Nandlal Baba a real hero of the tribal community in the Bastar region



There is a breeze of NGOs sponsored tribal heroes in the media, on the internet and also social networking platforms for the Bastar region.  Most of these sponsored heroes were or are paid employees of the NGOs working in this region. 

But Nandlal Baba is a young tribal person, who does not know the tricks for applying for donor funds.  But Baba has been working for education and economic development of the tribal community for more than 20 years. Baba runs an ashram at the foot of a hill, without any organized grant from a funding agency. This ashram is made by local available materials like mud, straw, bamboo, and wood and has a family of around 100 persons, including 60 tribal children and 20 tribal women. 

This ashram has a school, residential campus, farming and vegetable centre, dairy, traditional herbal medical centre, a big beautiful pond and also a self-employment activity centre.

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I asked the local people how Nandlal Baba manages the expenses of this residential campus of around 100 persons, cows and other activities. I was highly surprised to know that this ashram is  run without any organized grant since the day of its foundation but with the local community support of commodities like cattle-food, clothes, grains, money and other.

Is there any news about Nandlal Baba in the media? No, there is no news. Is this not a heroic work in a disturbed area with a constructive approach? 

Are the constructive approached movements not a civilian effort towards conflict resolution that should be applauded?

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