Village Kaamkheda, Beed, became first in Maharashtra to practice Ground Water Recharge

Col Shashikant G Dalvi
National Coordinator (Water Conservation),
The Climate Reality Project, India

Director, Parjanya
Rain water Harvesting Consultancy

In February 2002, Govt of Maharashtra published GR titled “SHIV KAALIN PAANI SAATHAVAN YOJANA“ making it mandatory for all govt & public buildings to recharge depleting groundwater table using” Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting” method. Marathawada region in the state of Maharashtra is water deficient water area, villagers depend more on groundwater to meet their needs. This has resulted in unsustainable over extraction of ground water. Ground watertable is down to more than 500 ft.

As a National Coordinator ( Water Conservation ) for Climate Reality Project—India, I decided to practice this GR in Village Kaamkheda & transform them from water deficient to water sufficient. After a number of awareness programs, in April 2018 we decided to start implementation program through Pune based MAPS Industries. Following are the basic details of the village,

  • Annual average rainfall ----660 mm
  • Population---  6000
  • Number of buildings--- 658
  • Average rooftop area--- 800 sq ft
  • Number of borewells--- 20
  • Total roof top area---5.26 lakh sq ft ( 0.52 million sq ft)
  • Rooftop rainwater Potential---- 3.15 Crores litres annually ( around 30 million litres )

Initially we identified 20 buildings & 5 bore wells & implemented rooftop rain water harvesting system to recharge depleting groundwater. The system was ready to recharge around 14 lakh litres of rain water (1.4 million litres) from the roof top of 20 buildings. Despite deficit monsoon last year, these 5 bore wells gave water till end Jan 2019.

On 11 Feb 2019 this system was dedicated to the villagers of Kaamkheda by local MLA Mr Laxmanrao Pawar. He appreciated the work done by Climate Reality Project—India & MAPS Industries Ltd for their work. He specially thanked Col Shashikant dalvi (retd) of CRP- India & Mr Anirudh Todkar, MD, MAPS Industries for spreading awareness & implementation with villagers participation. He was happy to announce that village Kaamkheda is the first one to implement groundwater recharge system as per GR. He agreed to provide adequate funds to complete the work in the village.

Col Shashi G Dalvi (Rtd)

Col Shashikant Dalvi (retd) thanked villagers for supporting this mission & assured all that Village Kaamkheda will soon be torch bearer for entire state for ground water recharge. He explained the audience importance of GR & also benefits of the roof top rain water harvesting method. He briefed all about the need to plant more tees to improve ground water percolation as well as help provide clean air. He thanked MLA Mr Laxmanrao Pawar for showing concern over groundwater depletion & promising to implement such systems in more villages.

Mr Ganesh Nevde, ex sarpanch of the village, thanked MLA & other dignitaries for attending the function. He was confident that once all the bore wells are recharged using roof top rain water Kaamkheda will be a Tanker Water free. He told all present that every day 2 tankers are supplying water to villagers making 6 trips, despite this each house is getting only 80 litres of water per day. He felicitated MLA & other dignitaries on behalf of the village. Mr Aditya Pundir, India Head of CRP-India has specially arrived from Delhi to attend the event. He appreciated the work done & promised to spread awareness about Kaamkheda project to all over through CRP—India offices.

MLA was taken around the area where the project was implemented, at the site Col Dalvi explained the system details to all present. Local media also covered the event.

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