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अस्वीकरण (डिस्क्लेमर)

लेख में विचार लेखक के अपने विचार हैं। ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट इंडिया में प्रकाशित होने का तात्पर्य लेखक के विचारों से ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट इंडिया या संपादक या टीम आदि की सहमत होना नहीं हैं। - संपादकीय टीम

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  1. shailesh chandel
    February 13, 2017 @ 16:05

    Looks like Puniya was studying history at IIT. Dear sir, depiction of Jodha love story was false, there was no great love. Jodha was no more than a concubine for Akbar and yes you rightly said it was just a means of alliance. So why did the movie director glorified it as a great love story? Was it within his creative freedom to distort the facts? History has been distorted by Mughals none of them were great kings, fact they never ever conquered whole India. But history is shoved down the psyche of people of India the way it is. Objection to such movies is for the same reason, in garb of creativity history is being distorted, the young generation will believe it as truth. Either show the truth or don’t use the names and characters of history.


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