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Spherons’ Sociocybernetic MegaScience : Global Breakthrough of Business and Governance to Genetic Structural Harmony of Social Production and Universal Peace – Gene Therapy of Pathological Societies

Prof Leo Semashko

Fundamental scientific pillars to innovate
sociocybernetics, sociology, economics, statistics and other social sciences.
Intellectual summary of the GHA 13th anniversary

World “is waiting for new scientific solutions that will change the quality of people’s lives … the creation of internationally competitive products and breakthrough technologies.”

Vladimir Putin, February 8, 2018

 "The overall overriding goal of all Russians is to achieve a powerful leap in the development of the country in accordance with the priority world trends ... from the point of view of the quality of people’s life… We need to eliminate everything that hinders this movement, no matter how much we want to cling to something there that seems dear and close to us. All that prevents to go forward, must be cleaned, discarded ."

Vladimir Putin, January 30, 2018

 Ideologies hinder science and movement. They must be "cleaned, discarded" and replaced by scientific sociocybernetic integral knowledge.

I. The Sociocybernetic ABC for Policy, Business and Management of Structural Harmony

The life of any society in history requires four necessary and together sufficient static spheral clusters/elements of conditions (s/clusters or s/elements):

  1. Four resources/capitals: People, Information, Organization, Things (m/benefits and services) - PIOT resources (Comte, Park, Toffler, Parsons, Bourdieu, Braudel, Castells, Semashko and etc.)
  2. Four processes of PIOT creating: Production, Distribution, Exchange, Consumption - PDEC processes (Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Keynes, Maturana, etc.)
  3. Four spheres of PIOT creation: Social, Informational, Organizational, Technical - SIOT spheres (same as in 1, 2 and many others).
  4. Four classes/Spherons employed in the SIOT spheres by the PIOT production: Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron - SIOT classes/spherons (Parsons, Maturana, Giddens, Semashko, etc.).

The statics of 16 s/elements constitutes the basis of society in all its units and determines the dynamics of social and individual life throughout their history. 16 s/elements make up a deep, genetic constant structure or SOCIOCYBERNETIC GENOME (SOCIONOME) of humanity and any society (Semashko), which is reproduced in the whole infinite set of historical diversity of EVERY of these elements as well as in the national and civilizational diversity of their systemic cultural integrity.  

Scheme. Sociocybernetic GENOME of Spheres and Spherons’ Structural Harmony

See the scheme in greater detail here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423

Each of s/elements is EQUALLY necessary as a productive element, because the absence of ANY of them makes the life of society/human impossible. But only one of them - SPHERONS/PEOPLE is a living, defining and priority productive force, universal actor creating ALL elements, including oneself (Maturana’s autopoiesis). However the Spherons productive power depends and is impossible without each of the other s/elements. EACH Spheron is the productive force, necessary for the life of every society actor, resource, capital, heart, energy, motor, etc. The Spherons discovery is confirmed by several examples of statistical researches in different countries, which can be reproduced in any country, in any of its institutions and at the level of humanity as a whole in any year of its historical time based on the population census.

All s/elements can exist only in harmony (proportion, measure, consistency, coherence, balance, etc.) among themselves. it is expressed by the fundamental Sociocybernetic / Tetrasociological Axiom of Genetic Structural Harmony (SAGSH): Harmonious (sustainable) existence of society in any place and time is determined by a measure in the proportion of four equally necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). The structural harmony of SOCIONOME constitutes a harmonious human/social nature (Kant, Poincare, Luhmann, Semashko, Soroko, Siebert, Baymuratov and etc.).

The natural state of social structural harmony is spontaneous, nonlinear, stochastic and thermodynamic. It is accompanied in history by the sporadic disharmonies: violence, wars, other armed clashes, crises, increasing risks and challenges of various levels from global to local, including the family and the individual.

The dynamics of the Spherons’ structural harmony, their direct and feedback connections constitute the subject of Tektology, Sociocybernetics, Tetrasociology, Organizational Governance science, system theory and management (Bogdanov, Wiener, Bertalanffy, Ashby, Foerster, Beer, Pask, Geyer, Hornung, Scott, Semashko, etc.). Sociocybernetics of spherical elements, first of all Spherons, determines the third-order Sociocybernetics, which organically includes the two preceding orders. The statics and dynamics of the spheral elements, as the alphabet of structural harmony, constitute the ABC of the third-order Sociocybernetics.

Sociocybernetics is organically connected with the "harmonic analysis and application" of Norbert Wiener's ideas, which are carried out by the corresponding "Norbert Wiener Center" within the framework of "the broad emerging area of Mathematical Engineering", which "advances the technologies of the new millennium" (http://www.norbertwiener.umd.edu/About/index.html). The sociocybernetics of the structural harmony of spheres and spherons is much pushing the horizon of mathematical engineering in its new spheral technologies, revealing the brilliant philosophical definition of Henri Poincare: "The world inner harmony is the only true objective reality" for all sciences, especially for mathematics.

II. Sociocybernetic Laws of Structural Harmony into Social Production
  1. Holistic Objective Law of the equal necessity and sufficiency of the four spheral resources of PIOT (People, Information, Organization, Things) for the life of any community, which determines the equal necessity and sufficiency of the four spheres of social production and genetically is embodied in the deep structural harmony of the four equally necessary and sufficient network Spherons, stochastically employed in the spheres of production. Briefly: The Law of Spheral Structural Harmony (LSSH) or the Law of Spherons (LS).
  2. Structural harmony of social production, its highest efficiency and productivity are determined by the structural harmony of the Spherons engaged in its four spheres as their main productive force.
  3. Sociological, economic, statistical, and other sectoral scientific knowledge of the Spherons’ structural harmony integrated in their sociocybernetic holistic knowledge, determine the effectiveness of managing/governance the structural harmony of social production.
  4. Continuity of social production requires continuous, holistic management of its structural harmony, which in turn requires a continuous, holistic sociocybernetic monitoring of the  structural harmony, primarily their statistical monitoring.
  5. The integral nature of monitoring the Spherons’ structural harmony requires their integral sociocybernetic knowledge and continuous scientific research, which requires the creation of an integral and independent (Global and National) Academy of Social Sciences subordinate to the continuous production of relevant scientific information and technologies for continuous spheral management of the Spherons’ dynamics into social production system at all levels from global up to local.
  6. The quality and effectiveness of continuous management of the dynamics of the Spherons’ structural harmony is determined by the quality of the continuous development of its scientific information produced by the integral Academy of Social Sciences.
  7. The law of the sociocybernetic gene modification of pathological societies and civilizations. Spherons as actors of genetic structural harmony are the only makers of non-violent, conscious and harmonious gene transformation/therapy of pathological societies and civilizations. Spherons release them and their governing bodies (governments, UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, WTO, IMF, IOC, etc.) from the pathologies of militarism, corruption, inequality, nationalism, systemic crises, risks and other disharmonies on the base of integral socio-humanitarian scientific knowledge of the Spherons’ structural harmony and through the institution of global spheral democracy, universally replenishing the deficit of structural harmony at all levels. Spherons genetically transform the disharmonious militaristic industrial civilization into a harmonious civilization, adequate to its genome with full preservation of cultural diversity during 50 years of the 21st century on the basis of conscious governance of structural harmony in spheral democracy. (A more concise wording is required).

III. The Transition from Spontaneous Structural Harmony to a Conscious One

Based on the laws of structural harmony, it becomes clear that its key transition from a spontaneous and ineffective state to a conscious and effective state is possible ONLY on the basis of a global SCIENTIFIC sociocybernetic knowledge of its statics and dynamics. This knowledge provides for conscious control (together with the creation of its organizational and digital technologies) by deep structural harmony at all levels of social production. Governance of the interactions among the spheral elements is a holistic, systemic management of the structural harmony of social production as a whole, primarily the management of its only active / living actor and the first productive force - the Spherons’ structural harmony. From their structural harmony depends the structural harmony of all other spheral elements, as well as all the qualities of social production. The management of structural harmony requires, first of all, a statistical and sociological researches of Spherons at all levels of social production. This management is impossible without these researches and design, which constitute the subject of the relevant business.

These sciences/management/technologies open a fundamentally new, universal and breakthrough business of the 21st century with endless profit: BUSINESS of SPHERAL MANAGEMENT for structural harmony or SPHERAL BUSINESS of PRODUCTION GOVERNANCE. This management prevents disharmonies, crises, risks and simultaneously ensures sustainable development, harmonious growth and top quality, efficiency and productivity of social production everywhere and ubiquitously. Therefore, the business of spheral management is a business with endless demand/benefit/need and incomes in the endless future history of humankind! The management of structural harmony will become the ubiquitous and everyday business norm of the life of people and social institutions, along with its science and education, like arithmetic and grammar.

This global breakthrough of social mega science, management and business is prepared by all of their past development. Therefore, contrary to all ideologies, it will inevitably be recognized for the first time in any advanced country by the creation of a corresponding Business Center for Management/Governance by Structural Harmony, for a start. He will ensure the social production of this country a breakthrough development in all spheres, primarily in the economy and management.

IV. Practical Consequences of Structural Harmony that Make its Knowledge and Governance Inevitable

For more than 40 years (including 13 years in the GHA), the idea of a deep (genetic) structural harmony of the Spherons has led to the following breakthrough scientific and pragmatic conclusions, fundamental discoveries and achievements. They constitute concrete results of those new scientific solutions, which can "change the quality of people’s lives", the world development and thinking of humanity in the 21st century, starting with:

  1. The Law of Spheral Structural Harmony (LSSH) or the Law of Spherons (LS), from which all the following scientific conclusions, achievements and discoveries follow.
  2. TetraSociology and Sociocybernetics of the third order: the integral social MegaScience of structural harmony of production’s spheres and Spherons
  3. Global Peace Science (GPS) from the Spherons’ structural harmony
  4. Multipolar harmonious world order and geopolitics of global peace
  5. Management of structural harmony of spherons - holistic harmonious management at all levels from local to global on the basis of LSSH
  6. Priority of children and youth through the law "Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents"
  7. Spheral harmonious development of the family, children and youth
  8. Social and political equality of women through the equality of spherons
  9. Population: the transformation of quantity into quality through education
  10. Global peace from the world harmony of spherons through the GPS and education
  11. General complete disarmament for 50 years on the basis of spherons’ harmony
  12. Nuclear disarmament for 10 years on the basis of spherons’ harmony
  13. A fundamental global harmonious peace education based on GPS
  14. Harmonization of world religions through the spherons’ harmony and their believers
  15. Global harmonious 100% democracy of the spherons and their harmonious parties
  16. Global harmonious currency
  17. Overcoming extreme poverty on the spherons’ harmony basis
  18. Global economy of moderate harmonious growth and wealth
  19. MINIMAX/MAXIMIN: harmonious interconnected minimization of the maximum of incomes and property and maximization of their minimum
  20. The law of spheral surplus value on the basis of LSSH: defining the economic law of a harmonious balanced crisis-free economy at all levels
  21. Spherons' responsibility for mutual material welfare
  22. Harmony of humankind with nature: sustainable ecology and climate on the basis of LSSH
  23. Global harmonious, humanistic, ethical worldview and consciousness
  24. Holistic harmonious thinking of spherons
  25. Spheral digital and organizational technologies
  26. The first right of human and humankind to life, global peace and harmony
  27. Reforming the UN disharmony in the UN Harmony and Global Peace
  28. Evolutionary elimination of linguistic disharmony and the establishment of global bilingualism: recognition of two world languages - English and Esperanto
  29. Harmonious civilization of spherons on the basis of LSSH: an alternative to the disharmonious industrial militaristic civilization in all its forms of capitalism and socialism / communism, which have exhausted and discredited themselves in history. This is the "third way" of the development of humankind, overcoming the "evil of capitalism and communism", about which Pope John Paul II began to talk at the end of the past and the beginning of the new century. This is now understood by Putin also (see below). Their "evil" is inherent in the "absolute evil of their nuclear weapons" (Avery), which generates the "civilizational crisis of the 21st century" (Avery).
  30. Management of spherons’ structural harmony as the crystallization of their scientific consciousness in its pragmatic application in harmonious forms of a new universal business, managerial revolution, digital economy, spheral democracy, global peace education, etc.

This is, in the first approximation, the scale of the unique sociocybernetic futurological imagination of the 21st century, which grows out of a new, emerging social megascience. This scientific imagination defines an unprecedentedly new quality of life for people and humanity as a whole in a new harmonious multipolar world order.

These fundamental achievements and discoveries for more than 40 years constitute the Copernican scientific revolution of social cognition, providing it with a "powerful leap" from age-old ideologically conditioned stagnation and "oblivion" of the 20th century to a fundamentally new level of holistic harmonious thinking of the 21st century that is necessary for the survival of humankind in sustainable development. More than half a century ago Einstein wrote about the vital necessity of a "substantially new manner of thinking" for the survival of humankind.

The main obstacle to these achievements and discoveries in the mainstream of the world trend to sustainable development are unilateral narrow ideologies of capitalism and communism of the last century that discredited themselves and die. They "prevent us from moving forward," so the ideological obstacle "must be cleaned, discarded" and "we need to eliminate all that hinders this movement" of sustainable harmonious development and solving its super task (http://tass.ru/politika/4915051).  

The thinking of these fundamental achievements and discoveries allows us to overcome the narrowness and limitations of traditional ordinary consciousness, in which we "do not think at all what is going on around us." It provides for the world citizens "self-preservation and the future of our ... generations." This is the ultimate meaning of the Sociocybernetics of spheres and Spherons as a global breakthrough of social megascience. Only on this path is not death waiting for it, as some pessimists predict, but fundamentally a new heyday as a megascience of spheral structural harmony.

Naturally, the presented summary of third-order Sociocybernetics is only the first and rude approximation to its integral scientific structure, requiring new and active international and interdisciplinary researches, of which the first is the statistical study of the spherons of different countries. GHA plans them in nine countries in the second half of 2018 and invites all interested scientists to them in other countries (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=801). This is a call to those of them who have retained their love for new fundamental discoveries, dozens of dispositions of which are filled with an integral socio-humanitarian knowledge of third-order Sociocybernetics free from any ideological restrictions.

Five main sources

I, together with hundreds of the GHA members since 2005, with the support of many outstanding scientists and peacemakers from dozens of countries, including the President of India and the Nobel Peace Laureates, dedicated more than 40 years, since 1976, to Spherons’ structural harmony and development of its peacebuilding, social, political and economic consequences. It is presented in my / our almost two dozen books and hundreds of projects and articles. Of these, I will only mention 4 key books and one practical project of the UN global governance:

  1. Sociology for Pragmatists. 1999;
  2. Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges. 2002;
  3. The ABC of Harmony. 2012;
  4. Global Peace Science. 2015/16 by 174 coauthors from 34 countries, including the President of India and Nobel Laureates;
  5. The UN Harmony. 2017.

    All of them are published on the GHA website: http://peacefromharmony.org/. More than 600 sources are named in 4. Of these, the key source is Eduard Soroko. Structural Harmony. 1984.

The first practical, but unrecognized for an infamous reason systematic use of the ideas of spheral structural harmony was found in the project Institute of urban economy of St. Petersburg (5 million population) "Systemotechnika" in 1981-1989. This experience was reflected in the author's first book: "Sphere Approach", 1992 (see ibid.). 

Prof Leo M. Semashko, Ph.D.

State Councilor of St. Petersburg, Russia.
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005.
Honorary President, GHA since 2016.
Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia.
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony.
Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 18 books in 1-12 languages.
Author of Tetrism as the unity of Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology – science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilisation.
Director, GHA Web portal “Peace from Harmony”.
Initiator, Manager, Coauthor and Editor in Chief of the book project “Global Peace Science” (GPS).

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