There has been much excitement in the Ground Report India team as we move from a monthly eJournal (which will still continue) and bring to you this detailed quarterly journal.

This print magazine has arisen out of our concerns and awareness for a balanced media representation of the ground realities of present day India. We presently feel that the Indian media does not provide sufficient attention to the situations of the ‘common man’. I believe that the print magazine of Ground report India is timely, as the push for India to provide an economic growth that is inclusive to the hundreds of millions of Indians who still live on less than $2 a day.

Today, the world is a global village. Poverty, the environment, climate change, economy and peace cannot be understood or tackled without first understanding the ground realities of the major human-populations of the world. As readers of Ground Report India, you can influence policy making, by mobilising, motivating and campaigning for a better world. We want to keep you informed with the ground realities in India and the world, to help your understanding. This is our contribution to your efforts for a better world.

Ground Report India is a large apolitical family of journalists, lawyers, social activists, professors, environmentalists, government officers, youths, students, businesspersons and political activists who believe in positive media and work for a better world.

The history of Ground Report India is a short one, but in that time we can reached to a wide community of readers with important information. Ground Report India was started as a monthly eJournal in 2009 (www.groundreportindia.com). It is now one of the most widespread Indian eJournals for constructive media, ground reporting and citizen media in the world. Ground Report India, eJournal, has around 45,000 regular readers in more than 60 countries but reaches to around 15,00,000 readers in more than a hundred countries through social networks. Subscribers include members of United Kingdom Parliament, European Union Parlia- ment, Indian Parliament, the faculty and alumnus of eminent international universities such as Harvard University, Boston Univer- sity, University of Michigan, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Australian National University, Sydney University, East Angela University, New York University, McMaster University, Ottawa University, and top Indian universities like IIT, IIM, JNU. Our readers also include international media including BBC, CNN, Ground Report, Wikimedia, and Wikipedia.

I am privileged to introduce to you the first edition of the quarterly journal of Ground Report India. Ground Report India quarterly journal continues to build on the vision and mission of the eJournal. Ground Report India is a citizen and constructive media for ground reporting.

For each edition of the magazine, Ground Report India team tours for 70 days in hundreds of areas of various states of India for ground reporting. Because of our efforts to report concretely from the ground, Ground Report India is a quarterly magazine.

This inaugural issue of the Ground Report India journal will explore a number of current issues India is facing at the moment, with a strong focus on the Jan Lokpal Bill and democracy.

Our next edition will be focused on Water and Agriculture. Our team will tour for 75 days from 5th October 2011 in hundreds of areas of 12 states of India.

I am very thankful to you for all of your supports. Please enjoy being a part of the family of Ground Report India and we look forward to your continued support. As a citizen media we rely on your feedback and suggestions to continue to work towards our goals.

Thank you

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