Statement of Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha, MASUM, against war mongering

Kirity Roy MASUM

Kirity Roy

All of a sudden country came to know that a ‘surgical strike’ has been made by Indian Army, advancing few kilometers inside the Pakistan territory (POK). Though, we are not sure about the genuineness of the hype created by the media and war monger Indian government with support from other political dispensations of various hues, but one thing is clear that the present regime has started an all-out drive to jeopardy the increasing peoples’ movements for democracy and righteous demands. The current regime has severely failed to go by the aspirations of the citizenry in every fields of governance; economical, social or political.  Only passage left for Mr. Modi and his political associates is to fan up war hysteria against neighboring country and Pakistan is the most suitable target. This war mongering could deviate the attention of citizens from State sponsored terror upon the agitating populace, increasing social movements by marginalized communities, ever increasing financial crisis of commoners and shrinking democratic space for free expression and opinion.

The peace-loving common people of both the countries do not appreciate and welcome any war.

We strongly condemn this dangerous act of war propagation by the Indian ruling clique and call all democratic people and organization to come together against this sinister design of counterproductive politicking.

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