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The Board (under construction)

The Mentor Board

Amla Ashok Ruia

Social, Education and Business Entrepreneur/Philanthropist

Founder, Aakar Charitable Trust, Mumbai Maharashtra

International Board Member, Ground Report India

Amla Ruia was raised in one of the wealthiest Indian families, Shanti Prasad Jain of West Bengal, her grandfather. She got married to Ashok Ruia, the owner of the Phoenix Mills Limited, founded by textile tycoon Mr Ramnarain Ruia, the Phoenix Mills, Dawn Mills and Bradbury Mills. The Ruia family was also instrumental in setting up The Union Bank of India and The New India Assurance, the premium institutions in India.

St Regis Hotel Mumbai

Palladium Mall Mumbai

Phoenix Mills Ltd

Aakar Charitable Trust

Ram Narain Ruia College

Around nineteen years ago following the voice of her consciousness, Amla Ruia started to build drinking-water-ponds, KUNDs, the shortage of drinking water problem in Shekhavati region, Rajasthan.

She built around 200 KUNDs in the time frame of seven to eight years. She has established village-fund in hundreds of villages; each family contribute a percentage of annual agriculture income in village-fund. Village fund is used for building new JOHADs, developing forests and maintenance or as decided by the village committee for village development.

Amla Ruia provides good quality Indian breed cows to villagers with the condition that they will contribute a healthy heifer to their neighbour or a person of neighbour village, as reciprocation without using the money.

Amla Ruia motivates and supports villagers for the uses of solar energy for light and pumps for drinking water. These villages use solar lights in home and village streets. Children use solar lights for study and women use for household works in the night.

Amla Ruia founded an education centre with innovative teaching methods in Ramgarh, Rajasthan. This centre does not follow traditional teaching methods, follows self-learning, open classrooms, free-group learning and creative techniques.

She also founded a teacher training centre in Ramgarh, Rajasthan. This centre invites non-government teachers from all over India to help them for improving their teaching skills. The centre is based on practical learning. Trainee teachers learn by working with different age students, small kids to teenagers. This centre provides free food and accommodation for teachers and students, no fee for training.

She is around 70 years old, still very active; she has expanded her works from Rajasthan to the villages of various states as Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and other.

Prof Varun Arya

(photo with Holy Dalai Lama)

Business, Education and Environment Entrepreneur

Founder & Director, Aravali Institute of Management

International Board Member, Ground Report India

Prof. Arya is a first class graduate from IIT Delhi (1976-81 batch) and post-graduate from IIM Ahmedabad (1981-83 batch). After that, he worked for 16 years in senior positions with the leading companies like Indian Rayon, Reliance and American multinational DuPont. After having established and successfully run Aravali Institute of Management for 13 years, he is now associated with his dream project of establishing and shaping up a top quality educational complex Aravali Gurukul Ashram spread over around 100 acres extremely saline arid wasteland transformed into a green campus under his leadership. It is planned to have a group of institutions in diverse areas of education, envisioned to be a model of no compromise blending the best of traditions with the latest in modernity, at Jodhpur in his home state of Rajasthan.

Amongst the various positions held by Prof. Arya, he has been the President of prestigious IIT Delhi Alumni Association - the apex body of over 40000 member alumni based worldwide, alumni representative on the Senate of IIT Delhi, member of the Technology Business Incubation Units Board of IIT Delhi and Secretary of IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association. He is presently on the Boards and Advisory Councils of various companies, educational institutions and other organisations. For the last around a decade, he has also been a member of IIM Ahmedabad Governing Society.

Because of his firm belief that education, by definition, is based on ethics, his journey as an educational entrepreneur has been filled with unending hardships, risks, sacrifices and struggles. His endeavours have been extensively appreciated and recognized locally with a large number of honours and awards.

Chaitanya Dave, USA

Business, Education and Environment Entrepreneur/Philanthropist

Editor, Ground Report India

Chaitanya, born in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, is an Industrialist, an author, the Founder of Pragati Foundation, a social activist, a highly progressive individual and an environmentalist; lives with his wife Amita in California, USA.

Attended college at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico and graduated with B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1969. Started his own company in 1980 manufacturing metal finishing chemical products. The company is still running successfully internationally.

He is founder/president of a non-profit charity organization named ‘Pragati’, based in Southern California and Hemubhai Rural Development Foundation based in India. The foundation has done rural developmental work in villages in India since 1993. He has travelled extensively all over the world and runs a non-profit rural development foundation.

Prem Singh

Social, Environment, Education, Business and Agriculture Entrepreneur

K K Jakhar

Social, Environment, Education, Business and Agriculture Entrepreneur

Satva Natural Farms

The Advisory Board

"The Honorary Chairperson"

Kamal Kishore Sharma PhD

Business and Education Entrepreneur

Former CEO, ArcelorMittal Aktau in Kazakhstan, an MNC

Former Vice Chancellor, Ansal University Gurgaon

International Board Member, Ground Report India

He has spent 29 plus professional years in formulating institutional strategies, executing, learning, leading & coaching. Apart from his well-grounded expertise in Leadership & General Management, he has deep interests in public policies in areas of education, environment, agriculture and water.

Vivek Umrao Glendenning, Australia

Social, Education, Environment, Business Entrepreneur/Philanthropist

CEO & Chief Editor, Ground Report India

Founder, Local Governance & Decentralised Economy Social Group

Vice Chancellor, Gokul Social University

He is a scholar, an author, a social-policy critic, a frequent social wayfarer, a social entrepreneur, a journalist and an editor; founded the Ground Report India, various cottage industries, local community institutes and writes Books on social issues.

He has been exploring, understanding and implementing the ideas of social-economy, participatory local governance, education, citizen-media, ground-journalism, rural-journalism, freedom of expression, bureaucratic accountability, tribal development, village development, reliefs & rehabilitation, village revival and other.

Dharmendra Kumar Yadav

Social, Business and Education Entrepreneur

Co-Founder, Local Governance & Decentralised Economy Social Group

Fr Baiju Challakkal

Social, Business and Education Entrepreneur

Director & Editor, Ground Report India

Rupesh Garg, MS, (USA)

Business Professional

Assistant Vice President, Bank of America, India

Co-Founder, Local Governance & Decentralised Economy Social Group

International Board Member, Ground Report India

Sanjiv Kishore Sharma

Education Entrepreneur

Editor, Ground Report India

An author, thinker, translator and a travel-enthusiastic visited almost all states of India in his wheelchair. He had polio paralysis of both the lower limbs at an early age and could not get into the formal system of education, ie schooling. On his own, he started with formal mainstream education at home, and appeared in few exams privately but soon realised about the inadequacy of traditional approach to education and started self-study in his way.

Sanjiv stayed in a room for more than 12 years and spent time in reading books, writing, translating and contemplating on vital issues of human life, society and religion. He has studied literature, philosophy, science, religion and psychology. He started writing during adolescent and continues to write till the date. He has written many articles, poems and stories which got published in various newspapers and magazines. With the area of social media, he also has turned into a prolific writer on the internet.


Business and Environment Entrepreneur

CEO, Ecocentric Technologies

Sachin Bhandari

Business Professional

Global Head - IT CSV, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Divyendra Singh Sachan, MS, (UK)

Business Entrepreneur

Prateek Katiyar

Business Entrepreneur

CEO, InstaBring Services Private Limited

After graduation from one of the top-notch institutes of Indian Government, he chose not to go with his high paying corporate job for long and came up with own venture at the age of 23, to work with farmers in rural areas. Currently, He is working on to frame a technology-enabled agriculture supply chain model that is intended to make the farmers realise more profits and sustainable living.

He has been working for last four years in some of the interior most hilly villages in Uttarakhand; leading a team of 15-17 people to evoke the spark of entrepreneurship & self-sustainable models among rural people. The programme went successful enough to build a few commercially tangible products from traditional Indian village items, and the efforts were noticed & appreciated by district & state administration. He enjoys solving real-life problems and believes in evolving with learning while doing.

Prabuddh Sachan

Business Professional

He is a food technologist studied from one of the top institutes governed by Government of India. During his college days, he worked in rural areas of different parts of North India under Village Adoption Programme. During his field visit, he and his team focused on forming new entrepreneurs from the ground zero. This programme got immense success and later his team was noticed and appreciated by Chief Minister of the State.

Now, he is working with an organisation to provide innovative technologies and consultancy in the field of food processing industry.

Nishant Rana

Social and Education Entrepreneur

Director & Sub-Editor, Ground Report India

He reached Engineering College as many other innumerable students, filled with aspiration for a successful career and a joyful life ahead. But in the meantime developed a habit of contemplation, observation and met some people who used to live their lives by breaking set patterns. An adolescent habit of reading resurrected and became an ardent reader; from literature to philosophy, environment to science, nothing was beyond his choice of books. These all had a high impact on him, and he started to see through the whole matrix. He felt deeply that most people are in a mess, indulged in a rat race, undergoing continuous stress and pressure, exhausting entire life energy for so-called luxury which is turning them into lifeless robots with no real joy and creativity.

After completion of his bachelor degree of software-technology decided not to use his degree-knowledge for protecting himself from turning into a slave and rejected nicely paid job offers. He also dropped the idea of government jobs even after clearing a few competitive exams and returned his village to explore the right way of living.

Now he is devoted to the process of forever learning. He has also started his ventures for moving ahead in the direction of Social Entrepreneurship.

Vikas Rai

Business Entrepreneur

Harsh Wardhan Agarwal

Business Entrepreneur

Sachin Raj Singh Chauhan

Education Entrepreneur and Business Professional

Prafull Chandra Ghosh

Social Entrepreneur

Chandra Bhushan

Social Entrepreneur

Anupama Garg

An Author

Anupama is an author, a content strategist, a communications expert, a ghostwriter, a blogger, a devil’s advocate and a woman are some other hats she wears.

She writes books on controversial subjects, expresses her opinions and thoughts vocally and believes in empowerment and responsibility of expression.

Anupama identifies herself as a young, energetic, thoughtful and sensitive human being before anything else.