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by Samajik Yayavar
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Louis Fischer:
The Life of Mahatma Gandhi
The Life of Lenin
Gandhi- His Life & Message For The World

Karl Marx:
Das Capital
Communist Manifesto, Etc.

F. Engles:
The Origin of The Family, Private Property & The State

Amartya Sen:
Development As Freedom
Poverty And Famines
On Economic Inequality
India- Directions of Development

David Dickson:
The Politics Of Alternative Technology

Bertrand Russel:
Fourth International Conference on World Politics

D. F. Fleming:
The Cold War & Its Origin

R. L. Heil Broner:
The Future as History

H. C. Hilton:
Major Government of Asia

The Third World without Super Powers

Peter Lyon:

F. H. Hinsley:
Power and the Pursuit of Peace

The Prince

Richard W. Alstyne:
The Rising American Empire

Dr Benjamin:
State and Nation

J. L. Brierly:
The Law of Nations

Louis J. Halle:
The Nature of Power

W. S. Smith:
Islam in Modern History

J. Krishnamurti:
Freedom From The Known
Beyond Violence
Urgency of Change
Krishnamurti on Education
Education & Significance of Life
True Meditation
Truth & Actuality

J. L. Nehru:
Discovery of India
Glimpse of The World History

Indian Philosophies
Mahatma Gandhi

All Major Writings

R. N. Tagore:
All Workings Translated in Hindi or English

D. G. Tendulkar:
Mahatma (vol. I to VIII)

A. Nagraj:
Jivan Vidya Ek Parichay
Vyawharatmak Janvad
Karm Darshan
Abhyas Darshan
Vyawharvadi Samajshastra
Manviya Vyawhar Darshan
Manviya Paribhasha Sanhita, Etc.

Peter Watson:
A Terrible Beauty (The People and Ideas That Shaped the Modern Mind)

P. Hardy:
The Muslim of British India

Indo-Pak Relations:
Foundation of Pakistan- All India Muslim League–Documents
The Indian Muslim- A Documentary Record
The Concept of an Islamic State- Ishtiaq Ahmad
Paradoxes of Partition (1937-47)
Gandhi- Jinnah Talks
Writings & Speeches of Maulana Mohammad Ali
Speeches by Quid-I-Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah
Pathway to Pakistan
Islamization of Pakistan
Religion and Politics in Pakistan
India Wins Freedom- Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Students in Islamic Culture in Indian Environment– Aziz Ahmad
A History of the Idea of Pakistan- K.K. Aziz
Indian Muslim and Ideology of the Secular State– Zia-Ul-Hassan-Faruqi

Sigmund Freud:
Interpretation Of Dreams

John Dewey:
The Great Chain of Being

M. K. Gandhi:
An Autobiography
Social Service, Work & Reform
Satyagraha in South Africa
Constructive Programme
Truth is God
Village Industries
Non-Violence in Peace & War
My Socialism

Moved by Love
Science and Self-Knowledge
Thoughts on Education
Democratic Values
Women’s Power
Swarajya Shashtra

R. M. Lohia:
History of Socialist Movement
Caste System
Wheel of History

J. P. Narayan:
Total Freedom
Swaraj for The People

Religion of Love
Thoughts on Spiritual Life
Spiritual Practice
Raj Yoga
Prem Yoga
Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Jnana Yoga
What Religion Is?
Lectures from Colombo to Almora

J. C. Kumarappa:
Economy of Permanence
Swaraj for The Masses

Ayn Rand:
The Fountain Head
We The Living
Atlas Shrugged

War and Peace
Anna Karenina
Hamare Jamane ki Gulami
Various Short Stories and Plays.

Albert Einstein:
Ideas and Opinions
Out of My Later Years
My Views, Etc.

More :

  • Western Philosophies on Politics, Sociology, Meta-Physics, Social Construction, Micro & Macro Movements Etc.
  • Indian Literature of Different Languages and Cultures.
  • Religious Books: Ramayana/ Geeta/ Mahabharata/ Quran/ Bible, Etc.
  • Major Writings of Gorki, Chekhov, Mikhaiel Sholokhow, Dostobaski, Georgi Plekhanov, Khalil Gibran, Lenin, Mao, Jean-Paul Satre, Simone de Beauvoir, Krupskaya, Che, Mery Wolstencraft, Dr Ambedkar “BABASAHEB” and others.