасность и разоружение

III. Development and poverty eradication

III. Развитие и искоренение нищеты

IV. Protecting our common environment

IV. Охрана нашей общей окружающей среды

V. Human rights, democracy and good governance

V. Права человека, демократия и благое управление

VI. Protecting the vulnerable

VI. Защита уязвимых

VII. Meeting the special needs of Africa

VII. Удовлетворение особых потребностей Африки

VIII. Strengthening the United Nations

VIII. Укрепление Организации Объединенных Наций

The UN stressed that its members bear a "collective responsibility" for the fulfillment of these goals. But the means to achieve them were reduced, as a rule, to common promises and appeals. For example, the achievement of the goals of "peace, security and disarmament" was limited to the following: "We will spare no effort to free our peoples from the scourge of war, whether within or between States, which has claimed more than 5 million lives in the past decade. We will also seek to eliminate the dangers posed by weapons of mass destruction." This means that the UN does not plan to exclude the wars in the next millennium; it preserves them and plans only “to free our peoples from the scourge of war"! Only!

To this was added a small list of very narrow measures: "respect for the rule of law", implement "the decisions of the International Court of Justice", "to make the United Nations more effective in maintaining peace and security by giving it the resources and tools it needs for conflict prevention, peaceful resolution of disputes, peacekeeping, post-conflict peace-building and reconstruction." "To strengthen cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations,","to ensure the implementation, by States Parties, of treaties in areas such as arms control and disarmament","to take concerted action against international terrorism", "to intensify our efforts to fight transnational crime in all its dimensions "," strive for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons," "to strive for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons ", “to call on all States to consider acceding to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-personnel Mines”, "we urge Member States to observe the Olympic Truce". We can name also dozens of similar partial measures completely powerless to eradicate wars and ensure a global peace.

At the end of the Declaration, it is again declared "We solemnly reaffirm, on this historic occasion, that the United Nations is the indispensable common house of the entire human family, through which we will seek to realize our universal aspirations for peace, cooperation and development. We therefore pledge our unstinting support for these common objectives and our determination to achieve them." It seems that the UN recognizes its "solemn statements and pledges" as the most effective means of achieving peace, which in reality it and its members have never fulfilled in 72 years.

We think that in the world there is not a single sensible person who believes that such "solemn promises" and similar half-measures as the "Olympic Truce", the banning of anti-personnel mines and drugs, the fight against terrorism, respect for the rule of law and the International court, and dozens of appeals to "strengthen," "ensure," "intensify" can achieve the goal of "peace, security and disarmament." Because none of the promises for 72 years has been fulfilled and instead of approaching to peace we see a rapid approach to a new world war. It is ridiculous and foolish to believe this, because all this has nothing to do with the reverse reality of the globalization of wars, genocide, militarism, the arms race, the growth of military budgets, the invention of new types of mass destruction, and the like. The UN, which accepts such Declarations, lives in a different, fantastic world, completely inadequate to reality.

The tragedy of this Declaration for humankind lies in the fact that among its countless "solemn promises" there is no promise of global peace in the future. To us are promised only "to free from the scourge (sorrows - L.S.) of war", obviously, assuming it (war) in the endless future! The traditional UN does not promise a global peace even in the third millennium! The global peace goal is excluded from the Declaration for the next thousand years! It lacks a scientific definition of its essence, as well as a necessary and sufficient system of means to achieve it. It is limited to purely pacifist, unsystematic and superficial means, unable to provide peace and bring humanity closer to it, that it sees 72 years of the UN existence. Similar Declaration rather serves the interests of growing militarism than the peace-loving expectations of humanity. It testifies the limitations and impotence of traditional pacifist thinking, which, contrary to Einstein, tries to solve problems at the same level of thinking that created them. No one intellectual or theoretical innovation in this Declaration is present.  

But these "Millennium Goals" lasted only 15 years in the UN itself, because in 2015 it adopted another Declaration: "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" with its "17 Sustainable Development Goals", which, in fact, crossed out the "Millennium Goals" although the Agenda was declared they "are broader in scope and go further". [238] Among the "Millennium Goals" there is no "sustainable development" and among its purposes there is no separate special goal of a global peace, which in fact is absent and among the "millennium goals" as we have seen above. Both UN Declarations, at a distance of 15 years from each other, testify to the insignificant nature, in content and form, of the UN superficial pacifist thinking, which created all global problems in its 72 years of existence. At this superficial level of thinking there is no understanding of the deep identity and continuity of sustainable development and global peace that are divided in the UN documents. Their pacifist weakness and incapacity have served the whole of the last century and up to the present day the screen for prosperity to the most ferocious militarism of the US-NATO.

The UN poor level of traditional thinking can be overcome only at a new, deeper level of spheral thinking, which is represented in this UN Harmony project. If the traditional UN for 72 years of existence was unable to promise global peace and sustainable development, even in the new millennium, the UN Harmony guarantees their joint, inseparable achievement and ensuring during 50 years. It preserves some of the most important partial goals of the traditional UN and subordinates them to the goals of global peace, social harmony, sustainable development and the human right to life as the defining right for them. Therefore, these goals of the UN Harmony will be goals not of a vague millennium, but of a modern, 21st century, within which it guarantees the achievement and maintenance of both a global peace and sustainable development within a 50-year period of complete and universal disarmament. All these goals are goals of a single social harmony of the spherons.

Based on the "UN Harmony Agenda" in this project, we formulate the "Goals of the 21st Century" within the spheres/spherons’ thinking in the following table:

Table-2. The goals of the 21 st century of UN harmony and global peace.

Цели гармонии 21 века

Harmony goals for the 21st century

1.В течение 50 лет глобальный мир и устойчивое развитие в природе из сознательной социальной гармонии и равноправного партнерства сферонов на всех уровнях, начиная с ООН на основе «Науки глобального мира» (НГМ) [78] что обеспечит человечеству переход в гармоничную цивилизацию в конце 21 века

1. During 50 years are: global peace and sustainable development in nature from conscious social harmony and equal partnership of spherons at all levels, starting with the UN on the basis of "Global Peace Science" (GPS) [78] that will provide humanity with the transition to a harmonious civilization to the late 21st century

2.Развитие НГМ и всего комплекса социальных наук через исследование сферонов человечества, каждой страны и каждой ее части вплоть до семьи и индивида [190]

2. Development of GPS and the whole complex of social sciences through the study of humanity spherons, in each country and every part of it, up to the family and the individual [190]

3.Развитие глобальной духовной культуры гармоничного мира и гармоничной цивилизации на основе глобального гармоничного образования высшего качества с детства, семьи и школы и обеспечение соответствующей достойной работы

3. Development of global spiritual culture of harmonious peace and harmonious civilization on the basis of global harmonious education of the highest quality from childhood, family and school and ensuring appropriate decent work

4. Обеспечение полного разоружения и безопасности в течение 50 лет путем ежегодного всеобщего сокращения военных бюджетов на 2% с приоритетом ядерного разоружения в 10 лет

4. Ensuring complete disarmament and security for 50 years through an annual general reduction of military budgets by 2% with the priority of nuclear disarmament in 10 years

5. В рамках устойчивого мирного развития общая охрана окружающей среды; обеспечение доступной и чистой энергией; экологичные города, поселения, производство и потребление; сохранение климата и биосферы  

5. Within the framework of sustainable peaceful development, overall environmental protection; providing affordable and clean energy; ecological cities, settlements, production and consumption; conservation of climate and biosphere

6. Полное искоренение голода и нищеты путем установления материальной, ресурсной ответственности богатейших слоев за беднейшие слои в границах их гармонии

6. Complete eradication of hunger and poverty by establishing the material, resource responsibility of the richest strata for the poorest layers within their harmony

7. Обеспечение хорошего здоровья, жилища, санитарии, чистой воды, воздуха и благосостояния для всех слоев

7. Ensuring good health, home, sanitation, clean water, air and well-being for all strata

8. Гендерное равенство, приоритет детей, снижение других неравенств путем учреждения сферной 100% демократии как глобального гармоничного управления, начиная с ООН, с равным распределением власти между сферонами; с механизмом внутренней гармоничной оппозиции и эффективной политической системы; с сильными и справедливыми институтами, свободными от милитаризма, коррупции и национализма; с обеспечением всех прав и свобод человека на основе приоритетного права человека на жизнь   

8. Gender equality, children's priority, reduction of other inequalities by establishing spheral 100% democracy as global harmonious governance, starting with the UN, with equal distribution of power between the spherons; with the mechanism of internal harmonious opposition and an effective political system; with strong and just institutions free from militarism, corruption and nationalism; with the provision of all human rights and freedoms on the basis of the priority human right to life

9. Гармоничный рост экономики, индустрии, инфраструктуры, технических инноваций с приоритетом гуманитарных инноваций на основе гармоничного социального знания

9. Harmonious growth of the economy, industry, infrastructure, technical innovations with the priority of humanitarian innovations based on harmonious social knowledge

10. Гармоничное развитие ООН путем ее качественного, структурного реформирования в ООН Гармонии и Глобального Мира на основе НГМ, как предложено в данном проекте. Эта реформа – единственный способ усилить и уберечь ООН от печальной участи Лиги Наций, к которой она стремительно приближается вместе с крайним ростом вероятности новой мировой войны.

10. Harmonious development of the UТ through its qualitative, structural reform in the UN Harmony and the Global Peace on the basis of GPS, as proposed in this project. This reform is the only way to strengthen and protect the UN from the sad fate of the League of Nations, to which it is rapidly approaching, together with the extreme increase of the likelihood for a new world war.

These 10 UN goals of 21st century harmony include all the goals of both UN Declarations, but transform them, reinterpreting them in the new sociocybernetic paradigm of spheres and spherons at a new level of tetranet thinking [165]. Deep scientific thinking of spheres and spherons overcomes / resolves all global problems, challenges and risks generated by traditional surface thinking. The first, the main and holistic goal, including all the other goals is the achievement of a global peace during 50 years on the basis of GPS and UN Harmony as proposed in the GHA project. In the first comparison, the undoubted effectiveness of deep goals and means of UN harmony in relation to the unsystematic, unscientific and superficial, essentially empty and devoid of any effectiveness of the traditional UN disharmony goals becomes clear.  

(This draft was drawn up by Dr. Leo Semashko on 14-12-17 for further discussion, correction and approval by the GHA)

For more details, see here: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769

Appendix 6: Spherons of the USA and Russia: transformation of "enemies" into friends and partners. How can an enemy be a partner?

The USA has long regarded Russia as an "enemy" (like many other countries in the world [38a]) and is constantly preparing for war with it [15; etc.]. Taking into account the period of the USSR, this lasts a century. On the contrary, Putin on behalf of Russia constantly names the US "partners" and is preparing not only to repel possible American aggression, but also to broader peaceful cooperation. Why such mutually exclusive assessments? Do they have a common denominator?

We, thinking representatives of both sides, who recognize only one, perspective of peaceful cooperation, with all our differences tried to answer questions about "enemies, partners, their war or peaceful cooperation." We will have to touch history, philosophy, science and politics a little, and we start with Einstein's simple genius thought: "The significant problems that we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." At what level of thinking did the hostile confrontation between the US and Russia arise?

It arose at the level of superficial ideological thinking of the USA ruling elite, defending the imperial domination and superiority of America in the world order, which it creates under its global leadership. What is in its end? The USA is constantly and continuously waging wars with all countries and peoples that somehow encroached to dispute or oppose the American dictate. As a result, "US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII " [2]. Among the "enemies" of varying degrees in the past two decades, the United States is recorded today by more than 10 countries, with a total of almost a third of humanity [38a]. Russia is surrounded along the entire perimeter of land borders by US military bases: Western Europe, Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea. The US is planning a third world war, considering its different scenarios with different victims [1; 18[. Some of these scenarios were approved by the "insane Congress" [15]. As a result, the US is mired in the "globalization of war" for a century, and "The US government is the main supplier of violence in the world" as wrote Martin Luther King Jr.[56]

What is Russia in the past century? As the USSR foundation, as a result of communist ideological terror, it lost tens of millions. After the collapse of the USSR, especially in the era of President Putin since 2000, Russia has embarked on an independent development beyond the American dictatorship and the necessary build-up of military capabilities necessary to repulse. As a result of an independent policy, Russia has become an "enemy #1" for the American ruling elite. Putin repeated a thousand times that Russia was not going to attack anyone, but would give an adequate response to any aggressor. Therefore, Russia is focused primarily on cooperation and is ready to partner with any country, including the United States, despite all its hostility. Therefore, he always names the US "partners" of Russia.

The different geopolitical approaches of the US and Russia and the reciprocal contrasting definitions of "enemy" / "partner" are not accidental, not political terminology or petty cunning but intuitive expression of different levels of thinking. One of them is immersed in the surface layer of the apparent contradictions of the irremovable ruling elite (under the propaganda tinsel of the pseudo-democratic signboard of the replacement puppet presidents), who cares not about the life of the nation, but only about its world domination. Another of them takes into account visible threats, prepares for their active military repulse, but is not limited to the militaristic surface, but rests on the life foundation of universal peace and harmonious cooperation, Putin: "Peace, peaceful life were and remain the ideal of humanity", and his way to it he sees thus: "The world of the future: through a clash to harmony" [93,111].

Putin's intuition is deeper than the traditional superficial militaristic thinking of the US ruling elite, its military (Pentagon)-industrial and media-congressional complex [53]. The depth of Putin's thinking lies in his ability to feel behind the clashes of interests the fundamental harmonious foundations of the peaceful life of all nations without exception, including the United States and Russia. About these levels of reality, Heraclitus reflected more than 2.5 thousand years ago, speaking of "harmony and war of opposites", where war is surface and appearance, and harmony is depth and hidden. (Please, see Appendix 3: "Philosophy and Dialectics of the UN Spherons")

Unfortunately, the scientific understanding of structural harmony remains unknown until now. The first scientific approximation to this structure was carried out in the GHA, in its statistical studies of the spherons presented in the "Global Peace Science" [78].Only a scientific understanding of the harmonious structure of spherons as the genetic code of each country and the genome of humankind as a whole raises the mindset to that new level where the solution of the global problems of humankind opens, first and foremost the problem of achieving global peace that is revealed in details in the GHA named book. At this level, the "partnership of enemies" - cooperation between the US and Russia - becomes clear. At this level, the fundamental reform of the UN, which calls for the unification of nations not on a disharmonious militaristic surface, but at the level of their deep structural harmony of the spherons, becomes understandable at this level. At this level, the structure and essence of the fundamental law of the United Nations - the "Earth Constitution" as the Constitution of harmonious spherons of humanity, which constitute the common denominator of all nations, becomes understandable at this level.

If "peace is achieved not in war but in understanding," as Einstein wrote, an historic summit of the USA and Russia is needed to understand the new scientific level of thinking that has reached the level of knowledge of the deep structural harmony of the spherons, as the basis for peaceful life and cooperation of all countries of the world, including the US and Russia. The USA and Russia Summit (maybe with the invitation of China, India and the European Union) on this topic, ccoul be called "Global Summit of Peace, New Thinking and Harmonious Cooperation", or otherwise, keeping the main thing in the title: transition to a new level of thinking that provides deep, fundamental vital interests of the US and Russia, like all other countries, harmonious cooperation without wars, violence, sanctions, threats, militarism and superiority. Only then the US and Russia will be able to fulfill the great testament of Martin Luther King: "shift the arms race into a peace race."

The first shift that is required for this is a shift of the USA surface militaristic thinking, on which they think of themselves and Russia (and others) as "enemies", to a deep harmonious thinking of the spherons, in which all nations are friends. Russia and Putin are at this deep level, intuitively sensing the spherons in the long historical perspective of Orthodox sobornost, consent and peace. Without it, the shift in thinking from the traditional surface and militaristic level to a deep harmonious and peace-loving level, it is impossible to transform the military confrontation into peaceful, harmonious cooperation. Only in this case, the enemies can become partners, or, as Christ said, "the enemies will become friends."

(This article was written by Dr. Leo Semashko on 30-11-17 for its further discussion, adjustment and approval in the GHA).

Appendix 7: Aphorisms and statements about harmony and peace of different thinkers for the UNH:

Indian Vedas‘Let all men live in peace and harmony’, and ‘Let all people be happy in life’.

This knowledge enables us to live in harmony with all beings and our environment.

They had harmony of the mind, heart and hand in a way that was beneficial to the society as a whole.

BuddhaHarmony comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Happiness comes from harmony, not money or fame.

Confucius70 years is understanding of the harmony of the universe.A noble husband strives for harmony and consent with others and with himself.

Pythagoras(Pythagoras discovered the laws of harmony and harmonic relations between sounds).Measure is in all things. Measure is in all respect.

Consider sacred numbers, weight and measure, / Here are the children of equality of grace. It is the greatest of the blessings that are given to us. / Know, the numbers are the gods on earth.Where there is a weapon, there are no wise there laws. Do not avoid there and the war and the grief of mountains. What is Wisdom? The first principle of it is in harmony of mind. Only approaching a harmonious sound, we comprehend secrets hidden in silence. That in Tetraktida, being, is known. It is Harmony, in which the forces of the world. From death, that soul will be saved, that in love, / In harmony friendly, in harmony of the family.

Hierocles of Alexandria (V century AD, commentator of Pythagoras):

The basis of everything is a measure. Chetveritsa, an inexhaustible life source.Chetveritsa is a well of the eternal world order, it is the same as the god-creator.

Plutarch, about Numa Pompilius, the second Roman king (7th century BC):

He (Numa) divided the whole (Roman) people into several parts / classes by employment (by professional shops) in order to make a difference between citizens of the other kind, to destroy the first, the main reason for disagreement between (the two enmity parts / tribes of the Roman people) ... that brought harmony and unanimity (into the militant Roman people, providing its with 43 years of peaceful life, eliminating any wars and insurrections).

HeraclitusCosmos is harmony and war of opposites.

The hidden harmony is better than the visible.

Plato(Teachings on the harmony of the four spheres and elements Plato expounds in "Timaeus.")Cosmos is a living being, the harmony of four elements: fire, water, air and earth.The body of the sky was born visible, and the soul - invisible, participial to harmony ...The soul harmony the Muse was bestowed upon every sensible admirer ...All things were a state of complete disorder, and only God brought each of them to harmony ... the God first arranged all this, and then composed from this our Universe - a single living being ...All good, no doubt is beautiful and beautiful is proportionate (harmonious) ....Of all the types of purification and strengthening of the body, gymnastics is most preferable.The thoughtful discretion of the world's harmonies and revolutions...  

AristotleHarmony is a combination of opposites.

Zoroaster/ ZarathustraAbsolute Goodness is harmony of the World, absolute Evil - destruction ...

Zarathustra preached harmony of three levels of order ...

Leonardo da VinciA creative person must first of all know the mathematics, be able to master it, in order to comprehend harmony, because it rests on proportion, measure and number, serving as the fundamental principle of order in the world.

KeplerHarmonices Mundi. Harmony of the World

KantNatural harmony among men is the guarantee of perpetual peace,

PoincareThe internal harmony of the world is the only true objective realityThere is peace at the heart of the din, concord in babel.

DostoevskyRussia …is all world, … of great general harmony, fraternal final consent.

TolstoyIn the hands of war is billions of money, millions of obedient troops and in our hands is only one, but the mightiest tool in the world — the truth.

Having been born, a person represents a primordial harmony of truth, beauty and goodness.

Alexander BogdanovPhilosophy changes its tasks, changes itself, as soon as it forgets that in the living experience lays its material and its starting point, that the harmonization of life is its unchanging goal.

RoerichHumankind, although slowly, is moving towards harmony. ... Such far-off concepts as love, good, perfection, that is, all satellites of harmony? Harmony is often not understood. But harmony is not an abstract chant. Harmony, harmonization of centers is the identification of activity in all its power ...

GandhiNon-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

EinsteinHarmony of natural law reveals an intelligence of such superiority ...

We have to admire in humility the beautiful harmony of the structure of this world.

Gordon Pask: Evil is that which restricts the right of actors to interact.

Gregory Bateson: The only way out is spiritual, intellectual, and emotional revolution in which, finally, we learn to experience first hand the interloping connections between person and person, organism and organism, action and consequence.

George H. Mead: Warfare is an utterly stupid method of settling differences of interest between different nations.

"Imitation". Konstantin Kushner:-Worldwide Spherons:Winged words are a peaceful alternative to winged missiles.Winged words know no boundaries and fly further winged missiles.

"Imitation". Leo Semashko’s aphorisms and statements about harmony, life and death:

- Harmony is life, disharmony is death, war, struggle.-Harmony gives birth to life, and disharmony is violence and death.

-You can live only with harmony, but not with war, with which you can only die.

-Spherons are the heart of the social harmony of social production.

-If you cannot, or do not know how, or do not want to live in any ideology by harmony, then you have only one thing, to live in struggle, violence and war of all with all, to die ingloriously and without a trace. These are terrorists and other rapists.

-Violence, by its primitivity, quickly finds leaders; but harmony, by its complexity, finds them for a long time, hard and little.-Violence is too tempting with its simplicity and apparent efficiency.

-Total violence, as absolute disharmony, is ruthless to life, depriving it of every place and displacing it by death.

-Anyone who is not able to live harmoniously, intuitively or consciously, is doomed to death.- Marxism-Leninism is a "dead dog" of its own class struggle violence, devoid of harmony.

-Marxist violence, like any other, was superfluous for life.-Studying harmony almost all my life, at the end of it I can say, following Socrates: "I know that I do not know anything in world harmony."

-People live in harmony by intuition, remaining ignorant in it, consciously venturing into all minor disharmonies.

-Violence is permissible in harmony in the only case to protect life from violence.- Aphorism is a compressed harmony of words for peaceful mutual understanding.- People come in and out into different network spherons of harmony many times a day and master it in different spheres and in their different networks.

-Production is possible only in the harmony of spherons, between which parts there can be temporary disharmony and violence, paralyzing the corresponding part of the production.

-Violence needs arms and legs, and for harmony the main thing is mind.- Health is the harmony of everything, always, in everything that does not harm life.

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