Thank you very much for reading the current edition of The Ground Report India quarterly journal titled “Ground Efforts for Empowerment and Self-Sustainability of Tribal People”. 

I prefer to see things at the actual ground level.  I try my best to keep my eyes and mind open to see things as they are, without corrupting the vision by the influences of media-sensations or using theoretical intellectualism on secondary or manipulated information.

I do not have a television in my home.  Thus I am almost a media-illiterate person if media-literacy comes through various media-sensations by Indian television channels.

But because I do not believe in media sensations, I try my best to make Ground Report India a positive and people accountable media.

When Ground Report India quarterly published a special edition in October 2011 on Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal movement, I faced many abuses and uncivilised criticism by the followers of Anna Hazare. However, with time the true character of Anna Hazare’s movement was revealed.  People stopped to follow Anna Hazare and his team blindly and started questions the hidden interests behind the movement.

I guess I could face the same abusive behaviours again, because of the current edition content. These abusers would come from the metropolitan intellectuals, NGO sponsored activists and persons using theoretical intellectualism on manipulated information. 

This edition is without a doubt covers the constructive ground efforts of individuals, groups of individuals, voluntary organizations, government institutions and non-government institutions for the empowerment, development and self-sustainability of tribal communities in various states of India.

I assure sincere readers, who have a wish to understand the ground realities of individual efforts, civilian efforts and organisational efforts towards social empowerment and transformation they will not be disappointed by this edition of Ground Report India.  The Ground Report India team worked hard to produce this current edition for you.

In future, Ground Report India print journal coming editions are expected on:

  • Electoral Reforms in India
  • Employment in India

Please send your valuable and relevant articles to us for consideration in the above editions.
Thank you very much for your continuous support and encouragement.  

Yours cordially

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