Launch of "Sabka Bharat" Campaign

A press conference was held to announce the Sabka Bharat campaign. It was addressed by Mohan Philip, Annie Raja, Apoorvanand, Sunaina Singh, Shabnam Hashmi and Arun Philip.

An increasing number of us are very concerned about the direction this nation is being thrust into. The threat is clear and imminent. It’s destroying the fundamental idea of India – its diversity and its inclusiveness. Today we are in danger of losing our freedom and sense of equality and the belongingness of being one nation. There are hatred, discord and divisiveness, being spread like poison. The constitution that secures and guarantees justice, liberty, equality of all and thereby the brotherhood of all regardless of caste, creed, gender or religion is being put aside with a promise of a new system. The rule of Law has been overtaken by mob violence and the powerful have become indestructible. Divisions are being created which will haunt generation to come.

The urgency to intervene in defence of the constitutional values has never been more pressing than in the prevailing conditions. There is a recognizable change in the general tenor of public discourse; unlike in the past, it is informed more by the hatred than by love and fraternity.  The prejudices against the ‘other’ are widely shared as a result of motivated and sustained propaganda. In the face of concerted social mobilisation mounted by communal organizations by invoking religious symbols and sentiments, liberal civil society has come under a siege. Nevertheless, the need for sustained and constructive action for strengthening the constitutional values of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity is evident. There are moments when the communal ideologies and social and political organisations appear to be poised to conquer. It is, therefore, necessary to energize the secular forces by a conscious regrouping and cooperation.

Sabka Bharat campaign is an appeal to all the people to stand against these forces that wreck our nation. It will work to bring all democratic forces to come together not for political survival but to safeguard the core fabric of this nation. Sabka Bharat is calling every thinker, reformer, NGO and activist to continue to work to protect the ideals of the Constitution.

Sabka Bharat is a call to the ordinary citizens to take a stand for the soul of this nation. It’s a struggle we cannot afford not to choose.

Sabka Bharat campaign will be launched initially at a grassroots level in the districts of a few states beginning from UP and then to Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, MP & Maharashtra and then expand to other states. The campaign will be in the form of creative rallies at district head quarters, using placards, masks, songs, short speeches and street theatre. There will be simultaneously social media campaigns, videos, songs, music videos, twitter campaigns. We plan to organise conferences, public meetings and cultural events in big cities. The first phase beginning September 1 will cover Ballia, Bhadoi, Mirzapur, Allahabad, Pratapgarh, Kaushambi, Kanpur, Unnao. This will culminate in a public meeting in Delhi on September 19 at the Constitution Club.

In the initial stage, a preparatory team will travel to each of the districts where a program is to be held, followed by a team of grassroots activists and speakers. Sunaina Singh and GS Sakya will lead the grassroots teams in various districts. We are giving a call to speakers and performers from various parts of India to join the rallies. In each district we expect people from the local communities to join the rallies. In each city/ town local groups, local writers, poets, intellectuals and ordinary citizens will be invited to join the rallies. A truck is being designed especially which will work as a stage for addressing the rallies as well as performances. The truck will have especially designed banners carrying the vision and messages of the Sab ka Bharat campaign. Coordinators in each city are assigned the task of obtaining the necessary permissions and look after the logistics. A small working secretariat will operate from Anhad office in Delhi. We are in the process of forming a small coordination group at the national level.

The whole campaign across India will be organised on personal donations from concerned citizens, friends and well wishers.  We are in the process of collecting the funds for the first phase of the campaign.  The campaign is still in the middle of the planning and finalisation stage, we are organising the press conference to seek support from media in this endeavour and to reach out to the larger public and appeal to them to join the Sab ka Bharat campaign. We feel that a large section of people across India are feeling the urgent need to stand in defence of the constitutional values but do not have a national platform. Our effort is to initiate that process along with many other similar initiatives. Sabka Bharat campaign will run parallelly to many other campaigns and will compliment them.

Those wanting to travel to any of the districts can contact for further details.
Arun Philip- 9446301110 or
Mohan Philip- 81788 80200 


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