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Nilanchal Seva Pratishthan is a lovely home for orphans, blind, deaf and mentally retarded children


Children are not a project liability for funds for the Nilanchal Seva Pratishthan (NSP).  On my visit to the NSP, I observed and realised that NSP is a family home for children. NSP provides residential and non-residential education to tribal and non-privileged children of the Puri region in Odisha including orphans, blind, deaf and mentally retarded children. NSP says that these children need special care and to be looked after by a specially trained faculty.

NSP runs a separate schools for blind, deaf, mentally retarded children and orphans within the premises with separate residential blocks. There are separate labs and special classes with special equipment for these children. There are beautiful playgrounds, ponds, gardens and agricultural fields for the children to make them feel that the campus is their own home. NSP organizes traditional events during festivals time as a larger family would, to provide children a very homely environment.



Vocational Trainings:

There are industrial training institute, computer training centre, electronics training centre, farming training centre and vocational training centres to support gain employment after school.

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Talking with Vivek Umrao Glendenning, the founder of NSP said very clearly “NSP was founded for the children.  It is being run for the children. We need funds for children but we do not need children for funds.”


About the author

Vivek Umrao Glendenning

The Founder and the Chief Editor, the Ground Report India group. The Vice-Chancellor and founder, the Gokul Social University, a non-formal but the community-university. The Author of मानसिक, सामाजिक, आर्थिक स्वराज्य की ओर, this book is based on various social issues, development community practices, water, agriculture, his groundworks & efforts and conditioning of thoughts & mind. Reviewers say it is a practical book which answers “What” “Why” “How” practically for the development and social solution in India. He is an Indian citizen & permanent resident of Australia and a scholar, an author, a social-policy critic, a frequent social wayfarer, a social entrepreneur and a journalist. He has been exploring, understanding and implementing the ideas of social-economy, participatory local governance, education, citizen-media, ground-journalism, rural-journalism, freedom of expression, bureaucratic accountability, tribal development, village development, reliefs & rehabilitation, village revival and other. For Ground Report India editions, Vivek had been organising national or semi-national tours for exploring ground realities covering 5000 to 15000 kilometres in one or two months to establish Ground Report India, a constructive ground journalism platform with social accountability.  

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