Founder / CoFounder

  • Various Cottage Industries
  • Ground Report India ISSN 1839-6232: Group of journals including an international  eJournal who has around 100,000 subscribers in more than 50 countries (overall expected reach – more than 10,00,000 persons).
  • 150 beds community hospital and nursing college : The community hospital was co-founded by Vivek. No application was applied for any grant to any funding agency. A team was formed to go villages to villages periodically (weekly & monthly) for public contribution. A few foot-marches were done by Vivek to motivate and for open talks with villagers for the need of a hospital and nursing college.
  • Gokul Social University : (a local community institute): A non-formal university was planned as the centers for farmers for training, motivation and supports. Vivek has been acting as the founding Vice Chancellor of this non-formal social university. Under his guidance many centers in many villages in various district of Bihar were formed.
  • Local Governance & Decentralized Economy Social Groupformed in 2005 to work for Local Governance, Conflict Resolution, Social Education, Social Economy, Social Accountability and Social Ownership. This organization with its family of organizations and individuals, has been working in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and other states of India.
  • Non Violent Initiative, NVINon Violent Initiative, a civilian initiative based on ideologies of nonviolence for Peace, was formed in 2008. It is working for Conflict Resolution with Peace in Nagaland, Manipur and other states of India.Co founded by late Triloki Nath Purwar, Radha Bhatt (GPF), Surendra Kumar (GPF), Vivek Umrao Glendenning and other.
  • An open social institute for tribal community : A non-formal open social-institute has been working for last five years for agricultural training, education centers, forest plantation, vocational training programs and local marketing of agricultural products.By this non-formal open social institute –
    • More than 80 ponds in around 70 villages (2 acres to 5 acres area per pond).
    • 35 farming centres in around 30 villages (1 acre to 10 or more acres area for per farming centre).
    • More than 1,50,000 trees per year on an average are being planted with the motivation of open social university in Bastar region.
      More than 100 SHG (self-help-group) were formed for tribal women and farmers in Bastar region.
    • An unit of hand-loom with the strength of 27 workers.
    • Around 1000 women are working with sewing machines.
  • Founded five centres of non-formal Education for children of migrant workers and beggars for MSSS. (2000-2002)