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SPHERONS of Harmony: Deep Societal Structure – Copernican Revolution of Social Science, Peacebuilding and Militaristic Civilization

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[themify_box style=”green”]Global Peace Science (New Delhi, 2016) by 174 coauthors, including the President of India, Abdul Kalam, the three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, a pioneer of peace studies from Norway, Chancellor of the IASE Pedagogical University of India, Catholic sociologist from Belgium, academician-economist of Kazakhstan, a female leader of Africa and dozens of other prominent scholars and thinkers from 34 countries:[/themify_box]


The path of violence, struggle and wars have led humanity to the brink of nuclear self-destruction.

The way of survival and sustainable peaceful development of humanity is a way of deep social harmony of SPHERONS.

But it requires a Copernican revolution of consciousness through a breakthrough of Global Peace Science (GPS) with its spheral harmonious classes of the population — SPHERONS. Therefore SPHERONS expressing a deep societal* structure of humanity’s harmony/peace are the Copernican revolution of human consciousness, its philosophy and humanities. Through this revolution of SPHERONS, social science overcomes the two centuries of lagging behind the military and natural sciences.


Key words: global peace, global peace science, harmony, spherons, deep societal structure, humanity, Copernican revolution, spiritual revolution, tetrasociology, four-dimensional pluralism

Read more: GPS, Chapters 1, 2:

* Societal structure – extremely large social structure or macrostructure of society as a whole with all population without exceptions. The initial term was entered by the American sociologist Talcott Parsons and develops in tetrasociology, see GPS.

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The world has entered an era of change and profound transformations.
The right choice is a choice in favor of peace.
Peace, peaceful life has been and remains the ideal of humanity.
We need is an essentially different approach of… harmonization … harmony.
Russia’s strength lies in…harmony of cultures, languages and…all faiths.
Vladimir Putin: Global Peace Paradigm

Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction.
America will continually play the role of peacemaker.
We desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China.
We should seek common ground based on shared interests.
And we must make America great again.
Donald Trump: Global Peace Paradigm

Implementation of the Putin-Trump’s planetary peaceful strategy
is not possible without Global Peace Science as a science
of SPHERONS’ harmony briefly unfolded in its synopsis-Primer.

This science is “common ground” for Putin-Trump strategy.
Leo Semashko

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SPHERONS are its constant harmonious spheral classes, Constituting its
deep societal structure
of harmony/peace, Including all the population without exceptions:

  1. SPHERON-1 or SOCIOSPHERON or SOCIOCLASS (P1) employed In Sociosphere, object and product of which are PEOPLE (P)
  1. SPHERON-2 or INFOSPHERON or INFOCLASS (P2) employed In Infosphere, the object and product of which is INFORMATION (I)
  1. SPHERON-3 or ORGSPHERON or ORGCLASS (P3) employed In Orgsphere, object and product of which are ORGANIZATIONS (O)
  1. SPHERON-4 or TECHNOSPHERON or TECHNOCLASS (P4) employed In Technoecosphere, object and product of which are THINGS (T)



POPULATION, PEOPLE (P) = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

Model: SPHERONS of Humanity


The size of each SPHERON of humanity today may be hypothetically determined by the pattern of their statistical proportion for Russia 2010 calculated in the GPS Chapter 2 ( The number of Russian SPHERONS in millions and as a percentage to the total population (rounded):

SOCIOSPHERON = 85 million or 59.4%

INFOSPHERON = 4 million or 2.8%

ORGSPHERON = 10.8 million or 7.5%

TECHNOSPHERON = 41 million or 28, 6%

Statistical error = 2.3 million or 1.6%

The size of humanity’s SPHERONS in 2011 ($ 7 billion) in this proportion is:

SOCIOSPHERON = 59.4% = 4.2 billion

INFOSPHERON = 2.8% = 0.2 billion

ORGSPHERON = 7.5% = 0.5 billion

TECHNOSPHERON = 28, 6% = 2 billion

Statistical error = 1.6% = 0.1 billion.


It is obvious that such an extrapolation of proportions of one country to the whole of humanity is rough but there appears to be no alternative method of projection. The proportions of sizes of SPHERONS in each country and each region are very different. Their definition requires appropriate statistical studies as proposed in Chapter 2 on methodology, which was based and tested on the Russian statistics. These computations are very labor-intensive and they require establishing the new large statistical institutions in each country and city. In this regard, we confine ourselves here to what has been derived.

The fundamental difference of SPHERONS is not in their sizes but only in their main (in time) vital productive employment in one of four spheres of social production. All other their attributes: property, power, values, education, culture, science, law, religion and the like are special cases derived from the historical forms and the quality of their universal defining attribute of vital employment. SPHERONS, regardless of their size, are equally necessary for society, because they produce equally necessary for society products/resources.

Logic and ontology of SPHERONS. They are simple and indisputable. If we recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production, which continually produce four necessary and sufficient for the life of society and every individual PIOT resources, we have to recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient SPHERONS employed in the spheres of production. The spheres of production cannot exist and be real without SPHERONS. SPHERONS are the main productive force, without which the production of these resources is impossible and which requires peace and harmony. Therefore SPHERONS are permanent actors of global peace, its heart and motor. It’s an impeccable truth for all nations and every thinking person.

It expresses the eternal harmonious nature of the human and humanity as a whole. This nature excludes wars and violence and provides mankind a perpetual global peace, in which the partial historical wars at its early stage are just a deviation from the laws of harmony and a sign of ignorance of people in their knowledge and conscious scientific use. Who will deny this truth – he/she will prove the militaristic, violent nature of human, which plunges humanity into endless generic war until its complete self-destruction in wars. As yet, no one has denied this truth, although attempts have been made. They will not stop until the wars, enriching the ruling oligarchic elite that make up less than 1% of the population will not be pushed out from public consciousness by recognition of harmonious classes of the population – SPHERONS through Global Peace Science and appropriate education and culture.

But this truth is deeply hidden under a thick cover of the historical fragmentation and endless cultural diversity of quality and gradation of the spheral objects (spheres, spheral resources and SPHERONS), so it became available only after many thousands of years, in the early 21st century, in Tetrasociology and GHA. The infinite variety of the spheral objects, especially SPHERONS, does not reject them but confirms the deep spheral structure of harmony in humanity, which cements it, providing it with life, peace and sustainable development.

Humanity and any society from family and settlement arise with the appearance of four SPHERONS and they die with the death of at least one of the SPHERONS. SPHERONS never had been at war and are not able to be at war by their objective status as the main productive forces of all resources of humanity. Therefore they are natural and eternal actors of global peace.

All other groups and classes of the population are the SPHERONS in various parts called PARTONSS. Only PARTONSS are able to war. Therefore all of them are the historically transitory in contrast to the eternal SPHERONS. They are just as eternal as the natural deep spheral structure of social production and its harmony are eternal. For the theory of SPHERONS and PARTONSS see GPS Chapter 1. Their statistics are in Ch. 2.

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Tetrasociology’s Discovery

The SPHERONS discovery became first possible in Tetrasociology (  

Tetrasociology expresses the four-dimensional pluralistic philosophy, on the foundation of which this science of social harmony, harmonious civilization and global peace was built. The SPHERONS discovery in tetrasociology is based on the axiom of social harmony and the three fundamental facts of social cognition.

Axiom of social harmony: The harmonious existence of a society in any place and at any time is defined by the measure in proportion of four necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). (Things are any material benefits and services). In the acronym: P-I-O-T, or: PIOT.

The first fact and achievement is the discovery of the four spheres of society or social production, which belongs to Karl Marx in “German Ideology“, 1845.

The second fact and achievement is the discovery of vital employment, self-production, autopoiesis, which belongs to Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (1973), which was introduced in sociology by Nicholas Luhmann in 1990. They proved, in fact, that vital employment, self-production, autopoiesis in society and human history are universal, in relation to which all other social attributes and functions – property, power, religion and the like are special cases.

The third fact and achievement is the creation of the first in sociology system theory of “structural functionalism” of four “societal subsystems” or spheres and related “societal communities” by great American sociologist- theorist Talcott Parsons in 1937-1978, which was developed by Alvin Toffler, Pierre Bourdieu and some other theorists. (A detailed analysis of the theories of Parsons, Toffler and the like was made in my book “Sociology for Pragmatists“, St. Petersburg, 1999, pp. 148-157, in Russian). But this theory of high universal explanation of social reality was rejected by industrial sociology after Parsons’ death (1978), with the establishment in it of the American empirical sociology domination. Well-known British sociologist Margaret Archer wrote this situation: “From the 1970s onwards there was a steady abandonment of ‘systematic sociology’ and the almost feverish production of ‘catch-phrase’ caricatures, each merely extrapolating one societal feature observable at the empirical level… Late Modernity is characterised by Giddens as the ‘runaway society’, the ‘juggernaut’ out of control… Generically, the majority of today’s social theory has no resources with which to conceive of a robust civil society and a real civil economy… With Marxism dead, so was the power to conceive of a better future attained through social conflict. With Parsons in demise, so died any serious concern with social integration and ‘the problem of social order’. The two main engines that, in totally different ways, had driven the sociological imagination during industrial capitalism generated no alternatives for the macro-conceptualization of how late modernity need not ‘be so, but could be otherwise’” (

The combination of these key facts and achievements of social knowledge in Tetrasociology led to the discovery of SPHERONS, which implement their autopoiesis (self-production) by their life constantly-variable (parallel) employment in the four spheres of social production.

All human life, from birth to death – is autopoiesis, continuous life-time employment in the four spheres of society/production. Autopoiesis of people in four spheres divides the population into four classes of people employed in them – on SPHERONS. Therefore, SPHERONS are employed in the production spheres classes of the population, including all people from birth to death. Therefore, they are called SPHERONS – involved in the production spheres. All of these people without exception are SPHERONS employed in the spheres of production, but in different ways in their infinite forms of quality and gradations.

In different spheres, autopoiesis is made differently. Autopoiesis begins, extends continuously and ends in the social sphere, to which it belongs entirely. Animals are genetically limited and this gives them vital instinctive employment and does not extend beyond its borders. The human is endowed with reason. In his/her developed state the human is capable of parallel, simultaneous employment in all spheres of society. Parallel employment in the spheres is discontinuous and variable; it is replaced internally but it is only part of autopoiesis as a whole. Parallel time is conscious or intuitive human labor employment in the four spheres of society and autopoiesis – that’s just intuitive, spontaneous vital human employment in these areas. Together, they determine the division of all people, the population, into four spheral classes of society – in four SPHERONS by the criteria of main employment (on time) in one of the spheres.

The labor employment in all infinite variety of types of professional employment in the respective social structures – is just a private and surface form of life employment, the autopoiesis of SPHERONS. It is deep, hidden from the eyes but the most fundamental, eternal and universal societal structure, unknown to science so far. The deep societal structure of SPHERONS is harmonious because it is determined to be necessary, sufficient and coherent (balanced spontaneously) forms of autopoiesis, i.e., four spheres of life employment of people. This is a level of deep ontology of universal, continuous and everlasting world peace.

On the other hand, any conflict, strife, struggle, war, or violence between the types of labor employment on any partial grounds of property, wealth, income, and, etc., is only a special case of internal social harmony of SPHERONS. This is a level of surface, discontinuous and time ontology of war, struggle and violence.

This only shows that on an intuitive level, initially, SPHERONS do not have the necessary knowledge of its own nature to find harmonious solutions to all their private disputes, antagonisms and conflicts. This knowledge SPHERONS find in the science of social harmony and global peace (GPS) as a result of the long previous historical development. This science discovers SPHERONS and makes them real for the mind, which finds in them the heart of this science and social GENOME (SOCIONOME), constantly reproducing itself in the history of mankind as it exists. Therefore, the science of social harmony and world peace – is a revolution of the social sciences and peace thinking that defines an overturn in the ontology of war and peace and their epistemology.

Summary. Marx discovered the four spheres of social production but he did not know autopoiesis. Maturana discovered autopoiesis but he did not know the production’s spheres. Parsons discovered/created a four-dimensional societal system of structural functionalism but he did not know the Maturana’s discovery and ignored the discovery of Marx. Tetrasociology and its Global Peace Science integrated their achievements in the discovery of the four eternal universal SPHERONS employed in four spheres of production. SPHERONS are seen to constitute the social genome of humanity and determine his life in peace from harmony. This discovery, without exaggeration, is the Copernican revolution of the 21st century. It was prepared by the preceding development of social knowledge and is disclosed below.

Details of the complicated process of SPHERONS discovery and fundamental elements of their social genome (see SOCIONOME diagram below) are unfolded in the first approximation in GPS Chapter 1 and its other chapters, as well as in other books and articles on Tetrasociology (see its bibliography here: The SPHERONS empirical reasoning and statistical proof is in GPS, Chapter 2.

See some reviews of Tetrasociology:

A visual image of humanity’s SPHERONS is represented in the painting “SPHERONS of Harmony” (below), which clearly demarcated militaristic, violent surface of society, created by the armed clashes of various private and temporary groups and classes, called in GPS PARTONS and deep constant societal structure of harmonious classes of the population – SPHERONS that determines the peaceful nature of the human and humanity and which, ultimately, will prevail at the Earth based on its scientific knowledge in Global Peace Science.

The SPHERONS’ colors in the picture: 1. SOCIOSPHERON – green, 2.INFOSPHERON – blue, 3. ORGSPHERON – red, 4. TEHNOEKOSPHERON – brown, the color of the material production.

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Functions, Attributes, Meaning and Significance.
Actors, Heart and Genome of Society and its Global Peace.


  1. SPHERONS are the main productive force of society, its driving motor and producing actor, which generates all the necessary and sufficient PIOT resources (People, Information, Organization, Things) for societal life, including themselves. SPHERONS perform all the necessary and sufficient functions of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of a whole complex of PIOT resources, without which the life of society and each individual is impossible. Therefore, SPHERONS are equally necessary for society.
  2. SPHERONS are creators of the balanced, crisis-free and efficient economy of moderate, harmonious growth and the guarantee of its sustainable development.

Model: SPHERONS Functions

  1. SPHERONS are four hearts of society; without each of them it is dead. The blood of SPHERONS is a constant flow of services and PIOT resources that they continuously reproduce every second of their life. Destruction or absence of at least one of SPHERONS exsanguinates society and deprives its life. Therefore, SPHERONS are equally necessary for society.
  2. SPHERONS are the genetic code of society, its social genome – SOCIONOME providing throughout human history reproduction of the deep unchanged structure of harmony of SPHERONS.

SOCIONOME: Social Genome of Global Harmony and Global Peace of SPHERONS.

More details on SOCIONOME see [1, 38–43] and Video:

  1. SPHERONS are the cause, the source, the guarantor and the actors of natural and conscious global peace. SPHERONS can exist only in peace from their harmony that they provide in all spheres. War between them is impossible; therefore it leads to their mutual destruction, destruction of social production and destruction of society as a whole. War between them is excluded by the definition of the law of societal life in harmony of SPHERONS. They are able to perform their key productive function only when they are in peace among themselves. Between them only harmony and peace from it is possible. Therefore SPHERONS never warred and are not able to war with each other. To be in war can only their historically bounded and deviating from their harmony parts – PARTONSS – private temporary classes, separate nations, states and groups.
  2. SPHERONS constitute on the GPS base the new scientific spheral technologies of pacifization*/harmonization: universal digitizing, statistical informatization, harmonious globalization, economic growth, spheral democratization, institutionalization of harmony, monetization, intellectualization, personal harmonious growth, harmonious education and the like.
  3. Axiology of SPHERONS. Their key integral value of harmony overcomes historical limitations and deformation of all human values especially such as: culture, peace, love, freedom, equality, fraternity, justice, faith, democracy, honesty, human rights, openness, friendship, family, cooperation, happiness and others. SPHERONS consciously unite them in harmony, providing a new spiritual habit and moral level of humanity.
  4. Harmony of SPHERONS is a third way of development of mankind, an alternative to ineradicable social pathologies/disharmonies immanent to capitalism and socialism. But this way will integrate all of their constructive achievements and it will emerge non-violently in contrast to their violent, revolutionary birth. SPHERONS are actors of the third way. They find scientific harmonious balance of private and state property, the absolutization of economic extremes which create ineradicable inner antagonism between capitalism and socialism, their violence, constant wars and injustice. For more details, see: GPS Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Comparison of the GPS SPHERONS’ theory or theory of harmonious classes of the population with Marxist and liberal/conservative theories.

Marx deduced from his theory of class struggle the victory of global dictatorship of proletariat and world socialism. This theory collapsed as being unscientific together with the collapse of the USSR in 1990, but continues to live in the minds of many old scholars and politicians.

Liberalism/conservatism proves the victory of propertied class and world capitalism. It turned the victory of 1% of billionaires (with the purchased servicing ruling elite), their total dictatorship under the mask of liberal 1% pseudo-democracy (see below) and the growing unsolvable global problems, including impending nuclear self-destruction of humanity. The liberal system is powerless to solve them and has plunged the world into universal crisis. Its fall under the weight of own problems is on the horizon.

Global Peace Science (GPS) deduces from the theory of harmonious classes SPHERONS the victory of global peace over war, nonviolence over violence and the ultimate victory of a harmonious civilization. It, in contrast to the industrial civilization of capitalism/socialism, is capable of solving any global problem nonviolently, harmoniously in the interests of all nations and classes of humanity. This is their scientific effective alternative to Marxism/liberalism that provides sustainable harmonious development for all peoples and groups.

Their comparison unfolds the optimistic prognostic value and practical meaning of SPHERONS’ theory explaining their historical significance as a social foundation and the conscious actors of the future harmonious, peaceful and nonviolent human development.

Read more: GPS Chapters 1, 5, 8, 10, Final.  

*Pacifization. Pacifization is the GPS concept designating the universal process similar to globalization and informatization, supplementing them and embodied in the constant growth of reconciliation of international relations in global society as a result of spreading consciousness and peacebuilding technologies of GPS. Not to be confused with local attempts of violent reconciliation – “pacification.”

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Philosophy and Epistemology of Peace and War
Heraclitus: “Much learning does not teach understanding” [and peace]


  1. The Philosophy of SPHERONS or spheral philosophy, in the briefest definition, is the philosophy of harmony of the deepest and fundamental structure of humanity, which ensures its historical life in all its diversity. Therefore spheral philosophy is a philosophy of harmony of the historical diversity of social life, harmony of its opposites, without which harmony of which the life of this diversity and their opposites would be impossible. Without harmony of the SPHERONS the diverse parts would start to war and kill each other. The scientific harmony of SPHERONS, which consciously disseminate to all parts (on all PARTONSS), eliminates the need for their parts to war and kill one other, thus providing peace from harmony while it preserves by SPHERONS. SPHERONS philosophy is a philosophy of Global Peace Science and vice versa.
  2. The limitation of traditional thinking of parts and details (“much learning”) leads to wars and military science and is unable to lead to the holistic spheral thinking and peace science.
  3. SPHERONS epistemology. The path of SPHERONS knowledge as the only actors of social production and global peace is dotted with countless obstacles and interferences. SPHERONS are the most complex integrated object of social cognition, which required many thousands of years of research before it was discovered. In the last step, the last quarter of the 20th century with the discovery of SPHERONS begins two simultaneous epistemological interrelated processes: 1. Extensive system research of SPHERONS within the traditional social sciences and 2. Revolution of social sciences, consciousness and thinking, their cognitive breakthrough associated with the study of SPHERONS in different dimensions: philosophical, sociological, statistical, demographic, economic, political, cultural, technological, etc. These processes were integrated and crowned with Global Peace Science (GPS) published in the same name book in the Russian (2015: and in English (2016: languages respectively.

SPHERONS epistemology, topped by GPS, is a revolution of traditional peacemaking thinking, cognition and consciousness, which like a locomotive pulls a revolution of all the social sciences. This that is well illustrated by the entire content of its book. At the heart of this revolution is a simple epistemology of war and peace, which is summarized today in the three universal and irrefutable comparative facts of cognition and appropriate three fundamental achievements. This is its radical difference from traditional thinking:

  1. A) SPHERONS discovery as the universal actors of the global peace, knowledge which allows us to understand ways to achieve it and exclude all wars.
  2. B) Only the spheral thinking is capable of creating an epistemological instrument of peace in the face of GPS and equips them humanity.
  3. C) Traditional thinking is basically militaristic. Spheral thinking is in principle with peacemaking and peacebuilding.

Traditional thinking throughout the thousand years of human history, despite all efforts, was unable to understand the actors of peace, which overcome war and ensure global peace: wars were and are an inherent part of human life. New, spheral thinking led to the discovery of universal SPHERONS as the global peace actors, knowledge which allows us to understand ways to achieve it and exclude all wars.

Traditional thinking more than two centuries ago was able to create a military science, which with its unprecedented achievements summed up mankind as being at the brink of sophisticated military nuclear or other means of self-destruction. Military science is the most powerful epistemological tool of war. However, traditional thinking was powerless to create peace science and to equip humanity with the most powerful epistemological instrument of peace. Only spheral thinking has been capable to create an epistemological tool of peace in the face of GPS and equipping them for humanity.

Peace War

Traditional knowledge for thousands of years has been unable to understand the deep societal structure of harmony as the ultimate source of global peace and to create a proper peace science
that was born in 2015 not because of, but in spite traditional thinking within the spheral paradigm. The limitation of traditional thinking and cognition is the root epistemological cause of the military nature of past human history, which is complemented by a social cause, disclosed in GPS. Epistemologically this thinking was and remains militaristic. Why? For what reason? And why does the spheral thinking of the SPHERAL objects and concepts provide peacefulness as a true peacemaking and peacebuilding?

The limitation of traditional thinking/knowledge has long been criticized by philosophers. Probably, the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus about 2.5 thousand years ago was the first who aphoristically defined its main defect: “Much learning does not teach understanding” [and peace]; it is devoid of “harmony of opposites” knowledge and “hidden (deep) harmony is better than obvious. A philosophical transcription of this may be a very wise aphorism as follows: <<knowledge of many particulars and details are not taught to the mind and peace, does not give them, and cannot see through the superficial struggle and war of opposites their deep inner harmony>>. The war, strife, violence, conflict and struggle of opposites lie on the surface of society; they are easily and simply fixed by the senses in their infinite particulars and details that fill out our traditional way of thinking. It drowns in them by limits that are imposed by themselves. It does not teach us the mind and peace, without penetrating into the harmonious depth of an infinite number of parts and details.

  1. Knowledge of many private and incoherent parts does not teach as a whole how to understand goodness, love, harmony and peace. Only four spheres of knowledge of nature, society and the individual and their unity in harmony of SPHERONS can teach us mind, goodness, love, harmony and peace as a whole. This knowledge is the revolution of consciousness, thinking and social sciences. This is a harmony revolution, which begins in the mind with the knowledge of SPHERONS harmony spreading through education on all spheres of their employment. War and peace begin with the head, with the thinking, as defined in the UN Charter. Traditional partial thinking of small things and details begets war, strife, struggle and violence. Just thinking of the spheral objects and concepts, which is Tetranet harmonious holistic thinking and consciousness, creates and provides global peace.

The great thinkers of ancient Egypt, India, Greece, China: Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Empedocles, Laozi, Plato, Aristotle and others have found the depth of thinking in the spheres of cosmos, society and the individual and in secret, hidden from the eyes, harmony of these spheres. Unfortunately, harmony of the spheres and its knowledge/thinking has remained an inheritance of a few thinkers because of their epistemological difficulties, social underdevelopment and lack of demand.

Global Peace Science is the first-ever example of unfolded scientific thinking about a deep harmony of societal structure of SPHERONS as the spheral classes of the population, determining natural peaceful nature of human and society. These classes, mastering with deep knowledge and thinking of harmony for the social spheres, are able to consciously build a global peace in human society. Only such thinking can teach a human with true mind and peace. Only with such thinking do we need to teach since childhood and in all schools. Only teaching such thinking may be the ultimate goal and constant subject for global education. Only this philosophy and corresponding thinking, knowledge and education can ensure global peace, which is not available for a traditional way of thinking. Only a spheral epistemology of war and peace is able to unite the nations in the harmonious coexistence as a single family on the Earth.

  1. Spheral epistemology as a way of SPHERONS’ knowledge was launched in Tetrasociology and continued in the GHA. This way will be long and difficult but filled with new stunning social and humanitarian discoveries that will radically change the spirituality of humanity in future centuries and millennia.

Read more: The GPS Chapters 1, 6, 7.

See also: Tetrasociology: comparison of social philosophies:

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100% Democracy and Peace Geopolitics

Montesquieu. Fundamental Law of democracy: “The firmness and prosperity of democracy always depend from the correct division on the classes of the population with the right to vote“.

Montesquieu (1689-1755)

The liberal or traditional or industrial, or western, or “full” democracy always ignored this “fundamental law of Republic” by Montesquieu. Therefore, all its historical and national forms always are suffering with four innate defects: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism as a limitation by priority of private interests of the ruling 1% richest and unchangeable national elite, concentrating control over all public resources of PIOT. These defects transform democracy in “counter democracy” or “anti-democracy” in a varying degrees.

Militarism. Liberal democracy is responsible almost for all wars of the 20th and 21st centuries and almost for all the bloody tyrants of this time. NATO’s military Summit in Warsaw on July 9, 2016 maximized the risk of nuclear war to the peak level associated with the Nazi plan Barbarossa in 1941. The US/NATO are ready to repeat this sadness for themselves and all Hitler’s aggressive experience. Liberal democracy has now prepared at 100% the nuclear war, which can happen at any moment today or tomorrow. These countless facts characterize western democracy as militaristic, which is not able and not willing to seek peaceful solutions – preferring military, violent solutions with a large number of people’s as victims. Therefore militaristic democracy violates the right to life of millions of the people’s masses; in fact, is anti-democratic, and does not correspond to the concept of democracy and does not serve the interests of the people. As one wise Canadian scientist said: “You can’t have a democracy that organizes itself around war”:

Terrorism is the continuation, development, tool and form of militarism, an inevitable attribute of liberal militarist democracy at the stage of its sunset and decay.

Corruption. “Full liberal” democracy is overfilled with corruption freedom confirmed by millions of facts and is insurmountable by any measures up to the death penalty. It also expresses its anti-democratic character, its incurable internal pathology and its focus which is not in the interests of the people but rather in the interest of private corruption interests.

Inequality. Traditional democracy stimulated, from the late 19th century, an intensive growth of social inequality, especially property, income and power, concentrating them in the hands of the richest 1% of the national irremovable ruling elite. This is also confirmed by numerous facts and expresses anti- democratism of the liberal “full” democracy.

Nationalism. Liberal democracy is limited to “the service to national interests”, which is declared as a priority, “above all else.” But for the priority of “national interests”, it conceals and carefully masks the priority interests of the richest 1% ruling and irremovable elite. Similarly, nationalism of liberal democracy was justified, to some extent, in its early days in the era of industrial fragmentation. In the era of information and economic globalization, national interests are realized only through global interests, processes and technologies. Therefore, each nation is responsible for them for their own interests. But liberal democracy is devoid of any global foundation and a linking platform of the interests of different poles. Therefore, its narrow nationalism is constantly generating soil of different conflicts and wars: commercial, competitive, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inter-regional, hybrid, technologic and the like, up to the hot suicidal nuclear war, which has now prepared by liberal democracy at 100% in order to start it at any minute, today or tomorrow.

Therefore the research literature about liberal, “full” democracy is filled with anti-democratic estimates and definitions: “plutocracy, oligarchy, totalitarian democracy, democracy for the few, democratic despotism, fascist democracy, democracy of billionaires, brainwashing, zombie, manipulation democracy,” etc. (See: GPS, Chapters 8, 9 and 13). Below are some of them.

American democracy and elections through the eyes of the Americans:

Bill Moyers: “Our elections have replaced horse racing as the sport of kings. These kings are multibillionaire corporate moguls who… are now buying politicians like so much pricey horseflesh“,

Terrence Paupp, Death of Democracy in America, ibid

Terrence Paupp, The Murder of American Democracy by Corporate Fascists, ibid

Jim Hightower, Super PACs and Secret Money Destroying America’s Democracy, ibid

Charles Mercieca, Death of Democracy and Freedom in America, ibid

John Pilger, Why the Rise of Fascism is again the Issue, ibid

Conn Hallinan and Leon Wofsy, The ‘American Century’ Has Plunged the World into Crisis,

  1. William Engdahl: Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order,

Gary Brumback. Real America is a fascist state:

Henry A. Giroux. Politics as Pathology in the Warfare State:

The number of similar testimonies is countless times. In general this system of political democracy is characterized as a “rogue state“: William Blum,

Democracy of SPHERONS or Spheral 100% democracy is an alternative to liberal democracy, in fact truncated up to 1% democracy. It preserves all the partial achievements of liberal democracy but differs from it by the following fundamental features, advantages and preferences.

The first feature of the spheral democracy (SD) is implementation of Montesquieu’s “fundamental law of Republicin  constitutional division of the population/employments of any community from the smallest village, school and firm to mankind and global corporations on four SPHERONS on the main (in time) criterion of employment in one of four spheres of social production.  When the population (people) is not divisible by any classes, as in liberal democracy, its quality is worse and it is extended, reproducing all its social pathologies: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism. Therefore, in liberal democracies, even the most “full”, is devoid of any structured and constitution actors (classes of population) of democracy, implying only one actor – the adults or the people that open an unlimited field for falsification, manipulation and restriction of democracy and make it “a very bad form of government” according to Churchill.  Therefore they are deprived of the fundamental foundation that provides the firmness and prosperity of democracy – “the correct division on the classes of the population” by Montesquieu. And only in this feature the Spheral democracy is much better than liberal.

The spheral democracy (SD) second feature is completeness, coverage of 100% of the population, including underage children (from birth to 18 years as the UN established), which in different societies make up from 20 to 50% of the population but which have never been presented in the traditional militaristic democracy; therefore, they – more than other groups – are suffering from wars. SPHERONS cover the entire population, including children, the interests of which are priorities for any society. Therefore democracy of SPHERONS is a truly complete and full democracy, with priority for children and women as the natural peaceful population groups of every society. Representing interests of children is implemented by their parents, above all, mothers but also and fathers who are endowed with the right to vote on each of minor child through the Children’s Suffrage mechanism (CSM: See: GPS, Chapter 8.5.). Women and mothers with children constituting the majority of the population of any society will provide in spheral democracy (SD) a women’s priority in the management as well as the priority of the children’s interests instead of war ones excluding it from the life of society. The mechanism of representation of the children interests in SD bodies is discovered in the conception and project of the “Law of Children’s Suffrage Executed by Parents” [see:]. Women’s equality in the spheral society’s governance is provided by the constitutional guarantee of the provision of at least 50% of the seats in all bodies.

The spheral democracy (SD) third feature is equal distribution of power in all its branches and bodies between the elected representatives of the four equally necessary (regardless of size) SPHERONS. To this the four-dimensional political and party system corresponds in different variants. Real harmony and balance of SPHERONS will be reflected in a harmonious structure of power with its equal distribution in all branches of governance, which assumes equal constitutionally reserved seats for the elected representatives of each SPHERON at every level of power and in each of its branches. This mechanism requires a special study, design and practical testing. It eliminates and prevents any armed conflict between any groups in society, as well as between the authorities and the population. Spheral democracy, for the first time in history, provides political, authoritative equality of people according to the criterion of SPHERONS, i.e. on employment criterion in the spheres of production as the most important quality of all people. Such institutional division of power on four equally strong parts provides SD with an unshakable mechanism of internal checks, balances and guards against all typical defects of traditional democracy: militarism, inequality, nationalism, corruption, abuse of power, lack of control, impunity for crimes, oligarchic and/or tyrannical, totalitarian tendencies and so on. It also provides the possibility of full participation of all citizens, which is unheard of for a dying liberal democracy.

The SD fourth feature is an internally built structural mechanism of harmonious/soft opposition of four SPHERONS acting on the principle: “one common goal of universal harmony but different ways of its achieving and development at each of the four SPHERONS.” (We remember, this goal provides global peace from harmony.) This mechanism provides anti-totalitarian, anti-monopoly and anti-militarist (and then – anti-corruption) immunity of spheral democracy, about which one cannot even dream of any one form of liberal democracy.

The SD fifth feature is adoption of the most important decisions by a majority vote of representatives of each SPHERON that, in fact, is spheral consensus in the decision-making mechanism, which provides peace at all levels. The solution of all the issues by a spheral majority – is an important procedural advantage of SD.

The SD sixth feature is a permanent mutual control of each of the spheral body of authority and each of its officers by the Joint Commission at least two SPHERONS that virtually reduce to zero the possibility of corruption in governance. The inner-balanced four-dimensional structure of SD ensuring complete transparency of each of its spheral parts and branches for each and for all, together with unlimited control over their actions, especially the distribution and spending of budget funding – all this will totally eliminate a corruption of power systems in all previous types of democracy. Spheral democracy replaces criminal, militaristic and disharmonious ruling elites of previous democracies in harmonious, peaceful and transparent democratic elites of SPHERONS.

The SD seventh feature is full transparency of governance, all governmental actions in all spheres and sectors. SD cancels all forms of secrecy, – commercial, banking, industrial, information, etc., which makes liberal society actually closed and antidemocratic. Only spheral democracy ensures full openness, transparency of society and all of its institutions. Liberal democracy has never been able to provide it. When the process of general and complete disarmament will be complete, then the institution of state secrets will be canceled. Under the cover of a thick veil, with almost universal and impenetrable mysteries, traditional democracy committed all financial and commercial crimes, all militaristic and political conspiracies, all pyramids of corruption, plunging the population into the ocean of total ignorance, lies and deceit, in which it is unable to make the right decision and in which it is it becomes an easy toy of zombies and manipulation by the power elites.

  1. Valuable unity of power and the people in harmony.

SPHERONS create the 100% democracy instead of 1% liberal democracy. This provides global peace and peace geopolitics.

The SD eighth valuable feature cementing unity of the power and the people is harmony, which is essentially dispositional for all other features. This valuable unity becomes a common goal and a unifying force for all political parties, all authorities and all groups of the population as the conscious parts of SPHERONS. Therefore, it excludes the permanently hostile or alienated political interests of various private elites, overcoming disharmony of liberal democracy, which is constantly degraded and eventually dies under the weight of integral issues that it cannot solve. Therefore, only spheral democracy can be a model, actor and guarantor of global peace in contrast to militaristic liberal democracy, which is an example and actor of wars. Spheral democracy is to maximize social and individual harmony, rather than maximizing profits and wars as an industrial democracy. On the other hand, in the end, the above listed negative, vicious qualities of traditional democracy transform it into an instrument not of national but anti-people governance, not peaceful but militaristic control. They express total internal decay of liberal democracy’s mechanism and require its replacement with the mechanism of harmonious spheral democracy as true democracy, free from its vices.

The listed eight distinctive features of spheral democracy lead to the conclusion that only SPHERONS’ democracy can ensure global peace at all levels, its geopolitics of peace and planetary order of peacefulness. No previous forms of democracy, as demonstrated by the history of thousands of years, have been able to ensure the peace prosperity of all the peoples and humanity as a whole.

SPHERONS’ democracy is 100% democracy instead of 1% liberal democracy of PARTONSS as the different richest ruling national elites.

The liberal, or Western 1% democracy by its militarism, corruption and other congenital defects built a closed non-transparent disharmonious civilization of total lies, crimes and deceptions of the population, with deliberate falsification, phobias, zombie and manipulation of the media official propaganda via the violence rule rather than the law. “The Western media plunges the world into a new Cold War” (  The disharmonious, vicious in all spheres, liberal civilization requires a complete system replacement as defined by John Scales Avery, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate:

We need system change, not climate change! We need a new economic system, a new society, a new social contract, a new way of life. Here are the great tasks that history has given to our generation: we must achieve a steady-state economic system. We must restore democracy. We must decrease economic inequality. We must break the power of corporate greed. We must leave fossil fuels in the ground. We must stabilize and ultimately reduce the global population. We must eliminate the institution of war. And finally, we must develop a more mature ethical system to match our new technology.”(  

The liberal democracy was able to create this vicious disharmonious condition in all spheres system but it is unable to update it. It is able to do only SPHERONS democracy, which creates a harmonious transparent civilization free from the liberal vices.  

The US presidential election exposed the impotence of Western democracy. It is a “tragedy” that it “cannot produce better candidates than Trump and Clinton through a disgustingly commercialized and corrupt political process”. Its “manifest destiny is now in manifest decline”. Hillary Clinton has supported all the wars; she is a Cold Warrior, the last true hawk left in the race and another militarist disaster for the world ( Trump was accused in “fascist threat” and he accused Clinton and Obama of the creation of the Islamic terrorist state (ISIL). This is an agony of the liberal “full” democracy capable to offer only an abundance of lies and inflatable balls as with Hillary.

American democracy is disharmonious and amoral democracy of 1%. It is a dirty mix of violence, killings, xenophobia, and mainstream lie, donations from the donors of terrorists, corruption and militarism of billionaires (1%) into a zombie wrap of entertaining show for the public. It manipulates and perverts the minds of voters, depriving them of adequate guidance.

It imposes on the society and its institutions a paranoid intention of the first nuclear strike, having launched the first in history atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, from which none of the liberal democrats do not wish to refuse (and to apologize still). It tramples the human mind, morality and dignity. This is the triumphal parade of the hawks rankling global peace. It rejects the humanity’s right to life and peace, terrifies the nations and forces them to increase military defense against hawks.

The vivid proof of degeneration of liberal democracy and its two-party system are candidates for the US presidency – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The US whole state machine of liberal democracy led by President Obama worked on militarism and its presidential candidate – Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump with its program of peaceful and harmonious foreign policy, rejecting militarism Obama-Clinton, has been demonized in the mainstream media, which brought down upon him endless stream of dirty lies, fraud and forgeries. (This is analyzed in my article *). It is therefore not surprising that more than 40% of the voters of America have ignored these dirty elections, signaling a decline US liberal democracy. But contrary to the state vices of democracy, its main result was the victory of Donald Trump with its program of peaceful foreign policy, which the American people preferred to Clinton militarism. (This is analyzed in our other article **). It was an unexpected and unwanted result for liberal democracy.

The alternative of liberal democracy is truly full democracy of SPHERONS or spheral 100% democracy, covering the entire population, without exception and built of the base of scientific reason and values of harmony/peace/morality. This is a unique self-cleaning alternative of democracy. But it requires the Copernican overturn of social consciousness and the American SPHERONS’ harmonious (nonviolent) political revolution on the GPS foundation “ending a militaristic foreign policy that fuels terrorism.

The most difficult and important here is a revolution of consciousness. America could have been its leader and great in it if the newly elected president Trump will fulfill his peaceful intentions. This is a historical chance and new common dream for America.

Read more: GPS, Chapters 8, 9, 10, 13.

Spheral democracy summary:

The population is divided into 4 SPHERONS by the main (at one time) employment in one of the 4 spheres. SPHERONS are different in size but are equal in objective social status of equally necessary and sufficient actors of any society and in division of the democratic power. SPHERONS exist at all levels, therefore the spheral democracy is established at all floors of society, starting with the firm, any enterprise, institution and municipality and ending global level.

Conventional example for equal division of powers in the spheral democracy on the national state level, for example for Russia, USA, EU and similar:

  1. Legislative power. Parliament, with 500 seats, by 125 deputies from each SPHERON
  2. Presidential power. Administration, 100 employees, by 25 of each SPHERON
  3. Executive power. Government, 32 ministers, by 8 from each SPHERON
  4. Judicial power. Constitutional Court, 24 judges, by 6 from each SPHERON

*Semashko, Leo (2016) Trump – Hillary: America’s Historic Choice between Peace and War:

** Semashko, Leo and 20 coauthors (2016) Trump: Peacemaking Revolution of the US Aggressive Geopolitics:

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Copernican Overturn, Breakthrough and Revolution of Consciousness

SPHERONS, the deep social structure of harmony, is the Copernican revolution of consciousness, its philosophy and humanities. This is the paradigm shift from the violent, militaristic model of thinking to a harmonious and peaceful pattern of social understanding.  

Copernicus’ (1473 – 1543) revolution almost five centuries ago proved that the center of the planetary system is not the Earth and the Sun, despite the sensual fact that we see constantly the opposite – the Sun’s movement on sky around the Earth.

The revolution of SPHERONS as the actors of social harmony proved by their discovery that the center of society (humanity, social system as a whole) is their (SPHERONS) harmony but not straggle/war of various partial social groups, nations and classes, although in public life surface we see constantly a lot of cases of their war and violent struggle.

As to the Copernicus discovery, mankind passed for thousands of years recognizing the Earth the center of planetary system, and up to the SPHERONS discovery it passed thousands of years in confidence that the strife/war constitute the center of social system and source of its life were inevitable, especially in the Marxist theory of class struggle. SPHERONS’ truth was more deeply hidden than the Copernicus truth so it demanded its searching at the time five centuries more than search of the heliocentric system truth. Naturally, knowledge of SPHERONS’ truth does not stop at their discovery but only begins with it.

As after Copernicus’ discovery, Kepler’s, Galileo’s, Bruno’s and Newton’s efforts were necessary to finish his revolution so and after the SPHERONS’ discovery the works of social Keplers, Galileos, Brunos and Newtons will be require to complete the spheral revolution of harmony in human consciousness. They will fix the spheres of harmony and harmony of SPHERONS in sociology, mathematics, statistics, demography, geopolitics, economics and in the whole complex of social sciences, lifting them from the fragmented to the holistic level and overcoming their more than two centuries of lagging behind the military science.

Only the scientific way of deep social harmony of SPHERONS justifies meaning about 60 million victims of the WWII, including 27 million victims of Russia, who fought and died for “THAT WAR THAT WAS NO MORE!” Only the path of deep social harmony of SPHERONS excludes all wars without exception. But when will mankind stand on it? Would it not be too late?

The way of SPHERONS’ knowledge launched in Tetrasociology and GHA will be long and difficult but filled with new stunning social and humanitarian discoveries that will radically change the spirituality of humanity in the future centuries and millennia. Only then will all the might and inexhaustibility of the SPHERONS discovery become apparent. SPHERONS represent a new endless cosmos of humanity’s social system and the main source of its inexhaustible sustainable development in the future history in all four spheres. Harmony of SPHERONS instead of predatory exploitation of nature and human will be the main mode of production of all the vital resources of mankind and prosperity in peace all its nations as one family.

Read more: and GPS Chapters 1, 2, 6, 7.

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VII. US and Russia Cooperation

US and Russian cooperation in the development of Global Peace Science (GPS) is the best geopolitics and global security strategy given today’s extreme risk of nuclear war and suicide for all. In it, as known, there will not be winners but only countless innocent victims. If both Russia and the US Governments were aware of this scientific fact and be responsible for its prevention, the best way out of this nuclear impasse is the joint development of GPS as a common long-term road map to “nuclear zero” and world peace.

Global Harmony Association (GHA) and the GPS 174 coauthors from 34 countries CALL the US and Russia Governments, possessing 95% of the world nuclear weapons, to create in Sochi a joint International Institute for Global Peace Science development and for  establishment of a joint annual Global Peace Summit under the aegis of the UN to neutralize the risk of nuclear war.”

Russian and US cooperation in a cultural and most morally worthy field of innovative GPS will improve dialectics of war and peace in the modern era with a peaceful end, with neutralization of the nuclear war risk, with survival and sustainable development of mankind. From its reality and the acutest human necessity any responsible government today cannot refuse participation. Is the US/NATO able with their thousands of military bases around the entire Earth and the most powerful military potential and nuclear arsenal to consider peaceful cooperation in development of Global Peace Science? In 70 years, they have proved their aggressive military cooperation that put the world at threat. Can they work together in a peaceful direction, within the science and culture of peace? Our offer to cooperate in the GPS development as a key resource for global peace will be for the US/NATO sociological test in their ability to achieve peacemaking in the 21st century in a multipolar global community of humanity.

Read more: GPS Chapters: 9.62, 10, 13.

See also the GHA Message to Mr. Putin here:

The next project became development of the cooperation idea between the two nuclear Powers.

Russia-USA-PEACE. RUSAP Project.

Under this title in the GHA on September 10, 2016 was approved – the project/calls for two governments, comprised by 42 peacemakers (including three Nobel Peace Laureates) from 21 countries. The project was sent to the leaders of Russia: President Vladimir Putin and Minister Sergey Lavrov. It will be sent to the new US leaders in January/February 2017, after the inauguration of the new president and the formation of the new US government with the hope that it will be more peaceful than the previous.

A key concern of the project authors lies in the fact that the US and Russian relations have reached the extreme limit of the military/nuclear standoff, which conceals a grave threat not only for these two countries but also a global threat to human life and the planet as a whole. They have 95% of the world’s nuclear weapons, enough to destroy life on the Earth. The full limit of global nuclear danger requires a radical, Copernican revolution of relations between the two most powerful nuclear Powers and the transfer of their relationship with the military dimension level to the dimension level of peace and peaceful co-operation, partnership and dialogue. But the Copernican revolution of the US-Russia relations, in its turn, requires a Copernican revolution of thought based on the joint development of Global Peace Science (GPS) as the common and firm platform for long-term peaceful cooperation.

The RUSAP project offers as a first starting step of this cooperation the USA-Russia Global Peace Summit in June 2017 with the agenda devoted to the joint development of GPS in its key areas, primarily in the scientific substantiation of the early (can be immediate) nuclear disarmament (‘nuclear zero’) within the maximum range of a ten-year period, no more.
Completely this project, together with the responses, are posted here:

In Russian:

In English: and:

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VIII. Global Peace Science. Futurology

SPHERONS of Harmony:
Deep Societal Structure – The Copernican Revolution of Thinking

Social GENOME (SOCIONOME) of Global Peace from SPHERONS’ Harmony of Humanity.
This is the whole essence and meaning of GPS.
Picture by Peter and Alex Semashko, 04/10/16

The picture comment
Philosophy of global peace from SPHERONS’ harmony

The picture expresses the unknown reality of society and the new entity (the reason, the source, the actors, the guarantor, the foundation) of global peace: a deep societal structure of general harmonious classes of the population employed in four eternal spheres of social production. Therefore, these unique classes were named SPHERONS. The eternal harmony of deep social structure of SPHERONS defines the eternal peaceful nature of human society and every individual. The irresolvable conflicts with the mutual violence, war, hatred and irreconcilable struggle are characteristic only to the different private classes, nations and groups (PARTONS) at the historical surface of social life. People easily perceive a bellicose surface of society but they cannot grasp hiding for it the deep harmonious nature. (The picture symbolizes the fundamental difference of eternal peace harmonious depth of society and its spontaneously changing militant surface with numerous aggressions, bombings, armed clashes and wars). War and violence will continue as long as society and human do not find/discover the clear, comprehensible to all and shared by all the scientific knowledge of deep societal nature and structure to resolve with reason, science, harmony and nonviolence all the contradictions and conflicts between different people and various PARTONS.

Discovery and detailed investigation (but not full and not completed) of deep societal nature and structure of SPHERONS in Global Peace Science created by the Global Harmony Association during 11 years – it is a Copernican, i.e. scientific and nonviolent, revolution of social consciousness in the 21st century. It opens the way for a new, harmonious civilization of peace and prosperity for all nations as an alternative to the equally pathological, militaristic and doomed forms of capitalism and socialism within industrial civilization. But it retains and integrates all their intuitive and constructive achievements of social harmony.

The picture helps to understand the unique value and historical significance of the new Global Peace Science for victory of humanity over all wars, especially for the prevention of nuclear war, fatal to all life on the planet. Therefore, the picture is the CENTRAL visual image of a new science and its primer accessible to all:  This is the beginning of a new, harmonious enlightenment and peace education for new generations of humanity on the basis of the new fundamental social science by the 21st century. They exclude war and violence from future history, which will be only peaceful from harmony. Peace is constituted at the deepest level of the social structure, nature and genetics, which is available only to new science and philosophy of harmony, in which the former philosophy of struggle takes place only a private, temporary and limited case.

SPHERONS of harmony is a new Copernican breakthrough in science but now is in the social and humanities sciences after almost 5 centuries. It is a SPHERAL REVOLUTION of public CONSCIOUSNESS in the 21st century. The picture illustrates the GPS main theoretical conclusion: the center of social system is not a struggle, violence and war (they are depicted by the flashes of explosions around SPHERONS’ perimeter), which are evident every day from the surface of militaristic industrial civilization of PARTONS. Its center is deep social harmony of SPHERONS. But it is very deeply hidden, so it took almost five centuries of time and researches for new, socio-scientific Copernican revolution. Innate Harmony of society and humanity is unfolded only at the deepest level of spheres and SPHERONS employed in them. Peace from harmony of SPHERONS is global and eternal as forever is human society. Straggle and war of PARTONS are local and temporary, historically transient as PARTONS are themselves. The Empires, which tried to make war by global and eternal – were doomed to death. It is a law of history, without exception, as the law of gravitation.

Let us compare the two Copernican revolutions. If the Copernicus’ astronomical discovery replaced in the public consciousness the understanding of the center of planetary system (transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism), the SPHERONS’ discovery in Tetrasociology/GPS replaced the understanding of the center of the social system from the war/struggle to harmony/peace (transition from military-centrism to peace-centrism from harmony). This discovery integrates all the scientific sociological and peacemaking ideas into the most powerful anti-war tool, especially against an impending nuclear war.

Another similar tool no exists. Leo Tolstoy wrote about it more than a century ago: “In the hands of war is billions of money, millions of obedient troops and in our hands is only one, but the mightiest tool in the world — the truth.” This thought was repeated by Albert Einstein almost half a century after: “Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding“, i.e. science. Only science gives the truth: it is only its competence. Other forms of social consciousness: philosophy, religion, art, politics, law and morality are rich only intuition of truth, which (intuition), of course, is no less important than the truth. But the truth of reason remains the prerogative of science in the system of all cultural forms. The scientific truths are the heritage for all mankind, for all people and nations without exception. They are among their immortal values, which nourish their forever. Therefore, the truth of science of harmony and peace – GPS truth is an inexhaustible source of untold wealth and good of humanity and each person, what makes GPS by “the mightiest tool of peace.” Therefore, only its support and international cooperation in its development creates the first nonviolent insuperable alternative to nuclear war today.

The futurological value of the new Copernican revolution is briefly summarized and disclosed in the following theses:

Futurology of Global Peace Science:
The Copernican Revolution of the 21st Century.
System Response to System Crisis
Long-term strategies of researches and development.


  1. The Copernican revolution of social science: SPHERONS of harmony in Tetrasociology/GPS
  2. The Copernican revolution of universal education
  3. The Copernican revolution of democracy and geopolitics
  4. The Copernican revolution of peacebuilding
  5. The Copernican revolution of Russia-US relations
  6. The Copernican revolution of information technology
  7. The Copernican revolution of personal development
  8. The Copernican revolution of economic growth
  9. The Copernican revolution of spirituality and philosophy
  10. The Copernican revolution of civilization

Theses unfolded on the spheres

Global Peace Science:
The Copernican revolution of consciousness and societal spheres
in the 21st century

  1. Sociosphere

1.1. The Copernican revolution of the social structure: The transition from private disharmonious social structure of antagonistic PARTONS in industrial civilization to the discovery and development of universal deep social structure of SPHERONS’ harmony, in which the disharmonious PARTONS is their private, temporary and transitory case. SPHERONS are the center of SOCIAL GENOME (SOCIONOME) of humanity. They are the heart and the actors of global peace from SPHERONS’ harmony and foundation of Global Peace Science.

1.2. The Copernican revolution of the children situation: The transition from lack of children rights in the disharmonious industrial civilization of PARTONS to the priority of children in a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS through children’s suffrage executed by parents.

1.3. The Copernican revolution of the women situation: The transition from the discrimination of women in the industrial civilization of PARTONS to the guaranteed equal rights of women in civilization of SPHERONS, including equality in governance and politics.

1.4. The Copernican revolution of general education: The transition from a one-sided techno-centric industrial education of PARTONS to socio-centric comprehensive harmonious and peaceful education of SPHERONS based on a phased study of their scientific theory since early childhood.

1.5. The Copernican revolution of globalization: The transition from an industrial corporative and disharmoniously-competitive profitable globalization of PARTONS to harmoniously-competitive humanistic globalization of SPHERONS.

1.6. The Copernican revolution of personal development: Changing industrial single-sided model of personal development of PARTONS by the model of harmonious gradual and stepwise life growth and comprehensive personal development of SPHERONS since birth to death. This development is based on the discovery and use of PSYCHOLOGICAL GENOME (PSYNOME) of personality, the structure of which is similar to the SOCIONOME’s structure and a value center of which is inner peace of the personality from harmony of its internal spheres.

1.7. The Copernican revolution of civilization: The transition from an industrial militaristic civilization of the antagonistic PARTONS to a harmonious peaceful civilization of SPHERONS.

II. Infosphere

2.1. The Copernican revolution of social/humanitarian science: The transition from a separated and warring private social concepts of the antagonistic industrial civilization of PARTONS to the system integral sociology of high-abstract universal theoretical explanation of social reality of the unknown SPHERONS discovered in Tetrasociology. The Copernican revolution of Global Sociology defines the Copernican revolution of the whole complex of social sciences and humanities.

2.2. The Copernican revolution of spirituality and worldviews: The transition from the militant and antagonistic ideologies, worldviews, religions and philosophies of industrial civilization of PARTONS to their harmony on the basis of generally accepted science of global harmony of nature, society and human in a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS.

2.3. The Copernican revolution of the spiritual life of society: The transition from the priority of non-scientific, violent and militaristic paradigms in the industrial civilization of PARTONS to priority of science of global social harmony and harmonious peace in all social, cultural and spiritual diversity of humankind, on the stage of a new civilization of SPHERONS. It is a change of the center of spiritual life. Harmonious spirituality of SPHERONS is vaccine and immunity from terrorism and all violence.

2.4. The Copernican revolution of information technology: The transition from the priority of the highly specialized technocratic technologies of industrial civilization of PARTONS to the priority of holistic, integrated social technologies of harmonization and pacifization of SPHERONS’ new civilization. Technologies of harmonization and pacifization form the core of the fourth technological revolution and the digital economy, providing tens and hundreds of millions of new jobs, incomes are comparable to natural resources and a moderate sustainable economic growth.

2.5. The Copernican revolution of the mass media: The transition from the priority of negative facts and devastating images of violence, wars, disasters in the destructive media of the industrial civilization of PARTONS to the priority of positive facts and constructive images of harmony, peace, consent, cooperation, partnership and dialogue in the media of SPHERONS’ harmonious civilization.

III. Orgsphere

3.1. The Copernican revolution of democracy and geopolitics: Transition from narrow actually in 1% democracy of billionaires, mired in pathologies of militarism, corruption, inequality and nationalism of industrial civilization of PARTONS to full 100% spheral democracy of SPHERONS in their new civilization. This is the replacement of a disharmonious model of democracy and its geopolitics of war to the harmonious model of democracy and its geopolitics of global peace. The collapse of the traditional model of democracy in its electoral center was signed by the population, when more (or near as to Brexit) a half of the voters boycotted all elections and votings as this was in Britain, Russia, Hungary and Colombia in recent time. The peoples no longer want to accept similar system of democracy but they do not know the other. Another, alternative system of democracy is democracy of SPHERONS proposed in GPS and earlier.

3.2. Copernican revolution of peacemaking: Transition from the chaotic, unscientific, fragmentary and impotent before the war pacifist volunteer peacemaking of the PARTONS’ industrial civilization to the scientific, raised to the rank of a priority state policy and professional activity in continuous system peacebuilding of a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS. This is the qualitative change of the peacemaking level and its recovery from subjectivism, degradation and degeneration.

3.3. Copernican revolution of the Russian-USA relations as the center of world order: Transition from their military confrontation that threatens humanity and the planet with madness of nuclear self-destruction of industrial civilization of PARTONS to harmonious cooperation, partnership and dialogue on a scientific basis of global peace of SPHERONS’ civilization. It is a change the civilizational level of relations between actors owning 95% of the nuclear arsenal and defining the world order center.

3.4. The Copernican revolution of the ethical and juridical systems: Transition from a fragmented, narrow, separated and conflicting ethical and juridical systems preserving disharmony, violence, militarism and inequality of industrial civilization of PARTONS to moral and legal systems, providing harmony, peace, justice, equality, consent and brotherhood of SPHERONS in their harmonious civilization. The value center of these systems is the social harmony of the people not the absolute limitless freedom reborn in the industrial society into its opposite – into totalitarianism and extreme violence.

3.5. The Copernican revolution of the international communities such as the EU: Transition from a disharmonious unscientific and tough competition unions of the countries in industrial civilization of PARTONS, which cannot save “Western values of freedom, democracy, multiculturalism and tolerance“, to the harmonious consolidation of the countries and cultures diversity on a scientific basis of global social harmony and peace of SPHERONS’ civilization. In particular, it is the Europe’s rescue from its “American decline” in a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS as well as the United States itself from their collapse.

IV. Technoecosphere

4.1. The Copernican revolution of economic relations: Transition from the minority of the population enrichment at the expense of impoverishment of the population majority in the industrial civilization ща PARTONS to guaranteed elimination of poverty and ensuring sufficient level of wealth needed for each person in a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS.

4.2. The Copernican revolution of economic growth: Transition from a spontaneous, unstable and crisis economic development in an industrial civilization of PARTONS to a sustainable in harmony moderate economic growth sufficient for the necessary development of each person in a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS. The principle of harmonization and stabilization of economic growth: minimizing the maximum of individual wealth and maximizing its minimum (“minimax and maximin” principle) interdependent of each other.

4.3. Copernican revolution of ecology (relationship to nature): Transition from predatory and consumer use of nature in an industrial civilization of PARTONS to a harmonious and caring attitude to nature in a harmonious civilization of SPHERONS.

These 20 civilizational spheral transitions (their number can be expanded at the expense of details) are made in the process of peace scientific building a new, harmonious civilization of SPHERONS within (inside) the traditional and unscientific disharmonious civilization of PARTONS until its complete peace substitution and exclusion. Building a new civilization is the long-term, for many decades of the 21st century, process of its conscious creation on the basis of Global Peace Science, meets the interests of life and prosperity for all social groups, classes and nations of mankind. Everyone wants to live and thrive and that is possible only in conscious/scientific peace and harmony of SPHERONS.

These civilizational spheral transitions outline the system complex of global problems and challenges of our time, which are not available to solve for all the previous political systems, parties and management structures of industrial civilization due to multiple fragmentation and separation of population – the only social actor. Its fragmentation into classes, nation-states and similar, often reaching to the confrontation, violent conflicts and wars between its various private groups, PARTONS is the main cause of all crises, miseries, weakness and threats of modern humanity. Only their conscious, scientific unity within SPHERONS’ harmony at all levels provides a solution to all global problems and challenges.

These transitions also are the themes for researches of the whole cluster of social sciences and humanities of the 21st century, united in Global Peace Science (GPS). They are at once the areas of its practical application and the strategic directions of its further development.

The GPS grounded 20 civilizational transitions are a systemic response to the systemic crisis of humanity and human mind in the dying militaristic industrial civilization of PARTONS. The systemic crisis and the need of its system overcoming are well expressed by dozens of eminent scientists. We will cite only one. Dr. John Avery, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate wrote:

We need systemic change, not just climate change! We need a new economic system, a new society, a new social contract, a new way of life. That is the great tasks that history has given to our generation: We need to create a sustainable economic system. We need to revive democracy. We need to reduce economic inequality. We must break the power of corporate greed. We need to leave fossil fuels in the ground. We need to stabilize and eventually reduce the population of the planet. We need to eliminate the institution of war. And finally, we need to develop a more mature ethical system to fit our new technology … The future looks very dark because of human stupidity, especially in the long term. The greatest threat is catastrophic, climate change and nuclear war… “. Avery, John Scales (Dec. 21, 2015) Paris: We Need System Change!: More about the crisis of civilization see his book: John Scales Avery. Civilization’s Crisis in the 21st Century. University of Copenhagen: Only SPHERONS are able to realize similar global civilizational changes and make its future by bright and clear because SPHERONS of Harmony are the sun of humanity, the source of its eternal social life.

The GPS civilizational transitions integrate into one system scientific whole all the necessary social changes proposed by modern scholars and overcome the “human stupidity” of global thinking and social knowledge. These transitions are considered in certain measure and specifically in the more than 300 articles of GPS by 174 coauthors from 34 countries, including my 100 articles in this book: But their system analysis requires further development of GPS, primarily in the corresponding Copernican International Scientific Contest: and GPS, p. 301-302.

(The text was edited by Dr. Bruce Cook, USA)

Dr Bruce Cook

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Prof Leo Semashko

Leo M. Semashko, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005; GHA Honorary President since 2016; State Councilor of St. Petersburg; Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony; RANH Professor, Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 18 books in 1-12 languages; Author of Tetrism as the unity of Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology – science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilization; Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia; Director, GHA Web portal “Peace from Harmony”:;  Initiator, Manager, Coauthor and Editor in Chief of the book project “Global Peace Science” (GPS):

Personal page:


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2016: Year of Two Peacemaking Revolutions.

2017: Year of their Practical Implementation and Development.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Peace from Harmony!

The Primer of its Science is the GHA Holiday Gift for you!

By Dr. Leo Semashko


In English:
In Russian:

2016 is the rotary year of human history from the past history of endless wars and militarism in the hell of its terrorism to the future history of global peace excluding war and militarism because this year is
a year of the two peacemaking nonviolent historical revolutions:

  1. Copernican revolution of public consciousness as a radical turn from traditional militarism and its military science in mind to the new fundamental Global Peace Science: – a key tool and resource of conscious peacebuilding on the Earth, and
  2. American geopolitical revolution as a radical turn from the traditional militarism in the USA aggressive geopolitics to peacefulness proclaimed by the president-elect – Donald Trump in his program of “coherent (harmonious)” foreign policy: “Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction. America will continually play the role of peacemaker. And we must make America great again.” (Http://

Of course, it goes without saying, these historical revolutions as well as any others in their early – it’s just the new sprouts, perspectives and possibilities, the implementation of which will be long, difficult and contradictory in its amendments of these opportunities. But they have begun the new objective historical trends that cannot be canceled or ignored in the recent history. We can believe or not believe in them but their existence as a new objective reality does not depend from the subjective emotions of separate persons. Prevent them – it means to put the sticks into a wheel of history, which grinds any its obstacles. The best way for everyone without exception is to encourage and every way assist in practical implementation of the 2016 revolutions in every country, in every city, in every parliament and every human community.

2017 is the first year of their implementation in a terrorist hell of militarism. They are a complete opposite of the bloody Marxist revolutions, the class terror and civil wars begun by the violent Bolshevik overturn a hundred years ago – in 1917 in St. Petersburg, which (overturn) does not detract from the historical achievements of the Soviet Union. But now history refuses to repeat and continue the past way of endless violence and wars “without borders” of modern American style, turning resolutely to the path of global peace from social harmony. This way first in the history was marked and permanently fastens in 2016 a new scientific knowledge of harmonious nonviolent classes of humanity – SPHERONS unfolded in fundamental Global Peace Science. Its beginning was also laid in St. Petersburg 40 years ago: and its source refers to 1941, the attack of Hitler’s Germany on the USSR:

Objective harmony in nature and society is blind and spontaneous without science, so in the past, it paved its way into the social history through the bloody wars and violent revolutions paying for their positive achievements of countless human sacrifices. Mankind should to pay for the achievements of these revolutions by the most valuable – human resource and capital. Get out of this not equivalent exchange, a monstrous cost and eternal tribute to violence humanity can only one way – through its main dignity and advantage – through the mind, consciousness and thinking in their highest form – through the science of harmony and peace, which first appeared in history in 2016 year as the Global Peace Science but in far from perfection form. It completes the military history and opens a peaceful history.

As it is known, it is written in the UN Charter, and the war and peace begins from the mind. War is the easiest, violent way to resolve all social disharmonies by destroying or suppressing the weakest side. The war has found its main resource – military science more than two centuries ago, which provided it an unprecedented “progress” by the invention of weapons of total destruction of humanity and the Earth. This is a tragic and catastrophic result of the past violent history. Peace from harmony is the most difficult but the only adequate to humanity a means of resolving all social disharmonies by scientific conscious achievement of harmony for all parties and to overcome all their disharmonies without violence and human victims. This way opens only Global Peace Science. It gave humanity the main knowledge – knowledge of the absolute actors of peace from harmony as knowledge of the deep societal structure of the constant harmonious spheral classes of the population/humanity – SPHERONS. Mastering knowledge of Global Peace Science they become Noospheric (i.e., global, conscious, harmonious, reasonable) classes of the Earth and its Noosphere.

Saving NOOSPHERE and mankind’s survival is now dependent from the recognition, development and use of the new scientific knowledge of SPHERONS as the actors of global peace, sustainable development and prosperity. This knowledge is the most important, valuable and expensive resource for every person and all humanity. Without its recognition, development and use cannot be effectiveness and success of the US peaceful geopolitics of Trump in alliance with the Russian peaceful geopolitics of Putin. Winning the global geopolitics of peacebuilding all the peoples can only be based on the use of each fundamental Global Peace Science (GPS). Therefore, the most important now is the study of this science and education in it, the preparation and dissemination of various and available for different categories of its textbooks based on its initial but it is difficult to perceive variant.

In this connection, I was glad to prepare and happy to gift everyone the first “Global Peace Science Primer” for adults in the length of 26 pages as a synopsis, squeezing of more than 600 pages of this science original ( This Primer dedicated to alphabetic scientific truth of SPHERONS is the spiritual gift of GHA and 174 GPS coauthors (including the President of India, Abdul Kalam, the three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, a pioneer of peace studies from Norway, Chancellor of the IASE Pedagogical University of India, Catholic sociologist from Belgium, academician-economist of Kazakhstan, a female leader of Africa and dozens of other prominent scholars and thinkers) for Christmas and New Year to everyone who is willing and able to learn scientific peacemaking including its contemporary leaders: Presidents Putin and Trump! Primer of scientific peacebuilding overcoming violence and war by peace from harmony is the Christmas of Christ Spirit as every peaceful God of humanity in our time, its strengthening, deepening and development! Therefore, we wish you love, happiness and peace from harmony with its Primer for Christmas and New Year to everyone retaining ability to think!

With love in peace from harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President, Global Peace Science Editor in Chief


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