Samajik Samanta Sangathan

17-18 March 2018,
Timing- 9 AM to 6.0 PM,

Chief Guest- Uday Narayan Chaudhary

Venue- J-12/3, Kan kunj Vaishya samaj, Nati Imli, Bhrat Milap maidan, Panchayati Bhavan, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Our Great social heroes like Birsa Munda, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Phule, Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar and BP Mandal envisioned an India where all sections of society are politically empowered, economically developed, socially equal and emancipated and culturally civilised and free. So they wanted political, economic, social, and cultural inclusion of all sections of society in the development process. India is still far behind from realisation of their vision for a number of reasons. This conference intends to gather social activists, scholars of various fields of study from different parts of India for discussion on “Social Justice: Past, Present and Future” and drawing a roadmap for the realisation of their inclusive India.

Objectives of the National Seminar:

  • To discuss the current challenges for inclusive development in India.
  • To explore policies and strategies for effective development of the marginalized and disadvantaged communities, especially SC, ST and OBC.
  • To discuss policies and strategies for effective intervention on social challenges facing the marginalised and disadvantaged communities.
  • To review the legal procedure for making it more effective against atrocities on the marginalised and disadvantaged communities.
  • To explore possibilities for Public and Private Sectors Partnership for inclusive development in India.
  • To facilitate collaboration among academicians, social activists, practitioners and professionals of both public and private sectors in mitigating atrocities against the marginalised and disadvantaged communities.


  1. Poverty, economic and social exclusion of marginalised and disadvantaged communities.
  2. Vulnerabilities and Empowerment of Marginalised Communities.
  3. Legislation related to Marginalized Communities.
  4. Government and NGO initiatives to provide the social justice of the Marginalised.
  5. Issues of Food Security and Social Security of the Marginalised.
  6. Health and Nutritional aspects of the Poor and Marginalized Communities.
  7. PPP Intervention in the upliftment of the Marginalised Communities.
  8. Community empowerment and development.
  9. Social justice.
  10. Women empowerment.
  11. Inclusive and sustainable development.

Followings are the topics decided to be discussed under following Sub-themes in 17 & 18 March, Varanasi meetings:


I. BP Mandal Session

Keynote Speaker- Dilip C Mandal
Chairman- Urmilesh
Co-chair- Prof Saket Kushwaha, Dr JP Singh

  1. History of Reservation - HL Dusadh
  2. Implemented & Non- implemented Mandal Commission- Suraj Mandal
  3. Reservation in Promotion Bill- Surendra Singh
  4. Justifications of Creamy layer- Narendra Kumar
  5. NCBC Act- Prof Adesh Maurya
  6. Women Education-Past, present & Future- Dr Munni Bharti
  7. Inclusive & sustainable development- Inder Singh
  8. Problems of the Working Class- Prof Ratan Lal

II. Bhagat Singh Session

Key Note Speaker- Prof Chaman Lal
Chair- Prof Chauthi Ram Yadav
Co-chair- Father Anand and Ram Krishan Jagde

  1. Life and Vision of Bhagat Singh- Prof Chaman Lal
  2. Christians & their Contributions to the Indian education system
  3. Triple talaq-Ziauddin Farooquie
  4. Religious conspiracy/ Manuvad- Prof Chauthi Ram Yadav
  5. Minority Reservations and recommendations of different Commissions- Amique Zamaie
  6. Women Discriminations & Manuvaad- Kavya Yadav
  7. Social &Economic exclusions of the Marginalized Class- Prof Saket Kushwaha
  8. Manuvaad & Economy- Brij Lal Bharti
  9. Economy & Employment - Prof Chitrasen Gautam

III. Media Session

Keynote Speaker- Urmilesh Urmil
Chair- Mool Chand Sonkar
Co-Chair- H L Dusadh, Brij Lal Bharti, Manindra Yadav

  1. History of Media- Urmilesh Urmil
  2. Media and Reservation- Shiv Das
  3. Capitalization of Media- Ram Krishan Jagde
  4. Social media and Act- AK Lari
  5. Suppressed News/Paid News/Fake news/manufactured news/Implanted News- Frank Huzur
  6. Future public Media for the Deprived class- Ramji Yadav


IV. Dr. Ambedkar Session

Keynote Speaker- Mr BP Ashok
Chairman- Urmilesh ji
Co-Chair- Dr Vijay Trishna, MK Rajan, Dr Lal Ratnakar, Dr Anil Paswan

  1. Judiciary and Reservation- Ram krishan Jagde
  2. Merit/Equal Education for all- Mool chand Sonkar
  3. Reservation in private Educational Institution & Jobs- MK Rajan
  4. Ambedkar and his vision on caste- Urmilesh ji
  5. Ambedkar and his vision on indian economy- Dr Vijay Trishnan
  6. Reservation in Promotion for SC/ST/OBCs- Surendra Singh
  7. Atrocities against Dalit, OBC & Tribal Women- Ms Tina

V. Birsa Munda session

Keynote Speaker- Ms Ashrita Tuti
Chairmen- BP Ashok
Co-Chairmen- Prabhakar Gwal, Prof RN kharwar, Dr Sanjay & Dr SK Bharti

  1. Life and struggle of Birsa Munda- Ms Ashrita Tuti
  2. ST Deprived from their deserved rights- Krishn Mohan
  3. Effects Capitalism & Manuvaad on ST- Sunil Yadav
  4. Exploitation of the Judiciary by the Capitalists & Current problems & Solutions of SCs & STs of Chhattisgarh- Justice Prabhakar Gwal
  5. Food for all- Prof RN Khadwar
  6. BP Mandal & his ideas of Social revolutions in India- Prof Sandeep Kumar Yadav

VI. Indian politics & current challenges

Chairman- Amique Zamaie
Co-Chairmen- Prof Chitrasen Gautam, Frank Huzur, Sunil Yadav, Prof Manoj kumar Yadav

  1. Capatalism/Privatization/Corruption/FDI/GST/Banking reforms/Education/ health- Dr Om Shankar
  2. Demonetization- Ajay Chauhan
  3. Land acquisition bill- Rajit Yadav
  4. Nationalism & Electoral Reform- Dr Lal Ratnakar

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