Gandhi in 21st century globalisation by Dhirendra Sharma

Historically,  I think,  Gandhi’s satyagrah had altered  the  world Politics. In 20th century World Wars, State- Nationalism and the Communist   Social Revolution had exploited advanced  destructive  War–science systems. In that  techno-science  developments for the first time in history, civil-population  – towns and cities – unarmed civilians  were destroyed under the air-bombings.

In 1945. The 2nd  WWar ended with the total destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Japanese cities. Millions  – all White Christians in Europe were killed by the White-Christian nation-states.

The victorian  nation-states   were equipped with  advanced War Science systems, when the most colonized Asian-African peoples were struggling  against the  Colonial Imperial powers.  Encouraged  by the Marxian Call for  “the Workers of the World Unite”,  the Communist Revolutionaries  were engaged in the Liberation of the oppressed peoples.

“Political Power comes  out of the Guns” was  the call of the Cultural Revolutionaries. Mahatma  Gandhi  provided  the non-violent ways to respond to the  evolving global  social-political Revolution.  Gandhi  offered the world  with the  Weapon of sataygrah, the  Peaceful political settlements,  based on  non-violence  resistance  to the political domination.

Upholding the Weapons of Mass Destruction, the world’s 5 Advanced Nation-states; US., UK., France, Russia and  China – were  engaged   in the \Cold-War – destructive Nuclear armed competition.

But Mahatma  Gandhi’s ahimsa mantra provided an effective alternatives to  the Violent  Cold-War World politics.  Encouraged by The United Nations,  the Democratic governments were engaged in the Peaceful negotiations to Political Freedom for the 3rd World colonial  states.

During the post-WW-2 decades, the world witnessed  the success of  Gandhian  policy of power change through negotiations.  Historical success of Unarmed Quit India  Movement  was led  by Gandhi.  But  the Mahatma was  not  present  on the occasion when the British Governor General   Lord  Louis Mountbatten  lower the Union Jack on the Rampart of the Red Fort  in Delhi and  hoisted   the Tricolour  ( Tiranga) of Independent India. ( 15 August 1946.)

Even the  Soviet Union (USSR  -Russia)  was dismantled by Gorbache , without firing a single shot. The Peaceful Power change  in Russia –without killing – was the ideological change within  the Communist Dictatorship narrative,  inspired by the  Gandhian Political theory.

Following  the success of the  Gandhian  Freedom struggle, dozens Asian and African  colonies and White racists  regimes, began Civil Rights and Civil Disobedience  ( satyagrah) movement.  And the world witnessed peaceful  democratic withdrawal   of  the  Colonial powers without violent overthrow of the  white imperial forces.

Since,  the Cold-war years, the Nuclear Powers were confronted  by the Gandhian  Anti-Nuclear  and the Anti-Vietnam War protest  movements that encouraged the Gandhian  Civil Rights movements that had adopted to the the Gandhian political ways of  satyagrah based on  ahimsa.

The  Gandhian ahimsa, in the 20 century,  prepared the grounds for the  Cyber Age global civilization.

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