Pakistani Hindus urged UN for peaceful solution of Kashmir conflict

Karachi (Sep 27, 2016)

Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council and Member National Assembly Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has urged the United Nations to play its due role for the peaceful solution of the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, adding that the speech delivered by the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef at the UN General Assembly is the true voice of every Pakistani citizen.

UN Assembly

UN Assembly

While talking to a private TV channel, he said that it is dire heart wish of peace-loving people of both nations to resolve the long-pending issue. “India should avoid to play the sentiments of innocent people, and the ongoing practice of unnecessary aggressive statements must be halted,” he said, adding that Pakistani Hindu community wants peace in the region.

Dr Ramesh Pakistan

Dr Ramesh Kumar

Dr Ramesh Kumar said that India and Pakistan both are nuclear powers, and the leadership of both countries should wisely handle the unwanted situation. “The politics of confrontation must be discouraged,” he said. In addition, he was of the view that the recent aggressive attitude shown by India is clearly indicating that India is trying to impose war in sub-continent by creating excuses either for Urri Attack or Indus River Treaty which is a non-issue in this regard.

Indus River Treaty 1960

Indus River Treaty 1960


Narendra Modi Prime Minister, India

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister, India

Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister, Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister, Pakistan

Dr Ramesh Kumar, while expressing his concern, further said that India is so much lost in the craze for war that it is openly criticizing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor “CPEC” which is equally beneficial for the Indian people as it is for the people of China and Pakistan. He regretted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while declaring Pakistan a terrorist state forgets that International community is appreciating Pakistani Government due to its successful policies, specially the on-going military operation against terrorism “Zarb-e-Azab”.

2016-08-balochistan-01-mapDr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani strongly rejected the Indian claims of Human Right violation in Balochistan and said that Pakistan is an independent state and interference in its internal matters would not be tolerated.

Dr Ramesh Kumar said that Pakistani Hindu community is patriotic. “To ensure peace and prosperity in the sub-continent, Pakistani Hindu community, in the dynamic leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif, stands besides Pakistan Armed Forces for the defence of our beloved motherland,” he concluded.


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