Chicago-based Doctor announces Satyagraha against Aam Aadmi Party, AAP

Dr Munish K Raizada MD, USA


A Chicago-based Neonatologist has openly criticized the opaque funding practices of Aam Aadmi Party and has called upon the party workers, volunteers and the public to take a pledge not to donate to AAP until it makes its donations public.

He announced an online Stop Donation (Chanda Bnd Satyagraha/चन्दा बंद सत्याग्रह) on December 4, 2016. He says that the ground Satyagraha will be started at Raj Ghat on December 24. Giving the details, Raizada says that after seeking inspiration from Gandhi ji at Raj Ghat, the volunteers and participants of Satyagraha will proceed to New Delhi Assembly area. Over next several days, they will cover the assembly area door to door and through market places and metro stations. They will seek signatures from the public and voters on a pledge form which states: “I take a pledge NOT to donate to Aam Aadmi Party until it makes its donations public.”

Raizada says that the campaign will also seek apology from the voters of Delhi for the betrayal in the name of transparent funding. He says that we at AAP sought donations from the public with a promise that each penny donated would be put in public domain, but since June 2016, the party has shut down the Donors’ list from its website. He says that transparent political funding was the raison-detre of the Party, but its refusal to divulge details of donations is a big setback to its ideology. He claims that a few individuals have taken over the party and have blatantly made mockery of its promise of politics of Clean Money. Raizada says that AAP was born out of a movement and promised to bring vyastha parivartan/व्यवस्था परिवर्तन and an era of honest politics. But, by hiding donations, AAP has damaged its credibility. He says that the idea of Aam Aadmi Party is still very relevant, but the vested interests at the helm of affairs are bent upon destroying the efforts put by thousands and thousands of selfless volunteers to prop up the party.

It may be mentioned that Raizada had written an open letter (link)  to Aam Aadmi Party on Nov 26 (Foundation Day) with an appeal to restore the practice of displaying donors’ lists on the official website of the party within a week. Getting no response from the party, Raizada launched a website called with a stated objective that if the party does not show (donors’) list, the public should not donate to the party.

Raizada practices Neonatology in Chicago, but had quit his job to serve the party in India. He was a co-convener of the NRI cell of the party during 2015 and  also assisted the health ministry of Delhi govt as a pro-bono advisor. He was suspended from the party in Nov 2015 when he fell out with leadership over his public criticism of Kejriwal supporting Laloo Prasad Yadav in Bihar Assembly elections.


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