Indian Men’s Rights Activists are celebrating Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton

Rajesh Vakharia

After shocking victory of Donald Trump in US presidential elections not everyone is unhappy about the result. Indian men’s rights activists are celebrating his victory against Hillary Clinton.

In fact, most Indian men’s activists of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) were in touch with their counter parts in USA in the election cycle, as they all campaigned against Hillary Clinton in social media. They also followed opinion polls closely.

Using facebook and twitter, Indian Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) opposed women’s card played by Hillary Clinton and questioned her claims that she is an inclusive candidate for all people including men. They also created awareness about how Hillary destabilized many countries in Middle East and Africa, when she was Secretary of State.

For example, MRAs shared a picture of Hillary Clinton’s quote, which trivialized pain and deaths of men,“Women have always been the primary victims of war. They lose their husbands, fathers and sons in combat.”

Though, they were not optimistic of Trump’s victory in election, many of them remained awake whole night to follow the election results. As results started in the morning, they called each other to congratulate and started celebrating it.

“Hillary Clinton is a feminist, who supports policies that discriminate men and boys all around the world. We were scared of she becoming president of USA. This is more of a vote against Hillary Clinton than a vote in favor of Donald Trump. Had it been any other republican candidate, we would have supported him or her against Hillary Clinton. We were praying for her defeat.” Says Rajesh Vakharia, President of SIFF.

Indian MRAs are also annoyed at attacks on free speech and attempts of censorship at men’s rights movement in USA and across the world. In 2014, feminists marched against Double Tree Hilton hotel just because it allowed MRAs to conduct an international conference. In recent time, feminists in Australia have tried to ban a documentary on Men’s Rights called, “The Red Pill.”

” Had it been any other woman, we had no problems. As activists we want equal laws and policies for men and women. We want equality. However, Hillary Clinton has worked with people, who believe in converting feminism into a female supremacist movement. We do not agree with all that Trump said about women. But, we loved the way he took on political correctness.” says Anil Kumar, founding member of SIFF.

“Political feminists must take a lesson or two from this election. 53% white women in US rejected feminism and voted for Donald Trump in spite of his comments about women. This shows that creating women’s vote bank is a bad idea.” He says.

According to Vivek Ganeshan, SIFF coordinator at Hyderabad, “Since 1995, Hillary Clinton worked to exclude men from the purview of human rights. She tried to implement what is known as feminist foreign policy in State Department. So, she promoted Arab spring and anti-male biased laws across the world. We may not agree with all the things that Trump has said, but Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer for men’s well being. In US, 43% college students are boys and 57% are girls. Boys are facing discrimination. Hillary had nothing to offer to their mothers.”

Now, MRAs are planning for victory celebrations on Saturday 19th November by combining it with International Men’s Day celebrations.

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