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  1. shreeji
    March 30, 2017 @ 14:03

    If the author had also duiscussed the important points raised and discussed by Dr. Swamy chiefly the verbal declaration of Muslim political leaders to vacate and give it back to Hindus – if evidence was found that a temple existed there prior to the 1528 construction of a Mosque – which has been now established- but the author ignores or bypasses these evidence- and strangely also minimises the records of br. admin official which is based on local tradition. The very fact that even around 1857 HINDUS HAD A PRESENCE AND SOME RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY IS SUFFICIENT PROOF THAT hINDUS HAD A LONG STANDING RAM TEMPLE TRADITION AND PRACTICES AT jANMA sTHAN (NOY jANAM aSTHAN) which means place of birth (of Lord Ram).
    This kind od article where important statements and informatioon is ignored or bypassed will not clarify issues or lead to a solution.
    Also the author mentions Muslims in a vulnerable position -The very fact that a Mosque is not ‘holy’ in the sense a Hindu temple is is an easy ground on which Muslims can generously give this in excahnge for a suitable piece of land and mosque constreuction cost which the Hindus are willing to pay. Why the author is promoting the impasse caused by a few politicos not from the local area – may he has an agenda to keep the dispute going.


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