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N S Venkataraman
Nandini Voice For The Deprived

A few have been highly critical of Modi government and even army for the Uri attack by the terrorists. This is very unfortunate. This is the time  not to be critical , as certainly all people involved are doing their level best. They need understanding and support from the country men.

Even senior retired army personnel  with first hand experience are of the view that one  can never defend any installation in the difficult and hostile  terrain 24/7.and perhaps, those that talk of negligence may have never known the geography in the line of control  or even have any experience in the military warfare.

The terrorist attack in Uri,  which is obviously  aided and encouraged by Pakistan, conclusively prove that Mr. Narendra Modi’s peace options with Pakistan has ended. With the determined extremists and terrorists itching for conflict and terrorism , it is no more reasonable to expect that peace can be ensured by discussions and negotiations.

Sadly, military response has become necessary option for India in dealing with the terrorists , who may be in Jammu Kashmir or across the border in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.  In this process ,  Pakistan which openly supports terrorists will inevitably get involved.

It is known that Pakistan has a strong army with nuclear war capability. The terrain in Kashmir border  poses  formidable problems for Indian army to enter  Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which may prove to be expensive. With the China Pakistan economic corridor now under construction, China may enter the conflict in support of Pakistan if India would take steps to enter Pakistan occupied Kashmir to wipe out terrorist base, since the economic interests of China may be affected.

Obviously, the military option for India also poses some element of risk.

Nevertheless, it appears  that time has come for Mr. Modi to clearly make Pakistan realise that India thinks that it  has no alternative other than  entering  Pakistan occupied Kashmir to wipe out  the terrorist base,  whatever may be the consequences.

Indian strategy has to work on these lines and the world need to be told in clear terms about India’s compulsions.

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