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Greetings friends of the Ground Report India!

I have a good news to share with you. You may recall that we published a detailed report on the community water management works in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh, motivated by Umakant Umrao IAS, in the January 2012 edition of GRI.  The United Nations have awarded the community third rank for the best community practices for water management in the world.

Ground Report India group has started to work on organising 206 conferences on the environment including 200 local, five zonal conferences and an international conference in India on environment issues. We will conduct an exclusive national tour of around 1,00,000 kilometres over the next year.  During this tour, we will meet the common people, groups and organisations working for environmental issues on the ground.

With this introduction, I would now like to present this fourth edition of GRI quarterly focusing on electoral reforms in India. The current edition presents the work of CERI’s (Campaign for Electoral Reforms in India), and this campaigns idea for electoral reforms in India in order to move towards a better democracy. 

The founder of CERI, MC Raj, is a Dalit activist who campaigns for electoral reforms in India.  MC Raj has pushed the CERI campaign forward. He has organized many workshops and seminars in India and foreign countries like Germany.

MC Raj is the guest editor for the current edition. Thus all articles have been arranged by him, except the articles written by John Szemerey and Amitabh Thakur.

John Szemerey is the chairman of the international advisory board of the Ground Report India group and he has worked with media services of European Union over the last few decades. Personally, I found his article interesting and with an objective vision. John is a visionary journalist and has been supporting the idea of Ground Report India from the first day of the foundation of GRI in 2009.

Ground Report India Quarterly published some articles in the October 2011 Edition on Anna’s  Movement, few of those articles are re-published in this edition again because of the relevancy of the articles.

The next edition of Ground Report India Quarterly is expected on human rights issues and Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi has accepted to support Ground Report India as the guest editor for this edition.

Please keep patronising Ground Report India and support us to establish it as an accountable and valued journal.

Thank you very much and I look forward to sharing more with you in future.


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