Letter sent to PM etc. sent on Bad food for BSF


Sub. : Strong protest against the ill-treatment of all Jawans of BSF vis-à-vis quality of food provided despite ample provisions made to supply good quality food in sufficient quantity.

Ref. : Grievance expressed by BSF Jawan of 29th Batallion – Mr  Tej Bahadur Yadav on video-clips.

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Dear Sirs,

This is with reference to the grievance aired by the Jawan of the Border Security Force (Mr Tej Bahadur Yadav)  in four video-clippings shared on a social networking platform a few days ago when he was stationed in a border area of Rajouri Sector in Jammu & Kashmir.  As you all may have seen it too, he has complained of poor quality of food being provided and that too in grossly inadequate quantity to all the jawans. Also that due to poor quality of food he has to sleep on an empty stomach.

It was shocking to hear his plea to share this clip to his seniors and to the concerned politicians who are turning a blind eye to the corruption of his seniors. He claimed that, though they are allotted good quality food and in sufficient quantity, his seniors are selling that off in the market for selfish gains.  This, if true, is outrageous !!  Such behavior of his seniors is totally unacceptable and should be dealt with an iron hand.

Let’s understand that a Jawan protects our Country at the cost of his life and personal sacrifice on the home-front. On the other hand his seniors sit in the comfort of their offices and then indulge in selling off the provisions. That’s disgusting !!

To add insult to injury, his seniors are indulging in mud-slinging by claiming to the media that he had been Court Martialled, that he is a drunkard, that he mentally unstable and that he has been retained on “humanitarian grounds”.  If really he has such health issues then why was he inducted or retained in the army in the first place ?  Even if that is so, has Mr Tej Bahadur Yadav lied that he is provided sub-standard food ?  Has he lied to his father – Sher Singh, when he visited his home, that he and his colleagues are being provided food fit for the animals ?   It seems such blatant lies are being dished out by his seniors to hide their misdeeds, nothing else.

Another justification made by his seniors is that only Mr Yadav is complaining and none of his colleagues are unhappy about the food.  Now, are they all naïve enough to not understand that with such vindictive action being taken against him (as calling him a drunkard and an indisciplined soldier and initiating a Court of Inquiry against him etc.,) would they have dared to express their displeasure against their seniors’ corruption ?

There seems to be a big rot in the system from his seniors’ level to the highest level which needs to be thoroughly investigated by an independent authority and the guilty brought to book.

We urge all the concerned officers and the Ministers to kindly take all steps to expedite the inquiry into the allegations made by Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav and also ensure that no vindictive action is taken against him nor his family members (some of whom are in the Army too) and punish the guilty.

We urge you to kindly inform us of the action taken on our complaint at the earliest.


Yours truly,
G R Vora and the following citizens :


Mumbai – 400022.

  1. Mr Bhavesh Pandya,
  2. Mr Samir Zaveri,
  3. Mr Ashish Thakur,
  4. Mr Yogesh Gupta,
  5. Mr R P Singh,
  6. Mr Suresh Shetty,
  7. Mr Bankim Mistry,
  8. Mr Kamlakar Shenoy,
  9. Mr S V Subramanian,
  10. Mr Clarence Pinto
  11. Ms Madhu Thukral,
  12. Mr Kiran O Pillai,
  13. Mr Ranbir Singh,
  14. Mr Ashok B Mehta,
  15. Dr Amit Mukherjee,
  16. Mr Sulaiman Bhimani.

C.C. :
Mr Sher Singh Yadav, (Father of BSF Jawan of 29th Batallion – Tej Bahadur Yadav), Mahendragarh District, Haryana.

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