What’s Really Happening in Syria

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The U.S./NATO line

5 Feb 2017

If you try to follow events in the mainstream media, you may have noticed that they routinely refer to Syrian President Bashar al Assad as a “brutal dictator”. Assad is supposed to have responded to peaceful protests with repressive violence and by “killing his own people”. The U.S., UK, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar continue to maintain that “Assad must go”.

I disagree with all of that, as I’ll explain in this article. I spent 25 years prosecuting lies in commerce for the people of New York and Oregon. I prepared this primer to help you cut through the lies and get at the truth about Syria.

It’s still quite possible that a nuclear war could arise from careless U.S./NATO confrontations with Russia in Syria. President Trump has indicated he favors a cooperative relationship with Russia, but he faces continuing pressure from the Deep State, neocons, and apparently, Congress and the media, to continue the New Cold War that was initiated in Ukraine. And the demonization of Russian president Putin and of Russia itself has been going on for some time and shows no sign of letting up.1 So in addition to the suffering of the Syrian people, which has been horrific and continues as I write, the conflict in Syria also poses a serious threat to
all of us.

Apart from this introduction and some other brief statements of my own, most of this article is a string of excerpts from the excellent work of other people I find persuasive and citations or links to sources for further information and analysis. To insure you can access the sources, full URLs are provided for most of them.

Robert Roth’s Syria-Primer “what’s really happening” – (66 pages)



Robert Roth

is a retired public interest lawyer. He received his law degree from Yale in 1971 and prosecuted false advertising and consumer fraud as an assistant attorney general for New York (1981-1991) and Oregon (1993-2007).

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