Ground Report India  ISSN 1839-6232
    Australian & Indian owned international media
Vivek U Glendenning, the founder & the chief editor

an Indian & permanent resident of Australia and a scholar, an author, a social-policy critic, a frequent traveller as nomad, a social entrepreneur, a
journalist and an editor; founded the Ground Report India.

He has been exploring, understanding and implementing the ideas of social-economy, participatory local governance, education, citizen-media,
ground-journalism, rural-journalism, freedom of expression, bureaucratic accountability, tribal development, village development, reliefs &
rehabilitation, village revival and other.

For Ground Report India editions Vivek goes to the national or semi-national tours for exploring ground realities covering 5000 to 15000 kilometres in
one or two months. Vivek wants to establish Ground Report India, a constructive ground journalism platform with social accountability.        

Vivek has written a book on various social issues, development community practices, water, agriculture, his ground works & efforts and conditioning of
thoughts & mind. Reviewers say, it is a practical book which answers "What" "Why" "How" practically for the development and social solution in India.

The book is in Hindi and will be translated in English soon. If you are interested to read it please visit at  
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