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Varun Arya : A visionary education entrepreneur who is establishing a model for professional institutes


The Marwar Education Foundation bought around 100 acres of barren land.  This was a land with no grass, no trees but covered with salt. Varun Arya and his team from the Marwar Education Foundation took around seven years to treat this land with water harvesting structures and other natural treatments. At present, the land has 15 lakes of sweet water, thousands of trees and grasslands. 

Varun Arya looking aheadVarun Arya, the founder of the institute, established some ideals of a professional education institute including not misusing agricultural land for the concrete buildings of the educational institutes as primary school, higher secondary school, professional institutes and other. He took an area of barren land and converted into a different land that is more productive. The building are built by locally available building materials, local labourers and local traditional architects.
Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the vice-chairman, the planning commission of India was surprised in his visit when he saw the campus. Ahluwalia said that the campus of the Aravali Institute of Management is a model for professional education institutes.

Varun Arya saw a dream to establish a university for professional students with good facilities and pursuing human values. Now his dream is moving to become a reality. He has won the fight with the corrupt system to get this land and the construction works are now continuing on speedily. The campus will have an intermediate college with good facilities and quality teachers for underprivileged local students including tribal students. Through the students education here, Varun hopes to open the doors for their future.

The meditation centre on the campus for the teachers and students has been completed. There are no concrete walls, no wooden furniture. It is a natural meditation centre.
Varun Arya is an engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) and a management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). He has served IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association as the secretary and IIT Delhi Alumni Association as the president. He has also served in various international organizations for the past 16 years.

Varun Arya says, “The biggest problem faced by the youth of today is not really that of unemployment but to develop the requisite competency to realise their true potential. To be able to meet the ever-changing challenges, for sustenance and growth, todays’ organizations need people who will be their assets. However, the organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to find people who meet their competency requirements, in spite of willingness to pay high salaries. To effectively redress this state of affairs, the only solution is to have quality educational institutions. The quality of education alone can ensure that the students develop the capability and competence required to perform and deliver results in the organizations where they will work in future.”



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