SCAM in High School Arai, Dist. Aurangabad (Bihar)

Aurangabad, Bihar, India

High School, Arai has been upgraded to 10+2 by letter issued from District Education Office, Aurangabad (Bihar) having letter no. 1034 dated 22.05.2009. After up gradation Rs. 39, 50,000 have been disbursed by the govt. for construction of new building and other developmental activities. A meeting of school management committee was held for spending of amount on dated 04.07.2009 and by resolution no. 7 a purchasing committee was formed. Mr. Sudarshan Sharma,, Principal In charge and Mrs. Lalita Devi was selected as member of purchasing committee and it was decided that all purchase will be done in special care of that committee.

But worst is that Principal In charge Mr. Yamuna Sharma and Mr. Shatrughna Sharan Sharma taken out all the rupees and swallowed near about 20 lakhs and produced fake utilization certificate and related other papers to department.

Some irregularities maintained-

(a) Principal In charge Yamuna Sharma, who was also secretary of management committee, was authorized to keep and maintain proceeding register. Name of Mr. Sudarshan Sharma (member of purchasing committee) was eclipsed by chemical on proceeding register and was overwritten the name of Mr. Shatrughna Sharan Sharma.
It may be viewed clearly on proceeding register by any one. It should be noted that Mr. Sudarshan Sharma is one of the founders of this school and have a crystal clear image among people. He always protested the corrupt activities of Principal In charge Mr. Yamuna Sharma. This is the reason that their name omitted from proceeding register.

(b) It is strong causes of suspicion that all purchasing process was finished within a month by Principal In charge Mr. Yamuna Sharma, because he had to be retired on 30.09.2009.

(c) Although he was retired on 30.09.2009 but didn’t given charge of purchased items and proceeding register to new principal in charge till November. And after interference of DEO he handed over.

It is too big scam for this village to explain. We the villagers were very excited to know about up gradation of this school into 10+2 but these two people ruined all the excitement.

What type of system this is? Is it enough to disburse the money for developmental work by government or its proper utilization should be confirmed?

If government set-ups an enquiry many of villagers are ready to put the facts before Investigation Officer including me.

Report by:

Rajnish Kumar
Aurangabad, Bihar

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