Kuan Yin : She who harkens to the cries of the world

Rene Wadlow

Wise in using skilful means
In every corner of the world
She manifests her countless forms

A Harmonious New Year

At the start of this New Year, let us recall that it is from numberless acts of courage that human history is shaped. Moral courage is rarer than bravery in battle Yet moral courage is a vital quality needed for those who seek to change the world for the better. Each time that a person stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the condition of others, that person sends out a small wave of hope and energy. Such waves build a strong current of change. Thus our plea to Kwin Yin to strengthen these positive currents.

Kuan Yin

The Association of World Citizens stresses that we are entering a new era in the evolution of humanity. The old structures of oppression and domination are crumbling - those of class, caste, gender, and narrow nationalism. There is a growing collective awareness of the unity of humanity. This new consciousness emerges first in individuals and then influences the wider society. There is a strong presence, worldwide, of what I call "world citizen values": equality, respect, cooperation. On these values, we can build a harmonious world society together. Your cooperation is most welcome. 

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