Democratic World Federalists and THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE 

Roger Kotila PhD

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2017 – Democratic World Federalists need your help.  The goal is to persuade the United Nations General Assembly to take a critical look at the aging and fundamentally flawed UN Charter in order to “upgrade the global operating system” to “UN 2.0” as one young world federalist describes it.

A Charter review was promised at the original signing in San Francisco at the request of nations who were unhappy with the veto power granted the UN Security Council.  They knew the system was undemocratic and rigged against the less powerful nations.  But the review was never carried out.

This is the origin of THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE, the campaign recently launched by DWF to persuade the UN General Assembly to conduct the review process that was promised, and legally required in the original Charter itself.

Badly designed UN Charter a key part of war system

For world federalists a Charter review potentially opens the door to establish a world federal constitution designed to correct the fatal faults in the present Charter which prevent the UN from doing its job.

The truth is that the UN Charter itself is so badly designed that it is in reality the main part of a geopolitical war system. A global peace system will require replacing the UN Charter with a genuine world federal union constitution such as the Earth Constitution.

In reality, from the very beginning the Charter has been unable to maintain world peace. While signing the Charter the US simultaneously made a mockery of the UN as it dropped the horrendous atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A “new UN” under the Earth Constitution, for example, would establish a UN able to successfully address critical world problems such as militarism, perpetual war, and the threat of nuclear catastrophe.

A change to a global peace system would free up billions and billions of dollars that can be redirected away from death and destruction, and instead can be applied constructively for infrastructure needs, to clean up slums, and to meet the needs of local communities worldwide.  Universal health care, free education, and adequate disability and retirement guarantees become possible.

A World Parliament with real law and order

The vision for a new UN includes adding an UN Parliamentary Assembly and/or forming a democratically elected World Parliament — the world community has a democratic right to a real voice in global affairs — by birthright, we are all world citizens.

The Earth Constitution calls for a World Parliament, and includes a well-designed and fair world judiciary system with enforceable world law.  The present UN lacks a capacity for independent legal enforcement — a main reason why the UN has been unable to prevent illegal wars and other world crimes committed by the leaders of bully nations.

Without a new UN, leaders of powerful nations who are responsible for world crimes remain above the law.

Public needs awareness about world federalism to end militarism

The public is largely unaware that forming a world federal union government is a real solution to world problems rather than relying on militarism.  World federalists know that militarism to achieve world peace is literally a dead end.

Top thinkers such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkin agree with world federalists that the only viable answer to global crises is to form a democratic world federation – a world government with enforceable world law.

The public is also unaware that the United Nations cannot enforce international law.  It lacks a proper world judiciary system. Leaders of the most powerful nations commit world crimes with impunity.

Since the 9/11 attacks the failure of the US to follow a legal path of justice “has so far destroyed half a dozen countries and killed about 2 million people” reports Nicolas Davies in “Through the ‘War on Terror’ Looking Glass” (, April 17, 2017).  No one has gone to jail.

Bully nations refuse to give up nuclear weapons 

The Charter is undemocratically rigged in favor of only five nations — the Permanent 5 (P-5) veto nations which comprise the UN Security Council (U.S., Russia, China, France, & the United Kingdom).

The P-5 are the only nations at the UN with a vote that really counts.  Ironically, while the Security Council is supposedly there to insure peace, in shameful fact these five favored nations are the world’s largest weapons’ dealers, and wars and threats of war are routine.

The war system is so deeply embedded that the P-5 nations are now defying the will of the majority of nations at the UN who are seeking to legally prohibit and ban nuclear weapons.

The UN General Assembly’s Conference to ban nukes is scheduled from June 15 – July 7, 2017, but the United States and other nuclear nations are boycotting the proceedings!

It is indeed time for new answers to global crises and world crimes.


Roger Kotila

Roger Kotila PhD
Psychologist and peace activist
President, Democratic World Federalists, San Francisco
Earth Federation News & Views

Received a Ph.D. from Washington State University in 1969, he has worked in community mental health, for the State of California, and in private practice. Dr. Kotila served his clinical internship on a Public Health Fellowship at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital in conjunction with Stanford University’s Dept. of Psychiatry.

He has been a radio producer (Earthstar Radio, San Francisco), organized and worked with the homeless, and is an advocate/activist in the nonviolent protest movement for safe energy, human rights, and peaceful solutions.

He is USA Vice President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association whose mission is to build a parallel world body to the United Nations, an emerging Earth Federation with a Provisional World Parliament under the Earth Constitution.



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