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THE CLIMATE CHANGE SYSTEM 2017 — Timi Ećimović, John Avery Nobel Peace Laureate and Leo Semashko

  • Prof Timi Ećimović
  • Prof Leo Semashko
  • Prof John Scales Avery
    Nobel Peace Laureate

eBook (28 pages)

Prof Dr Timi Ećimović

  • An eminent international scientist, independent researcher, lecturer, founder
  • The head of SEM Institute for Climate Change retired in May 2004, appointed Chairman for life, which authorities have returned by end of June 2013,
  • Co-founder and first Chairman of The World Thinker’s Forum established in Vienna, Austria during 2001.
  • Since June 2004, he has been appointed professor and chair of environmental sciences at Ansted University.
  • In October 2012, he was appointed the Rector of WPF University in Athens, Greece
  • The Vice-Chairman of the World Philosophical Forum (2013).
  • Since 2013 he is NED of HLHC, Xiamen, China.
  • He is an international consultant of the UN — FAO and international consultant for sustainable development and sustainable future of humankind of Universal State of the Earth — USE.
  • O­n 8th October 2016 he was appointed as The Chairman of the Humanity, Nature, Space, and Environment Protection Committee of the USE, the Supreme Council of Humanity — SCH from Athens, Greece and London, UK.
  • He is a member of the Universal State of Earth — USE and the Supreme Council of Humanity — SCH since 2015.

He is a researcher working o­n: Nature; the Nature, Space, and Environment protection; the Climate change system; System thinking; Globalization and global studies; Networking, Complexity and Swarm research: Sustainable Development and Sustainable Future of Humankind. He was among the pioneers' researchers (1986 – 1994) to apply for nature, space, and environment protection in a local community by activities we call today Local Agenda 21 Processes — a holistic program for the survival of our civilization under new challenges of the third millennium.“Commencing from Local Community Sustainable Future and moving towards Sustainable Future of the Global Community of Humankind”.

He is independent researchers with many domestic and international publications and talks. Together with many researchers in co-operation worldwide within philosophy, operational research, global studies, case studies and complex problem solving research, system thinking, requisitely holism, networking and complexity, swarm research, integration and disintegration of matter and energy and universal upbringing, education and lifelong learning. He is contributing a systemic, requisitely holistic and a better understanding of the present. His latest research within the system theory, system thinking, networking, complexity and swarm research may provide a possible answer enabling people to better understand our world of humans.

During 2014 he completed 50 years of research work (1964 - 2014). This year he completed 50 years of been Dr. Vet. Med. Since 1986 he worked o­n the protection of Humanity, Nature, Space, and Environment and completed 30 years of research.

For research o­n the climate change system and the book “System Thinking and Climate Change System (Against a big “Tragedy of Commons” of all of us), Ecimovic, Mayur, Mulej and co-authors, 2002, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize 2003. His work o­n “The Information Theory of Nature” was his second nomination for The Nobel Prize during 2007 in Physics. His third nomination for The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was for “The Environment Theory of the Nature”, published in the book “Three Applications of the System Thinking”, Ecimovic, 2010. Within last 10 years he has contributed trilogies: “The Nature”, “The Sustainable Future of Mankind” and “The Life 2017” – please see at: www.institut-climatechange.si

Prof Leo M. Semashko

  • State Councillor of St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005.
  • Honorary President, GHA since 2016.
  • Director: Tetra-sociology Public Institute, Russia.
  • Philosopher, Sociologist, and Peacemaker from Harmony.
  • Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 18 books in 1-12 languages.
  • Author of Tetrism as the unity of Tetra-philosophy and Tetra-sociology — science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilisation.
  • Director, GHA Web portal “Peace from Harmony”.
  • Initiator, Manager, Co-author, and Editor-in-Chief of the book project “Global Peace Science” (GPS).

Prof John Scales Avery, PhD

was part of a group that shared the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize for their work in organizing the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. 

John Scales Avery is a theoretical chemist, Associate Professor Emeritus, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is noted for his books and research publications in quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, evolution, and history of science. His 2003 book Information Theory and Evolution set forth the view that the phenomenon of life, including its origin, evolution, as well as human cultural evolution, has its background situated in the fields of thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and information theory.

Since 1990 he has been the Chairman of the Danish National Group of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Between 2004 and 2015 he also served as Chairman of the Danish Peace Academy

He founded the Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, and was for many years its Managing Editor. He also served as Technical Advisor to the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe (1988-1997).

He received his degrees in theoretical physics and theoretical chemistry at M.I.T. (USA), the University of Chicago and the Imperial College London.

He is the author of numerous books and articles, both on scientific topics and on broader social questions.

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