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A New World Union and the root of the problem

Leib Moshe (Lion of Moses)

Humanity is on a rapid collision course with a dystopian nightmare. Reckless economic activity is driving rapid global warming which in turn is effecting dangerous climate change threatening to make much of the Earth uninhabitable. Wars, threats of wars, terrorism, and dangerous heavily armed recalcitrant groups have left many feeling a constant sense of tension and fear for their future. Human rights and freedoms are under constant attack by governments who seek increasing control of their citizens. Unchecked corporate greed has enslaved millions at slave wages, poisoned people’s bodies with toxic food and products, decimated Earth’s biosphere, and vitiated the human spirit. For many, these problems seem overwhelming. For many, there is no hope of salvation.

About 10 years ago I was sitting lotus meditating on a tree. Chaos was swirling around me. Suddenly, my eyes opened and everything became clear to me. The root of all of the world’s problems today is disunion. Israel distrusts and fears its neighbors and its neighbors fear and distrust Israel. The United States distrusts and fears Russia and Russia distrusts and fears The United States. India fears and distrusts Pakistan and Pakistan distrusts and fears India. South Korea distrusts and fears North Korea and so on and so on and so on. Out of distrust and fear, each nation feels compelled to build massive heavily armed military forces, sometimes a nuclear arsenal, and probably biological and chemical weapons (even though they each deny it). In order to finance these forces and weapons, nations must compete fiercely in the world economy. In order to compete fiercely, nations must compromise human rights and environmental protections. And so we are destroying our planet for economic growth to finance weapons which are ultimately used to kill each other out of distrust and fear.

My book, A New World Union, is a blueprint to end this disunion and create unity in its place. By uniting our world’s military forces under the command of a central world government elected by the people of the Earth, we would end distrust and fear. For what is there to fear of a neighbor who is constitutionally barred from raising an army or building weapons of mass destruction? What is there to fear when a unified global military force would stand in the way of any nation trying to rebuild its own military force or threaten another? War would cease, for one loyal army will not fight itself. Our new world military force would be comprised of people from every nation serving side by side and forming bonds of friendship, brotherhood, and sisterhood. We would cease to view ourselves as us and them. Instead we would view ourselves as we the people of the Earth.

Without the fear driven need to build massive military forces, fierce economic competition at the cost of environmental destruction and human rights violations would be mitigated. The Constitution of A New World Union would further reduce this with the new constitutional protections for the environment and for human beings. Even further, the new structure of government unique to A New World Union would create checks and balances to enforce these protections.

Humanity would live in peace with itself. The planet would slowly heal from the damage we have done. The human race would be free to collectively pursue the greater destiny of becoming a space faring super race.

A New World Union calls to you…come to www.anewworldunion.com and express your political voice in our debate forum. Registration is free.

 A New World Union is also available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct in 13 countries. Amazon offers a free Kindle Reader app which allows you to read Kindle ebooks on any device (iphone, android, Mac or PC).

Brothers and sisters. Fellow citizens of the Earth. The time has come to end war between nations, protect our planet’s biosphere, and secure democracy, freedom, and justice for all of humanity. The time has come to unite our world in peace, love, brotherhood, and sisterhood.

May the peace and love of the Lord be upon you all,

Leib Moshe (Lion of Moses)

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